Guildwars Insider WvWvW Action!


Hello GW2 Addicts! TotalBiscuit’s newest video via “The Mailbox” has 24 minutes of WvWvW action that you’ve just got to see! I found the commentary interesting even if it isn’t all GW2 specific.

“It happens to be Dr. Seuss’ 108th birthday. If you didn’t get him anything, that’s alright. We can all celebrate the occasion by drooling over 24 minutes of WvWvW footage that serves as the backdrop to TotalBiscuit’s newest edition of “The Mailbox.”

TotalBiscuit: “The Mailbox” with WvWvW Action | Guild Wars 2 News Source – Guild Wars Insider

I hope you enjoy the GW2 WvWvW video action! We would like to thank TotalBiscuit as well as Guildwars Insider for sharing this video with the GW2 community.

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