GW2 Post-nerf Cooking Guide by Reddit poster AsteroidMiner

AsteroidMiner a Reddit poster posted a Post-nerf cooking guide up today. Hopefully this will help any new cooking players on their quest to master.





Thank you AsteroidMiner for posting an updated cooking guide.




Post-nerf Cooking Guide

This does not use Vanilla Beans, any Leaves, no Cloves or random spices either.

0 – Ball of Dough – I1 – Flour, Butter, Water

0 – Salt & Pepper – I2 – Salt, Black Peppercorn

0 – Bowl of Poultry Stock – I3 – Water, Poultry Meat, 2x Carrot, 2x Onion

25 – Bowl of Simple Dressing [uses I2] – I4 – Vinegar, Vegetable Oil, Salt and Pepper(I2)

50 – Ball of Cookie Dough – I5 – Flour, Butter, Egg, Sugar

75 – Bowl of Roux – I6 – Flour, Butter

100 – Bowl of Cream Soup Base [uses I2 I3 I6] – I7 – Buttermilk, Bowl of Roux(I6), Bowl of Poultry Stock(I3), Salt and Pepper(I2)

125 – Clam Cake [uses I3] – Flour, Egg, Clam, Poultry Stock(I3)

150 – Chocolate Cherry – Chocolate, Cherry

175 – Portobello Soup [uses I7] – Onion, Mushroom, Cream Soup Base(I7)

200 – Cherry Pie [uses I1] – Ball of Dough(I1), Cherry

225 – Chocolate Orange – Chocolate, Orange

250 – Cauliflower Sautee [uses I2] – Butter, Salt and Pepper(I2), Head of Cauliflower

275 – Minotaur Steak [uses I2] – Slab of Red Meat, Horseradish Root, Salt and Pepper(I2)

300 – Peach Cookie [uses I5] – Peach, Ball of Cookie Dough(I5)

325 – Plate of Steak and Asparagus [uses I2] – Butter, Salt and Pepper(I2), Slab of Red Meat, Asparagus

350 – Peach Tart [uses I1] – Butter, Sugar, Ball of Dough(I1), Peach

375 – Peach Pie Filling and Peach Pie [uses I1] – Flour, Butter, Sugar, Peach + Ball of Dough(I1)

All recipes can be found in GW2db

The most expensive ingredient is the Orange.

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