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My first week of Guild Wars 2


Posted By Zosimus 9/2/2012



With the first full week under my belt with Guild Wars 2 I can finally say the game was well worth the wait. From Dynamic Events to WvWvW the game has met my expectations. Not to say there has been a few hiccups along the way but my trust in ArenaNet will cure those hiccups.

Let me first start off with my experiences with Dynamic Events. I have never been in an MMO where contribution from players ranging from small or large groups playing together  work so nicely. Each Dynamic Event changes depending on the outcome. Some we failed others  we won. They change and branch out depending on the outcome. There is no kill stealing as everybody that puts effort has a chance to gain experience and loot for their contribution. Some may call it a grind just to level others will look at as a contribution to the system itself. I look at it as playing my part in the story of Guild Wars 2.

I will also add that the scaling of the character works very well. My warrior at the moment is level 35. If  go back to the lower levels he is scaled back so he is not to over powered for that particular area. In truth he has died a couple of times to lower level mobs even though in truth he is level 35. The system works which is very nice. I can revisit areas in the game just as I started out and still be vulnerable to death and difficulty.

World versus World versus World speaks for itself. It’s full of passionate players and the action is non stop. If your into player versus players in groups or solo this is the place to be. There is so much to contribute without really having to fight if that is your style. From keeping control of  designated areas for your world or just protecting the caravans of supplies to their designation. Every time I have stepped in WvWvW the game is full of action and it’s non stop. My loss of sleep can testify to that.

Crafting and gathering resources is what I expected in the game. I can use my warrior for fighting and stop and  gather resources along the way . The really nice part is that I can still be able to play my character as it should be. I run around the map and find nodes and go in that area. It’s really nice that these nodes also sometimes bring me to areas that I could of possibly  missed because I did not see the cave or  know there was an underwater passage. The developers really put some thought in this so sometimes what looks very simple and it should be on the spot you are on map is really underground sometimes or hid in the side of a cave.

Now as expected , Guild Wars 2 has it share of hiccups but the ArenaNet team has been on top of it when they occur. Some have had issues with guilds while the Black Lion Trading has been off  and on for me personally. Server lag from time to time but not much but that is expected.. Besides those little issues I have had other have expected more. The good thing is that ArenaNet has kept the community well informed when issues arrive and try to fix them in a very timely manner.

The best thing as I can say about Guild wars 2 is two things. The community has been extremely great and the game is truly fun. With those two combined Guild wars 2 has a winning formula for success. Many Players that I have played with and talked to are having just as much enjoyment with the game as I am. Guild Wars 2 may not be a winner in everybody book but over it has made many happy all around the world.

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