Gw2 Thief Sword/Pistol Montage and Guide

Thank you to Amonology for posting this on the Stratics Forums.


Sooo, with the rubber band ball of emotions currently revolving around the Thief, I just ask that you take this vid and enjoy it for what it is. A montage, and created purely for entertainment.



AT NPC Snipes: :24 – 7:09 <–Infiltrating Sniper

Pistol Whip Animation Cancel: 1:18 – 6:18

Stolen Item Importance: 2:32 – 4:48

Infiltrators Juke: 1:08 – 3:06

Badass Sword: 8:22

Wait for Mist Form: 8:39

What to expect:


Overly exaggerated intro (dont worry its not long)

Decent Ini Management.

Fun uses with Infiltrators Strike

Longer fights (was going to do just a kill Montage, but I didn’t feel it would give this spec the overview it truly deserves.)

AT NPC Snipes (Automated Tournaments)

Decent Gameplay Chipmunks

What not to Expect:

Ability Spam

An appearance by Leroy Jenkins, Bob Saget, or Jackie Chan

LDB sending me halfway across the map after a kill.

With that said, the setup is :


Sword: Sigil of Superior Frailty

Pistol: Sigil of Superior Strength

Dagger: Sigil of Superior Doom

Dagger: Sigil of Intellegence.




0 Deadly Arts

20 Critical Strikes: Executioner, Furious Retaliation

10 Shadow Arts: Infusion of Shadow

25 Acrobatics: Power of Inertia, Pain Response

15 Trickery: Uncatchable




Superior Rune of the Scholar

Berserker Amulet



: —————————————————

Hide in the Shadows

Signet of Shadows


Devourer Venom

Thieves Guild




2,004 Power :: 3018 Attack

1760 Precision :: 44% Crit Chance

1016 Toughness :: 2080 Armor

1495 Vitality :: 16,595 HP

For those who read my guide at the start of beta, yes this is the exact same build.

I hope you enjoy, and dont forget to sub!

——————————————————————————————————————————————— Commentary/Guide Video Below!

*Again, Don’t forget to sub! Get that Hex for yourself!

I just want to pre warn everyone I am really not the commentary kind of guy, but I do want to do my part to help out the community so I tried my best. With that said you will probably get bored with the silent awkward moments, but commentaries just aren’t something I shine at.

I chose 3 of my slower matches, that I really didn’t play to well in, and the reason I did this was because I wanted to highlight the early on mistakes I made to help newer people to the build not do the same thing.

I am not claiming to be a god about the build, just that I know a little bit. If someone new wanted to test this spec out the goal of this vid is to at least give them some understanding of the simple mistakes you can make.

I hope you enjoy, and can leave this vid learning something.

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