KaeyiDreams Commentary on PC Gamer GW2 Beta Article

Ok, I’m probably coming off as a KaeyiDream fanatic but honestly, I’m not. She just does a great job keeping us informed!!

Following is her summarization of PC Gamer’s article found here: Guild Wars 2 beta: All your questions answered | PC Gamer

“This is a detailed video regarding the Guild wars 2 Beta and the questions that were asked to PCGamer. This summaries their answers to give you the best information.”




Uploaded by KaeyiDream on Feb 21, 2012

We here at Guild Wars 2 Stratics would like to thank both PC Gamer’s Gavin and Josh for their insightful and informative article as well as KaeyiDream for keeping the GW2 community up to date!

Questions Asked:

1. Does the event system succeed at making the world feel very dynamic and live?

2. Even if it doesn’t, is the event system still better than a traditional quest system?

3. Are the activities diverse–or is it still mostly Kill X of Y, run to Z?

4. What was your favorite class to play as? Why?

5. What was your favorite race? Why?

6. How “actiony” is the combat? What game is it most like in terms of combat?

7. What’d you think of Dungeons?

8. Does the Holy trinity (healer, tank, and DPS) exist in the game or not?

9. How are the instanced PvP Battlegrounds?

10. How epic is the World vs. World vs. World PvP?

11. What do you think of GW2′s PvP in general?

12. What’s the big difference compared to the first Guild Wars?

13. How buggy is it, and how soon do you think it’ll be out?

14. Are there any cash shop items?

15. Can you talk about system requirements at all?

16. How would you compare it to WoW, TOR, and Rift?


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