Massively: The Daily Grind: Are dynamic events another MMO fad?


Massively’s Brianna Royce has written an article tackling “Dynamic Events” in Guild wars 2.  Are they truly just a fad and players just don’t see it as that? Are DE’s more than that and bring players together as a community to participate together? Will the traditional questing in MMO’s being put aside for similar  to GW2 “Dynamic Events” type of systems? These and many other questions will be asked by many MMO players around the world with games changing to newer and updated systems for the next generation.




I would like to thank Massively’s Brianna Royce for having such a small but very interesting article.



The Daily Grind: Are dynamic events another MMO fad?

by Brianna Royce on Oct 5th 2012 8:00AM


Are dynamic events another MMO fad?

Move over, MMO story: dynamic events are this season’s buzz word. Popularized by earlier MMOs like Warhammer Online and RIFT, dynamic events have become such an integral part of modern MMO design that brand-new Guild Wars 2 employs them as its central content conceit. Skip dynamic events in GW2 and you’re going to have a rough time leveling (or surviving the ridicule of the commentariat, who consider dynamic events to be far superior to mundane, quest-like renown hearts). Even MMOFPS titles like Firefall are adopting the mechanic for their PvE fans.

But is this actually the type of content we want to see from our MMOs, whatever their flavor? Never mind whether they’re actually dynamic — do you actually think they make for fun, desirable content? Or are we just so sick of themepark-style questing and leveling that we’re willing to accept anything in its stead, even if that “anything” might be a fad akin to MMO story?

What do you think — are dynamic events all that and a bag of chips?
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