Miku’s Tale-Winds of Change Part Three


This is related to GW1 and current GW1 players are informed about this but we felt it should be posted in the GW2 Stratics section since it relates to GW2.

Once you read the article you will understand the relation of GW1 and GW2 but here is a snippet from the article.

Tomorrow, February 9th, we unveil the third and final chapter of Winds of Change, our epic Canthan saga. As part of Guild Wars Beyond, this story helps bridge the gap between Guild Wars and the time of Guild Wars 2 by thrusting players into the middle of pivotal historic events in the eastern island nation of Cantha. Winds of Change has portrayed the rise in power of the Ministry of Purity and the far reaching implications this has for Cantha.


I know what I will be doing when this is released. This just gives us fans and players more excitement that the time gets closer for us all.

Guild Wars 2 Stratics want’s to thank ArenaNet and John Stumme for posting this. Our staff hope you enjoys this as much as we do.

Please check out Miku’s Tale-Winds of Change Part Three – ArenaNet Blog for more information.

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