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Over at, LeakingBlood posted an article written by Peter Chan concerning purchasing the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition is a very interesting topic to say the least.


In my opinion, I just want the GW2 game. I have bought some collectors editions here and there of other games Most of those items from those collector’s editions have either gathered dust, or thrown away. I just want to have the feel, and the flavor of the content and pixels on my computer. That would make me happy over all.


Have I considered buying the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition? Yes, certainly I have. I guess at this time I’m just excited with the game coming close to release in the next few months. I know many friends are in the same boat as me on that.


Guild Wars 2 Collectors’ Edition or no Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition I’ll be fine either way.


Please check out the article at | Dear ArenaNet; A Collector’s Dream



Our staff here at Guild Wars 2 Stratics would like to thank | Guild Wars Fan Broadcast  , LeakingBlood, and Peter Chan for keeping the Guild Wars 2 Player Nation informed and we appreciate what you do.

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