Player Housing

Looks like player housing may be added after all sometime in Guild Wars 2 future. Now player housing wont be in at launch. There is no time table when they may put player housing in.


Players have been asking for housing and even though GW2 will have a players home instance, ArenaNet Developers must be paying attention to the Guild Wars 2 Player Nation. It’s refreshing that the developers do listen to the players and do interact with us all.


Home instances as we know, are a characters neighborhood about a city block size area. The home instance will reflect what you the players does in the game. If you save a NPC then he will be in your home instance afterward and such. That is just a tiny example of what  home instances are like.


This statement over at from ArenaNet Developer Martin Kerstein.



Originally Posted by Martin Kerstein

It is helpful to take Eric’s full statement into account.
He mentioned that there will be no Guild Halls on release as we want to make Guild Halls a great experience and not just a “place”. We will introduce player housing at some point after launch, and at that time we will also implement guild halls.



For players that really wanted a house this is possibly good news. Just when ArenaNet will and how they will is still undetermined.


We would liketo thank GW2G for having this information on their site so we can keep up with details for the players and fans over here at Guild Wars 2 Stratics.

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