SHADOW of THE MAD KING, GW2 Halloween!


Arenanet has updated the main page for the first GW2 holiday which is Halloween.




You can check it out here


Guild Wars 2 Halloween 2012 Teaser Video

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500 years ago, a tyrannical Krytan king was slain by his own people, those who had suffered greatly during his reign of lunacy. It is said that this king’s body was chopped into pieces, and his spirit was banished to the Underworld, but that he can return to the mortal realm for just one day a year: on Halloween.

Of course, that’s just an old folktale. Isn’t it?

It’s been 250 years since the last alleged sighting of Mad King Thorn’s spirit, and today, Halloween is safely celebrated by children (and merchants) all across Tyria.

But! Strange energies are rising under the autumn moon. Is there perhaps some truth to the old stories? Do you dare to find out what’s really going on?

Shadow of the Mad King

Runs from October 22 until November 1* in four frightful acts:

Act 1: Begins October 22

Act One: Locked

These secrets aren’t ready to be revealed…yet!

Act 2: October 26

Act Two: Locked

You wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, would you?

Act 3: October 28

Act Three: Locked

Some things are better left a mystery…

Act 4: October 31

Act Four: Locked

You should never read the last chapter first!

Halloween with the Black Lion Trading Company

Available from October 22 to November 5

All kinds of tricks and treats are coming to the Gem Store this Halloween. Costumes that grant spooky skills, tonics that transform you into ghouls and ghosts, creepy crawly minis to follow you around. And don’t forget to pick up your free devil horns before they disappear!

The Black Lion Chest is getting a spooky upgrade for Halloween. Between October 23 and November 5 each Black Lion Chest you open has a chance to give you one of six exclusive Halloween-themed weapon skins!

Halloween Diorama Contest

Show your creativity and Halloween spirit!

Concept Art

* All times and dates are shown in US Pacific Time (UTC-7:00

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