The Divinity’s Reach Periodical’s VIII

The Divinity’s Reach Periodical’s VIII

As we all settled in after entering the house,  Francois sat down at a table and lit a candle to help light the room as the sun was setting. From the windows we could see the flames of houses and storage buildings in the distance. Gwissi was helped to a room by Rurak and Preciosa for her to rest her ankle. I sat down in a chair that creaked a little under the weight of my armor across from the table from Francois. He was still holding his left arm across his chest as to ease the pain from the gash he received from the battle.

“How are you feeling Francois? I asked. He glanced in my direction as if I had interrupted his thoughts, “ I will  survive but I would prefer to not live with the pain at this time” he said with a small laugh. “ I would like to thank you and your friends for saving me , especially the elementalist” Francois added. His gaze went back to the direction  where Preciosa and Rurak had taken Gwissi. The flame seemed very dim compared to the flames from afar and seemed the night turn to day the darker it was getting outside. I glanced  back at Francois pouches and noticed they all seemed very full and one pouch had an expensive gem filled necklace hanging from a small tear on the side of the pouch. It sparkled with the candle light from the room.

I looked back at him and was thinking that he seemed out of this place to be in this village at all. Was he a traveler or just passing through? Am I thinking more than what it truly is? I asked myself these questions. Francois noticed my gaze towards his pouch and reached down and pushed the necklace back into the small tear in the pouch where it was dangling from. “I am glad you caught that or I would of lost a valuable treasure.” he said but his eyes said otherwise to me. I thought, No, there is something not right with him but quickly replied, “ A valuable treasure indeed. Would of have been a shame to lose such an item to a centaur.” Francois laughed and nodded in agreement.

Rurak came back into the room first and sat down at the end of the table. His chair also creaked under the weight of his armor. He looked tired and grim. His armor and sword was still stained in centaur blood. The smell of the dried blood was creeping in my nose and Francois must of smelled it too. “Warrior” he said, ‘there is a room down the hall that you can clean your armor and sword with. There is a water barrel and some old cloth you can use to clean them with” he added. Rurak looked at us both and asked, “Do I smell that bad? with a look of disbelief. I laughed, “Yes my friend, you need to get that taken care of.” Rurak stood up as the chair creaked again straining under his weight when he forced himself up, “ I cant win either way today. Between Gwissi saying I am slow and you both saying I smell, next it will be Preciosa saying I snore when I sleep.”  At that precise moment when he stopped talking Preciosa walked in and added with a smile, “Rurak you do snore and can keep up all Tyria if needed be.” We all laughed including Rurak then he walked down the hall to get cleaned up.

I was still smiling and laughing a little when Preciosa looked at me, “Tohr, you need to rest also if we are going anywhere tomorrow.” The look of concern was on her face and I agreed with a nod. I know that look and was not going to argue with her. Francois chimed in, “There is a room to the left of your archer friend you can rest in guardian.” He looked towards Preciosa with admiration, “And to you lady Preciosa you can have the room I was staying in up the stairs there as he pointed. The room is large and has a comfortable bed to sleep in.” Preciosa looked at me and back to him, “Thank you for your kind offer but at this time you also need some rest and I am going to take first watch tonight. Those centaurs may come back thinking the village may be easy pickings for them.” Francois did not argue but looked a little disappointed, “You are a brave lady and I want to thank you for saving my life today.” and he walked over to her and grabbed her hand and reached down and kissed her fingers and bowed to her. He walked up the stairs with his pouches a jingling at each step he took until he reached his room and the door closed in behind him.

“Eccentric fellow” she said after he made his departure. I agreed with her and added, “Seems a little out of place in my opinion for this village.” I said in a low voice. She leaned close down to my face and whispered, Rurak and I will take turns on watch tonight but you and I must talk in the morning.” I knew what she wanted to talk about and once Preciosa had her mind set an army of centaurs would be much easier to deal with. “We will talk in the early morn before the others awake.” as I looked into her blue eyes and could see the candle flame reflect off of them. She nodded and said. I am going to check on Rurak and then begin my watch as she leaned back and walked down the hallway.

I scooted the chair back and stood up and went to the room next to Gwissi room. I opened the door and in the dark room I could see a cot and a small stand. The flames in the distance only lit up that small corner of the room by the window across from them. As I took off my satchel and weapons and laid down in the cot, my mind went back to the family crest that mysteriously was given to me today. I reached down and grabbed it out of my satchel and it began to glow again a bright orange and yellow light while I held it. As I laid there looking at it in my hand I felt a calm and peace that I had not felt in a long time. My eyes began to close as if sleep was winning this battle and I drifted to sleep.

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