The Divinity’s Reach Periodical’s X

The Divinity’s Reach Periodical’s X


As I read the parchment I felt like the wind was taken from me. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. All the years I had been looking and here is some evidence right in front of me from a dead stranger that almost took my life if it wasn’t for Preciosa saving me. How could this be? I said to myself. I re-read the parchment again making sure I did not miss one word on it. I saw the signature and I knew the handwriting very well.

I sat back down on the cot, while Rurak looked at me with knowingly concern. Gwissi and Preciosa did not understand the situation and had similar looks as Rurak but with more confusion mixed in. I was very silent and just stared into the darkness of the corner. Finally Gwissi impatience of not knowing what was going on intervened. “Tohr. Are you alright? You seem like you seen a ghost. What troubles you?” she asked. I looked at her with a numbness and just handed her the parchment. She limped over to reach for it and took it out of my hand. Preciosa leaned close to Gwissi and started reading the parchment. Rurak looked at both of them and back to mend said, “Tohr, this may answer many questions why you could never find her.”

Preciosa looked up and sneered, “Who is SHE Tohr? As she looked at me angrily. Before I could answer Rurak jumped in on the question , “Preciosa, this is not your concern. This is Tohr situation and long before he met you.” he said. Preciosa temper flared and she looked back at me again, “Who is she Tohr? Who is this woman who wrote this letter? Is there something you are hiding from some of us as you call friends?” she asked angrily. I was still numb to it all. So much has happen the past couple of days and now this. Was the timing of this right or was it all coincidence? I asked myself. Gwissi stepped back as best as she could because Rurak and Preciosa  began arguing while I was in deep thought.

I said in a low voice, “She is my sister” but they did not hear me because Rurak and Preciosa kept arguing. I repeated myself a little louder and Rurak had heard it but Preciosa  kept yelling. I had to get up from the cot and step in front of Preciosa and said to her with a numbness in my voice, “She is my sister. I been searching for her for years. We grew apart when we were teens. She is older and I looked all around Tyria for her but her trail grew cold and I feared the worst” as I finished Preciosa face turned red as she was a little embarrassed.

Rurak slapped me on the shoulder, “Tohr we all need much needed rest and we have so much to talk about in the morning.” as he looked at all of us. I agreed and nodded to him. Gwissi felt very grateful to get out of the awkward situation and said good night to us all and went back to her room. I looked at Preciosa and smiled, “You get some rest while I take my turn as a watch. I cant really sleep much at this time.” She looked at me and smiled back and walked out of the room but brushing her hand on my arm as she left. Rurak eye brows raised again as I turned to him. “Don’t give me that look Rurak” I said. “Oh, no, no, no Tohr! You have it all wrong what I was thinking.” as he rolled his eyes. He laughed and hit me on the shoulder and he went out of the room. He spoke loudly as he walked back in the hallway he from where he came, “This adventure already has more surprises already, and we are still in sight of Divinity’s Reach” as he laughed with it.

I walked into the table with the candle still lit and sat down. My thoughts went back to the parchment. The signature was hers, I know it. I thought she was dead! I said to myself. Those men at the tavern in Lions Arch said she had fallen off a cliff.  I believed them because she was hired by them to protect them on their travels from the lands of the Norn to Lions Arch. They lost their goods in an ambush and she was taken over a cliff while guarding on her their most precious cargo of gems.

Now I find my sisters signature on a parchment directing Francois to recruit more mercenaries and to incite the centaurs to draw out the Seraph from Divinity’s Reach. I was all confused and I put my face into my palms in heavy thought. Is she behind the attacks from the centaurs? Is she recruiting the separatists and uniting them? Why does she have an argument with the Seraphs? These questions and more were whirling through my mind.

The last thing that came to my mind as  I looked up and said under my breath softly, “Feronica, I will find you and try to understand all this? The candle light flickered on the table from time to time as I sat watch while all my friends were asleep.

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