Troll Or Treat – A Jade Quarry Halloween Event


Over at GW2GURU poster Murdernickle posted an event for the Jade Quarry server. Its called Troll or Treat. I play on the JQ server and very eager to participate with the player event. The GW2 community still rocks and find ways to make social interaction just so enjoyable. I hope to see you all there.




Thank you Murdernickle and GW2GURU for having this up for all the players to see. Please make sure you check out the bottom link of the post for all the information.




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Fall is in the air and soon Halloween celebrations will be in full swing in Tyria. It’s the time of year for harvest, food, friends, and some great pumpkin ale! It’s also time for the first in a series of festival events from Mirth & Merriment. We will be celebrating the season with our first annual Troll Or Treat event in Lion’s Arch on Friday, October 26th at 9PM EDT.

Join us at Lion’s Court within Lion’s Arch for the festivities. We’ll be providing buff banners, a guild banquet, fireworks, and plenty of prizes as we challenge players with trivia. Get it right and you will get a treat. Get the answer wrong and you just might receive a troll of a gift.

We’ll be holding other activities throughout the night including Hide & Seek, the Mad King Dash, and a Worst Dressed Contest. Even just stopping by to see us and chat may net you a treat of your own.

Join us on Jade Quarry in Lion’s Arch on the 26th for Troll or Treat. You can find more information and/or contact us here:

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