xKonohaFlash: Xemnas Killua Vol. 1 GW2 Youtube video

Here is a sPvP footage from BWE3 from youtuber xKonohaFlash . You get 32 minutes of sPvP and great music to add. If you haven’t had a chance to experience sPvP yet and still curious when Guild Wars 2 releases to give it a try then this video may help you.


In the video you will see some epic battles and some very nice profession combos. It’s really nice how ArenaNet has made how skills in each profession work together to perform combos. This will be more crucial when players get more experienced in sPvP.


Great work on the video xKonohaFlash and our staff really appreciated this video. Great choices in your music with the video.

Xemnas Killua Vol. 1

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