Youtube Video Compilation of “The Beauty of GW2″

More videos are popping out on youtube of GW2 and it’s beauty. Some good videos here so please enjoy.

Thank you to Mark Colton and gifmike for putting these up for the GW2 Player Nation to see.


GW2: The Beauty of Tyria


Published on Jun 11, 2012 by Mark Colton

During the course of the June BWE I spent nearly 8 hours and took almost 10,000 screenshots in the effort to showcase how amazing the scenery of Guild Wars 2 is if you just stop and take a moment to watch it. Most people are spending all their time racing as fast as they can through Tyria and not really appreciating some of the smaller details.

Now that the BWE is over take a moment, sit back, and enjoy what Tyria has to offer.

music: jonsi – go do

Thanks to everyone at ArenaNet for making such an amazing game!

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The Beauty of Guild Wars 2 GW2 (Screensaver Collection long w/music) GifMike


Published on Jun 13, 2012 by gifmike More Fan Vids at:

I use a projector instead of my monitor for games in order to play them lifesize. I save clips from the games I’m currently playing to use as perpetual wall screensavers. Then sometimes I put one view on the wall and another on my monitor so they can see what the other is missing. Also, I made a series of Harry Potter perpetual picture frame vids keep an eye out for them.

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