LOTRO Store Sales

A few good items are up as sales currently.  One item of frustration for me is the the EU store has different sales then the NA servers.  Hopefully this will stabilize a bit but until then I’ll make sure to keep them separate.

NA Servers:

EU Servers (sales ends Thursday 11/25)

  • 20% off shared storage (now 796 points)
  • Lone Lands Quest pack for 50 points
  • 50% off all Virtues (now 248 points)

As for the utility of these items, I really like this sale.  Sadly I wish I was a bit more patient as I could’ve saved myself a nice chunk of points but oh well.  The stat tomes and virtues probably are most beneficial for those at end-game content or die hard min-maxers, but certainly all can benefit from them.  The shared storage is a nice bonus if you’re a pack-rat like myself.  And if you’re on the EU side and are trying to play for a few points as possible, the Lone Lands quest pack has to be a must buy as that’s a ton of content for only 50 points.

Check out the respective links for your server for all the details, but some good items for sure!

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