Sally Forth in LOTRO – Episode 1

Sally Forth in LOTRO

I’ve hinted at this for a while now, but I’ve finally finished my first episode.   I described this in the show, but I really wanted to do a shorter podcast really aimed at not just the end-game but how to get there and strive there.

I’m working through the whole iTunes/Zune process and how these fit within RSS feeds, so it may take me a bit to get this all worked out.  I’ll let folks know when that happens, but for now you can either play the show here or add the feed manually to your player of choice by adding the following feed –

Episode 1:

  • Introduction of me, the show, and why I’m doing it.
  • My Week in LOTRO (audio for the video is coming shortly)

[youtube eB2l8_aMgC4]

  • Comments on the Interview with Kate Paiz and Adam Mersky
  • LOTRO Leveling Guide
    • Here’s the general guideline I mentioned for what zones are what levels.  These are the levels of the quests in that zone:
      • Bree until 20ish
      • Lone Lands – 15-30+
      • North Downs 20-35
      • Evendim 27-39
      • Trollshaws – 33-45
      • Misty Mountains 39-48
      • Angmar 40-49
      • Forochel 43-50
      • Eregion 48-53
      • Moria 50-60
      • Lorien – 60+
      • Mirkwood 60-65
      • Enedwaith 65+

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  1. 3

    First off doc great job and welcome to podcasting. I think your plan for this podcast is a great idea. I know there are alot of new players like me who want to get into raiding in the next couple months, and would love some perspective from a pug vet.

    The voice quality and sound levels are spot on, but you sir are a VERY fast talker. I had to relisten to a couple parts :). Also and thoughts on a co-host. Sometimes another live body can ask questions of you real time that your audience is thinking.

    Loved the first episode and ill listen as long as you keep rolling,them out.


  2. 4

    Thanks, and I certainly appreciate the sound check as it can be hard to gauge sometimes. I know I talk fast, and also use “umm” like its going out of style, so certainly those are things I’m working on. As I mentioned to someone else, I’m not as bad in person so it is just a matter of pretending there’s someone else in the room.

    As for co-host, it certainly is something I’m thinking about but my schedule is such that coordinating recordings can be tricky. I’m thinking of keeping it mainly me for now with interviews sprinkled in to change things up a bit.

  3. 5

    Hey Doc!

    Im downloading it right now on my phone and looking forward to listening… I heared you a couple of times in the Roundtables on the CSTM site/podcast and that is also how i found out about your podcast.

    Ill let you know what i think of it after i have listened.


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  5. 8

    nice podcast: well put together and well produced – and this from someone who loathes podcasts. i’m not sure i’ll be listening every weekm because i really *do* loath podcasts, but this is good one.

    really good advice for levelling too; my wife and i follow almost exactly the same procedure. stay in an area til the questing deeds are done, then move on; start legendary trait grinding asap (we stop whatever we were doing at 39 and go page grinding til we’re done. wrap in Bk 5 and Bk 6 at the same time, and we’ll be 41-42 by the time we’re compete); hit Vol 2 asap at 45. quite apart from legendary items, Vol 2 Bk 1 was designed to gear up under-geared 50s to get into Moria – so the armour and jewellery rewards in this Book are in-line with lvl 50 critted stuff (or better).

    not sure if you mentioned class quests: we hit class quests immediately after Vol 2 Bk 1 gives us our first legendary item – having the lvl 50 legendary trait available at 45 or 46 is a real bonus.

  6. 9

    Thanks for the compliments and good points on the legendary books and gear rewards with Volume 2. Plus you’re right that I totally forgot about class quests. All good follow up for Episode 2 :)

  7. 10

    Enjoyed the podcast. You came at lotro from a different perspective than some of the other podcasts – good niche.

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  10. 13

    I’d like to add my congratulations. A very good site. You have obviously put a lot of time and effort into this. Look forward to listening to more episodes.

    Fola from Crickhollow
    alias Kevin from London UK

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  12. 15

    Hey Doc,

    Enjoyed the show, very well done. I’m looking forward to when I can subcribe thru Itunes. I’ve looked over your Minstrel Armour sets a bit, but still confused on what would be best for a Mini pvp’er. I currently have 4 Moria, 2 Hele (head & shoulders). BG is out of my reach at the moment, do you have any suggestions ? Thanks, and I look forward to following your podcasts, Yngwiemalmsteen, Nimrodel server

  13. 16

    Thanks! And the only other things I would think about for the moors would be the medium sets either crafted or Annuminas. I honestly don’t know how the set bonuses work if you mix light and medium, but that might be something to look at. The extra Armor boost coupled with the Might and Agility would make for a much more survivable build that’s for sure. You’d sacrifice will and fate, but you might be able to make that up elsewhere.

  14. 17

    Thanks for the comments guys, sorry I replied earlier but had some technical difficulties. I’ll address many of these in my episode coming tomorrow (maybe today if I’m ambitious).

    As for Yngwie, I’ll cover your question in the episode as well – but you might check out the medium Annuminas set coupled with some of the crafted items. With the shield and cloak counting as items, you can make up some very interesting combinations.

  15. 18

    Heyas! I found you through your walkthrough of Death From Below, which gave me the push I needed to go back and finish it myself. I’m particularly interested in getting good at playing a warden, so I’m hoping you’ll do more “crazy solo stuff” guides. Any lists/discussions of other podcasts out there would be interesting, as well.

    Thanks! I’ll be listening regularly. :)

    -The Gneech

  16. 19

    Will keep that in mind, I did poke around the new 3-mans and may have to give those another go as well as probably some more takes on Sword-halls.

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