DPS Meters in LOTRO

Ok, before everyone flips out about this, I’ll preface this post by saying everything below has been available in LOTRO for a long time via the CStats tool.

As some of you may or may not have noticed, a new Lua plugin was added to LOTRO Interface that allows for the display of your character’s DPS.  Now because of the way Turbine has restricted this data (on purpose) the actual implementation of this plugin is not quite for the faint of heart.  I’ll walkthrough what it does first, and then explain how to set it up.

Just like CStats, this plugin parses your combat log – notice the key point there, your combat log.  The plugin doesn’t have access to any other data for your opponents or others in your fellowship, just like CStats.  The real benefit here over CStats is that you can display the output inside of LOTRO as opposed to outside.  I actually envision using both this plugin and CStats as one gives more of an instant feedback while CStats provides more ways to slice up the data.  Anyway, I created a quick video that shows the plug-in in action but essentially you can choose to show instantaneous DPS or the DPS over the course of a fight.  As I mention in the video (another flawless commentary track provided by yours truly) the instantaneous display did seem to slow down my performance a bit so I’d suggest playing around with it some before using it while raiding ;)  Take a look at the video, and below it I’ll walkthrough the set-up.

[youtube kxIKGZZd2BI]

The setup is very well documented both on the download page and in a read-me, but after downloading it and extracting to your Plugins directory there are a couple other things you’ll need to do.  First up is copying the VBS file from the PluginData folder into your PluginData<account name>AllServers folder.  The other step is that before you expect this plugin to run, you’ll need to start up your combat log and kick off that VBS script you just moved.  So, if you right-click on your combat chat tab there’s an option to log the data.  It will provide a path which is inside your My DocumentsThe Lord of the Rings folder.  Then you’ll need to alt-tab and just double-click the VBS file and it will prompt you to point to that log file you just started.  After that you’re all set to go and can load up the plugin.  Once the plugin is up and running (I use the Plugin Manager like I talked about here) you can use the following options:

  • /dpsmeter show – always shows the meter and provides instantaneous feedback
  • /dpsmeter hide – stop showing the meter
  • /dpsmeter post – only shows the meter when you’re not in-combat and shows the overall values for that fight.

If you’re a stats geek like me, this is a must have!

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  1. 1

    You’ll never see me use one, that’s for certain. Nor will I group with anyone who places emphasis on them — or any other “meter” addons.

    It’s the first step towards a whole different style of nasty elitism…

  2. 2

    I can see where you’re coming from, but considering how long CStats has been around I just don’t see it becoming much more than a nice to have for players that want to use it.

    I’m pretty confident I’m in the minority when it comes to number crunching and such, so I enjoy it – but the nice part is it in no way gives me any advantage over anyone else :)

  3. 4

    The thing with CStats is it’s a 3rd-party application, and it’s harder to talk the Average Joe into installing those, plus you typically look at it after the fact. A Lua addon, however, that shows something right there on the screen as Average Joe is playing… now we’re talking.

    I went through this with WoW. So far — SO FAR — LOTRO hasn’t devolved into the type of elitism still found in WoW (which is actually worse now than when I left) but I will never stand for that behavior again. I’ll leave the game before I put up with that useless crap again.

  4. 5

    Lua scripts are technically 3rd party too :) And while easier then CStats, I’m still not sure the average joe will be using them. Plus, this particular add-on is quite a bit more challenging then any of the others I’ve played with.

    I think Lua does have a lot of potential, but it is up to the player base to tell Turbine what we do and do not want it to become. Call me a fanboi, but I think Turbine has done a pretty good job of listening to the players in these kinds of areas.

    But then again, I’m one of 2 who have never played WoW, so I’m certainly coming from a different perspective.

  5. 6

    What I really hate in WoW is when you’re in an instance and everything’s going well. Mobs and even the bosses go down fast, etc. – and all of a sudden, a DPSMeter is shoved in your face and you’re laughed at because you’re last.

    Or people who whisper you in the middle of a raid while you’re on sheep-duty (CC) and tell you that their heart always bleeds when they see a mage who’s not in the top 5 of the Damage Meter and want to know why you’re that bad (in my case, that was in Serpentshrine Cavern and I was with people who had gear from Sunwell while I was just equipped for SSC. For those not knowing WoW: My gear was approprite for the raid we were doing but most of the others had gear that was a lot better and with that, I had no chance of getting into the top 5, no matter how hard I’d tried!). I was so taken aback that I forgot to sheep my target and it ran amok in the raid. :( I also felt really crappy because I hate it when people think I’m a bad player. Especially when it’s something I can’t work on!

    Having said that, I have a Damage Meter installed. I use it for myself. I like to see myself in comparison to other players with the same class. I also use it for myself to experiment with rotations etc. to see which is more effective. I also know that it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a great player just because my DPS is high (see example above: Crowd Control is important for some classes. Even more so in LotRO!).

    Long story short: I don’t see an issue with CStats or whatever as long as nobody pressures me to show the outcome to them so they can tell me how bad of a player I am. I’d love to use it for myself to get a better feeling for my class when I’m DPSing (while knowing very well that DPS isn’t everything. But it’s just so much easier to see if your CC was effective ;)).

    I have a Runekeeper that I’m primarily using as a healer – and only when she’s needed – and I’m working on my warden… who’s now become my main. Thank you for your blog, by the way. I’ve already impressed my kin with my tanking skills and I only know that much because of your posts! :)

  6. 7

    I think Scott’s point is that it could turn into, “plz link dps for invite”, especially with radiance eventually going away, some people may turn to this as a way to measure other players. On my server there are already people who don’t want to run GS dailies with people unless they are lvl65. And if they start on dps too, I may be gone.

    @Paeroka: that still happens in WoW dungeons, but gearscore is now the measuring stick. The last time a tank complained about another score I pointed out that we didn’t have a high score either when we hit max lvl. He actually agreed and we finishes the instance.

  7. 8

    In it’s current setup this doesn’t bother me at all because you can only see your data and not everyone else’s. I might play around with this to see I can improve my rotation a bit, cstats is annoying to use because I would have to look at it after the fact.

  8. 9

    I haven’t run into those issues, but I 100% agree withg your outlook on it – I DO NOT want to see that happen in lotro. But as a tool for individual or for teaching/mentoring purposes it can be incredibly useful.

    And thanks for the compliments, comments like yours are why this site is here.

  9. 10

    I agree with you and scott, and to an extent you’re right this has already been happening. And it will probably happen in the top tier raiding guilds. However, as a whole, I don’t see this impacting a large portion of the community. But it is up to us to make sure that impact doesn’t spread :)

  10. 11

    First, thanks for posting the video. Interesting plugin, but not very useful to me.

    I’m a long-time user of cstats, which I prefer because the information it shows is quite detailed and +actionable+. What does this meter really tell me? I’m lagging? I got a lucky crit? That burglar debuff or To Arms buff really made my DPS jump? I forgot to respec at the bard? The floating combat text tells me much more about how my skills and casting order is doing in a specific encounter.

  11. 12

    I can see your points, and I’ll admit it will probably take some time to see if it is actually useful for me as well since I’m also a CStats user.

    I see it possibly adding value during longer boss fights, or just to do some quick and dirty testing when looking at single fights. For me, knowing where I nominally sit on the DPS scale and how I’m fluctuating around that might prove helpful during normal gameplay and it will be easier to monitor in the plugin then in CStats.

  12. 13

    No offense, but if you refuse to use a meter addon that can help your performance I’d rather not group with you. Quite simply, I think you’re over exaggerating in the extreme the type of behaviour a dps meter produces, but whatever. If you just shrug off criticism then good for you I guess, but quite frankly I;d rather people did their best.

    The LOTRO community is elitist in its own way. It’s full of people who look down on WoW (despite having no clue about it) and blabla about how bad it is, how its full of idiots etc etc.

    It’s not useless crap at all, especially in raiding and hard group situations.

  13. 14

    Always nice to have both ends of the spectrum :)

    And I never really thought about the LOTRO elitism but I do think that mentality does certainly exist to a certain degree, although I think LOTRO for the most part is a pretty tolerant community. But there are quite a few adamant anti-WoW folks around, as I’m sure there are anti-LOTRO folks in WoW, etc. I’ve never played WoW but I can appreciate they have done quite a few good things, the game just never appealed to me, and hopefully I don’t come off as anything but a fan of LOTRO :)

    I think for me, one of the nicer parts about the LOTRO community is that there are enough different kinds of groups that are focused on their own areas that you can very easily find one that suits your requirements. The game itself doesn’t force you down any one particular path. Now I’m not saying other games do force you, I’m purely just commenting on LOTRO.

  14. 15

    I think the problem is that no one ever really mentions LOTRO in WoW. In LOTRO I often see someone say “I just came from WoW, question X?” and then there are some responses that answer the question, some that do it cynically (“lol this isn’t WoW, there’s no hand-holding easymode, you have to do stuff etc etc) or just downright off-topic (“ha, gj getting out of that shit-hole, it’s so easy/full of morons/generic WoW bashing comment.”)

    But yeah, I appreciate and love that the LOTRO community is very nice. It just either seems very aloof or a little too friendly, if you get where I’m coming from, for me to really gel into it, per se.

  15. 16

    I think I see where you’re coming from, and my WoW comment was speculation but I’m guessing there are games (I picked LOTRO) that has some sort of stigma to it. But your quotes are reasons why I have OOC and all the other open chats filtered off in a separate tab such that when I don’t want to be bothered I can ignore them ;)

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