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    Hullo Doc,

    I play a Hobbit Warden on the (new) Dwarrowdelf server. While I’m only Level 32 at time of writing, I agree with your advice, especially about grouping with another person or two. My compatriot Jilbo, a minstrel, often quests and skirmishes with me, and her tendency to run about like a headless chicken when attracting the smallest bit of agro has certainly helped my reflexes. Never a good sign when your healer comes flailing past you I must say!

    What I’m curious about is some of the side features available for grouping. Target forwarding, for example, makes sense for a minstrel who may want to fire off something other than a heal through the tank, but is there any reason for a Warden to have such a thing on, seeing as we mainly have target attacks and self-buffs?

    The other thing I’m curious about is target marking and assist. Having only done Great Barrows and low level skirmishes with PUGs to this point there’s not been much use for them. I can see how they’d be extremely useful later on though, and am wondering if that’s something I’ll be expected to do as a tank, and if so how I might go about refining my approach.


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    Wardens and Minstrels make good partners, and also great learning for grouping later on for both of you.

    I’ll go into more detail in an upcoming post (thanks for the idea) but I use target forwarding as it allows me to target players and taunt their target which is great when a squishie DPS class pulls too much agro as its very easy to figure out which target it is.

    Target marking and assists are also pretty handy. Marking is nice to coordinate events of a fight, while assist is pretty darn crucial later on such that all DPS focuses.

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