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Ultima Online guilds with an RP focus

Most Members

  1. Ultima Online Event Moderators
    23 members, 1.4K views.
  2. The Baja Roleplaying & Event Alliance
    21 members, 1.4K views.
  3. The Dark Outlaws, TDO*, SP
    15 members, 2.6K views.
  4. The Squirrel Empire
    14 members, 1.8K views.
    9 members, 2K views.

Recent Threads

  1. MissEcho COCO's CIGO CASINO -...
    MissEcho replied, Feb 25, 2017 at 10:10 PM

Trending Threads

excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures
We are a neutral RP guild, you can be good or evil, color do not matter, as long you share the fun
Alliance of Unwanted and Outlaws of Siege Perilous
A dwarven roleplaying guild located on the Atlantic Shard.
The Children of Darkness
An eccentric Earth-based coven of vampires based on the lore of The Vampire Chronicles.

public PITMUCK

Death begets life. For the glory of the House. (Siege Perilous)
West Coast Roleplaying and Event Community, est. January 2009.

public The A-Team

The terror of Chesapeake

public VIC

Eternally Victimized
A Sage Traveling the Lands of Sosaria - Wisdom brings Community

public ICQ 150528775

Official Ultima Broker Guild On Every UO Shard