Xpecial, Seraph and More. NA LCS Post Split Player Acquisitions.

With the end of any sports main season teams look to bolsters their rosters and that doesn’t fall short for League of Legends either, teams around the League have scrambled into action to pick up various players and make roster changes with some of those changes coming from overseas.

NA Summer Split Week 9 Recap


Hello Summoners!

Week 9 of the Summer split is now over, and only 2 more weeks are left in this amazing summer split. Between Week 7 and now all but one team has changed their rankings. Like always some of them have gone and climbed the ladder while some have stepped down.

4-20-2014 (18 of 35)

Thinking of a way to the top

Now let’s go into the rankings on this years summer split so far. Standing at 1st is LMQ with 16-7 making it look like LMQ is never coming down. Coming in at 2nd place is my all time favorite team Cloud 9 with 13-9, they have made the biggest leap so far going from their 5th place spot all the way up to 2nd knocking down CLG, TSM, and Team Diginitas. Even though CLG was knocked out of their 2nd place spot they still are standing in the top 3 with 13-9. For TSM they have fought to secure a top spot and still are, with a ranking of 13-9 they always seem to need 1 win to take the lead or at least 2nd place.  Team Diginitas took a hard hit also dropping down past TSM into 4th with 12-10, and unless they win all their games ,coming out on top does not look like it will be in their grasp.  Curse had a win streak going for them but they had sadly lost the rhythm and stayed in 6th with 9-13, but who knows they might be able to pull a 5th places rank. The last 2 are CompLexity whose 7-15, and EG with 6-16. This has not been their Split but hopefully this does not discourage them to split up like many other teams have done.

Last time I asked everyone what they think the final rankings will be for the NA Summer split. My choices have made a pretty big change but the last 3 can still be changed. With the last 3 spots still practically open I believe the final will be LMQ>Cloud 9>TSM> CLG. I believe that the first place will never change because of how high on the win charts LMQ is, but I will be watching to see how they do in Week 10.

Top Performance 

For Top KDA Ratios

Week 9:

TD 1.Danny Shiphtur Le (Team Dignitas) 8.1

2.Soren Bjergsen Bjerg (TSM) 5.9

3. Wei-Jun Vasilii Li (LMQ) 5.9

4. David Cop Robertson (Curse)5.3

5. Xian XiaoWeiXiao Yu (LMQ)5.2

Week 7:

1.Danny Shiphtur Le (Team Dignitas) 9.3

2.Soren Bjergsen Bjerg (TSM) 6.1

3. David Cop Robertson (Curse) 5.8

4. Wei-Jun Vasilii Li (LMQ) 5.6

5.Maurice Amazing Stuckenschneider (TSM) 5.4

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Also a couple of games I suggest to watch is CLG vs TSM and LMQ vs Cloud 9 this week , and they are all on day 2. Those are the ones that can change the ranks for the final 4.

Match History Beta


Today we’re  looking at the all new match history beta that launched about 1 month ago.

I’ll start by showing you the first image you’ll see when you log on to your match history. (You can click on the pictures to make them big)


Match history 1.1.1

All right here is the first image you’ll be greeted by as you log on to the match history beta, it doesn’t look out of the ordinary in fact it’s pretty much the same as the match history in the league of legends client. The real magic starts when you use the filters in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Match history 2.2

As you can see I’ve selected Akali as my filter, now I can see all of my games as Akali since patch 4.8. You can also filter which game mode it is and which map you want to see in the top right hand corner, I’m going to move on to what happens when you click on a specific match.Match history 3

Now we’re able to see a bunch of information that would usually only be available on the after game screen, you can can use this information as you see fit. I don’t see myself needing to use this information very often, up next is team gold!

Match history 4

I really like this one, you can see how blue starts with a small lead but that levels out after a small while, after that purple creeps ahead and just keeps pushing the gold lead forward enough for the game to be out of blues control.

Match history 5

Finally the last picture I’ll be showing you today, this one includes some information we are already able to access on the after game screen but there is also a map that shows the location of all the kills. This is really quite cool to see where everything happened, as you can see here purple was the one making all the plays.


Hope you enjoyed a little look into the match history beta!

A Guide to Muting

The League of Legends community is known for being pretty horrific.  Personally, I’ve seen a fair amount of flame in my time, and a bit too much of it was the sort that makes you understand why some serial killers end up snapping.  As a player attempting to climb the ranked ladder, and doing it pretty badly (Imagine someone with four broken limbs trying to climb an actual ladder), I found myself using the mute feature more and more to stop my brain being melted by that special type of thirteen year old on the internet.   I thought I should share the method I use so that other people can avoid the same fate.  Or people could just stop deriving pleasure from making other people feel bad (but that’s not going to happen).


Step 1- Champion Select

 If you’re lucky (or unlucky, depends on how you look at it), you’ll be able to spot people you need to mute in Champion Select.  Here are some things that should raise warning flags if you see them in chat.


“Omg those bans”

Nine times out of ten, the person that says this will complain for the whole game about the fact that a specific champion wasn’t banned, and that a specific Champion that they don’t like should have been banned instead.  Warning signs increase after someone on the other team picks a Champion and the response is “omg Fiora gg”.  If you are first pick and did the banning, mute this person as soon as you get in game.  If you were not first pick, it is worth waiting until they start moaning to mute.


“I’m Smurfing”

Mute this person as soon as you get into game.  Even if they are smurfing, all you will hear is how bad you are compared to players in the ‘real’ divisions.  Muting them immediately will also help you restrain yourself from smugly typing “Challenger strats” every time they (inevitably) die horribly in a stupid situation.


“Me Mid”

“Sorry buddy, pick order”

“Don’t feed then”

Because of Murphy’s Law, if you steal someone’s preferred position, you will feed.  Or at least die once.  As soon as you die (or, heaven forbid, give away first blood), you will be the subject of many smarmy remarks from the player you stole from.  Even though you didn’t really steal and that’s just how draft works.


“I’m doing my promos”

Or even worse

“Last game of my promos”

Be prepared to mute this player as soon as the game starts going downhill.  It can be nice, if you win the game, to see the “goodbye Silver!” as they are promoted to the division you can say aloud without following it with “but I just got placed there, I don’t really play ranked”, because it serves to remind you that you are not going to be trapped in the maelstrom of death that you’re currently stuck in forever.  However, should you lose the game, you will probably be subject to abuse from that player because you didn’t read their mind and Flash Ult EQWQE while dodging three different skill shots when they went in.  You know, because why wouldn’t you do that?



Step 2- In Game

Ideally, you want to mute a player before any flame starts.  If players have passed the Champion Select stage without raising any warning flags, it takes a lot of skill to pre-emptively mute them.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


If you give up First Blood

First Blood isn’t a huge factor in swaying the game anymore, but it’s never nice to have a special announcement made when you give it up.  First Blood produces less and less flame nowadays, but if you’re having a bad day and won’t be able to put up with any sort of teasing, it’s better just to go 4 man mute and play the game in peace.


If you are the Jungler

I have to be in a very specific mood to play Jungle.  It’s not my strongest role.  One of the reasons I avoid it like the plague in Ranked is not because I don’t play it very well (I don’t play anything very well), but because everything is the Jungler’s fault.  Everything.  If you find yourself in the Jungle in ranked, be prepared to mute.  In my experience, bot lane is the most likely to object to your existence because bot is generally considered hardest to gank.  Because you don’t have time to explain people who don’t understand that ganking them will just make them gold efficient to the enemy team again and your best bet is to snowball the other lanes, muting is a better solution.  Top lane shouldn’t give you too much trouble; it tends to be a quiet farm game up there.  The Mid laner might start mouthing off if you don’t give them “their” Blue Buff, but just mute them when you take the second one.


When someone hits 0/3/0

One death can be shrugged off with a “lol”.  Two is understandable- ganks happen.  Once you hit three deaths though, people start to get annoyed.  Either the person who is constantly dying will start blaming people for not calling ‘missing’ (Even when they pinged twice to say enemy missing, once to say fall back, the laner walked over their river ward and they didn’t even get an assist on the kill), or another member of the team will get annoyed and start moaning about them.  In either case, it’s not worth listening to.  Mute away.


If you’re having a bad day

This one is slightly more abstract, but definitely worth a mention.  When you’re stressed out, uptight, haven’t slept in days, hungry, have a headache or any number of things that might make you more irritable than usual, mute people.  It really isn’t worth it not to.  Not only will you spare yourself getting wound up by any potential flame, but it will also prevent you from ‘rage reporting’ at the end of the game, for something really not justifiable as a reportable offense, but because you were in a mood really got to you.


Step 3- All Chat

 All Chat is an interesting thing.  I’ve interacted with some very nice people over All Chat before, but for every nice person, there are a thousand more who will mock, flame, or just annoy me.  I play with All Chat on, and if you take that risk too you have to worry about muting another five people, potentially.

The best time to turn all chat off is when you’ve muted your entire team.  Once muted, you will quickly forget that people are/have been flaming you, and continue with the game.  However, there is nothing more annoying than seeing “For?” appear in red in All Chat.  You’ll only be seeing one side of a conversation, but it will basically be the same thing as if you were reading the in-depth analysis your team has been making of your not-even-that-bad plays.  What’s worse is seeing, a few moments later, “Okay”, because then you know you’re coming out of that game with upwards of five reports.  This is when I turn All Chat off.

I mute the enemy team, or members of it, when they are openly flaming, or when they are just being annoying.  The odd “Not even close” is fine, even slightly amusing- they don’t really mean it, but having the enemy Teemo constantly send “Nope” every time you trade with him will, it has been scientifically proven, cause you to rip out your own eyes.  Mute before that happens.


“Lol really 4 to kill me?” – Nasus, 30 minutes into the game.


Final Advice

 Mute your team if you are playing Teemo or Urgot.  People don’t tend to like that.

Lucian’s Past Present and Future (Lucian 4.12 PBE)


LucianSquareLucian has been one of the most popular AD’s in the meta for quite a few months now, today I’ll be talking about current and post nerf Lucian.

-Base attack range lowered from 550 to 500

-Piercing Light (Q) range lowered from 550 to 500

-Piercing Light (Q) mana cost now 50/55/60/65/70 from 60/65/70/75/80

-Relentless Pursuit (E) now reads Whenever Lightslinger (his passive) hits an enemy, relentless Pursuit’s cooldown is reduced by 1 second (doubles to 2 seconds Vs enemy champions) instead of if Lucian kills an enemy while The Culling is active, the cooldown of Relentless pursuit is reset.

-Relentless Pursuit (E) mana cost has been reduced to 0 from 60/45/30/15/0


Lucian the purifier

Lucian was released on 08-22-2013, he went under the radar for the first couple of months due to people not fully understanding the potential he had. After a few months players began to see the light and he became a more frequent competitive pick. Once pro players mastered Lucian he was an extremely strong pick, almost every team wanted him and even with the other champions gaining strength he held his spot as one of the top AD carries. Lots of people thought the 4.10 changes to The Bloodthirster would spell trouble for Lucian but no, there was other viable ways to build him which left him just as strong as before  (Example being Blade of the Ruined King  into Youmuu’s Ghostblade and Infinity’s Edge into Static shiv).

Lucians future is in jeopardy now with some critical nerfs on the horizon for patch 4.12 and today I am going to discuss the potential PBE changes.


PiercingLight  Base Attack Range

While this doesn’t sound like much, base attack range is a critical part of an AD carries kit, just think about champions such as Caitlyn, her huge auto attack range is what makes her such a fantastic bully in the laning phase while also having a very good late game. The ability to auto attack the enemy while they are not able to respond with one of their own is massive advantage to you, it’s often the reason why you see Caitlyn win or at least hold their own in the laning phase. There is also Tristana, she’s slightly different to Caitlyn due to her passive, every level she gains 9 x Tristana’s level -1 in attack range, at level 18 the bonus is 153 bonus range (703 total range) the end result being the same, a fantastic late game.

I think this is going to be one of the main reasons Lucian won’t be seen in competitive play after these changes (if they make it to live) it will make his laning phase weaker and team fighting more dangerous. I might as well add Piercing Light’s nerf to this segment, also the same thinking that it forces him to have to get up close and personal with the enemy which puts him in danger.

  RelentlessPursuitRelentless Pursuit

The changes here are to compensate for the attack range nerf, while I do like the idea of being able to dash around more it’s just not enough in my opinion. That 50 range will give assassins an easier time to get onto him and this buff to Relentless Pursuit will not be able to keep him alive. I am very interested to see if I’m wrong and Lucian carries on being very strong after this but I doubt it.

There have been some ideas thrown around to increase his movement speed by a little to help out with the lower attack range, I do believe this would be a step in the right direction but they would have to be careful.


This is my first LoL Stratics post hope you have enjoyed it, we shall see what happens to Lucian soon.

NA Week 7 Summer Split Recap


Hello Summoners!

Week 7 was probably one of the biggest weeks so far. Each team had 4 matches ,which could have a positive or a negative effect to the teams.Most the teams had amazing matches with some showing that they are not out of the fight just yet.

Going into the rankings LMQ has not budged at all from the original spot at 1st place with a standing 11-7 taking 2 loss from Cloud 9 and CURSE! CLG, Team Dignitas, and TSM are not very far behind all tied with LMQ 11-7. One good game from the other 3 could take LMQ down from the iron thrownCLG is playing the same as LMQ losing 2 of their 4 games to LMQ and again CURSE! For Team Dignitas they are following in the same steps at the 2 teams above them only winning 2 of their 4 matches, the team had a shocking loss to compLexity where all the fans thought Dignitas would win. One team though has not followed the path of a 2 out of 4 win, they go by the name of TSM winning 3 out of the 4. Knocking Cloud 9 down to 5th place TSM was on fire this week only taking a loss to Team Dignitas. Coming in 5th place is my favorite team Cloud 9 at a 10-8 standing. Their big week could have gone a lot better sadly winning only 2 out of the 4 matches and taking the biggest loss to Curse. Coming in 6th place is the underdogs of almost all their matches this week is Curse 8-10. This team has obviously resolved any problems they had in the past. Their big week ended them at a 3 out of the 4 games. They took down Cloud 9, LMQ14_xpecial_acquisition_promo, and even CLG! The only loss was to TSM. If they keep on the path they are we might even see LMQ be taken down by them. CompLExity had a pretty good week also only winning 2 out of the 4 they did have a win at 3rd place Team Dignitas. CompLexity is standing now at  6-12 taking them out of the last place spot. In the last place standing is Evil Geniuses winning none of their week 7 matches. Going from 2nd to last to straight last they are now at 4-14.

So I asked in the comments who you think will end up in the top 4 and talking about TSM. I was mistaken when I said that losing Xpecial and OddOne would put a dent in their rankings. TSM has proved me wrong doing amazing in their last matches. I hope they can keep this up because if I can’t see Cloud 9 reign supreme then I would like to see TSM. For the Teams that I think will end up in the top 4 I would say LMQ>CLG>TSM>Cloud 9.

Top Performance 

For Top KDA Ratios

Week 7:

1.Danny Shiphtur Le (Team Dignitas) 9.3

2.Soren Bjergsen Bjerg (TSM) 6.1

3. David Cop Robertson (Curse) 5.8

4. Wei-Jun Vasilii Li (LMQ) 5.6

5.Maurice Amazing Stuckenschneider (TSM) 5.4

Week 4:

1.Danny Shiphtur Le (Team Dignitas) 18.2

2.Soren Bjergsen Bjerg (TSM) 6.7

3.Michael Imaqtpie Santana (Team Dignitas) 6.6

4.Johnny Altec Ru (Evil Geniuses)6.4

5. Xian XiaoWeiXiao Yu (LMQ)6.2

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Hazmat Heimerdinger Skin


Hello Summoners!

Raise your Dongers everyone the legendary Heimerdinger is getting a new skin! Riot has not released the exact date on the skins release besides saying it’s going to be during patch 4.11. For now though you can test out the skin on the PBE.

 hazmat-heimerdinger-splash The Dongers skin is going to sell for a mighty fine price of 975 RP, and looking at the skin it is well worth the pay. Riot looks like they have taken their time to make an amazing new skin that any Donger fan themselves should want.


There are a lot of new features that are put into this skin ranging from the weapons to the skin itself. One of the main things that I really like is the new look that the Dongers turrets are getting. The green ooze just looks heimy-2amazing and gives the turrets a toxic look that goes very well with the hazmat suit. Heimerdinger’s rockets also received a new skin of a yellow scheme with black stripes giving it that very cautious look and making you want to stay out of its range. Riot has not forgotten the notorious claw that pops out of his head. What they decided to do with his claw is have the top of his hazmat suit open up to release his terrifying claw.



Overall I think Riot did a very nice job on Heimerdinger’s new skin, and blended everything in very nicely. Tell me what you think of the new Hazmat Heimerdinger skin!

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Gambit Gaming drop Darien and Diamondprox


Gambit Gaming drop Darien and Diamondprox although Gambit Gaming are currently one of the lowest winning teams in the LCS and face relegation, from watching the team play it is obvious to see where their weak links are, but community and fans of the team didn’t expect them to drop both players. The team is currently sitting at 13 losses and 5 wins which puts them as the second lowest team with no signs of improvement.


With both Darien and Diamondprox being members of Gambit Gaming since January 2013 fans of Gambit have grown attached to the players but both the players currently hold 2nd and 4th lowest KDA’s this split with Darein on 1.25 and Diamondprox on 1.71 so changes did need to happen to give the team even an ounce of hope of staying in the LCS. Darien will be replaced by Kubon “Jakub Turewicz” from Reason Gaming although he hasn’t been with the team very long does show some promise. On the other side Diamondprox will be replaced by Loulex “Jean-Victor Burgevin” who is a challenger player and a sub for Gambit who has played for them in London during the Summer Split, he is more known for his Lee Sin so it will be interesting to see how he can perform on other meta junglers.


Will the fresh blood be enough to help keep Gambit in the running? Maybe but either way for Gambit fans this is sad news, with the recent loss of Alex Ich and now two more older Gambit players the team will be essentially a new team so for the sake of the fanbase lets hope these changes are able to spark new life into Gambit, but with the current state of the team I can’t blame them for attempting to revive the declining team.

LCS hits London

I used to be a really big fan of the Yugioh trading card game (bear with me, this is going somewhere).  Now, when I say “used to be”, what I mean is I obsessed over it from age 8 to 16, and still occasionally fish out my decks when the theme song pops up on my Spotify playlist.  I have a very clear and vivid memory of my mother telling me off for spending too much time playing it, to which I coolly responded: “One day, this will be an Olympic sport.”

It’s not, obviously.  It also never will be; a fact my childish brain clearly never understood.  The fundamental flaw with the game was that it was, first and foremost, a trading card game.  Yugioh is only kept alive by the fact that the competitive Meta changes almost every time a new booster pack is released.  Yugioh was always pay to win.  As I grew up and came to realise this.  I soon gave up on my dreams of holographic simulators and suspiciously respectable commentators describing my every move for an audience around the world watching me play.

Then, a few weekends ago now, I found myself sitting in Wembley Arena watching professional European players play League of Legends.  It was awesome.  About an hour into the games, though, I realised something which brought my dreams of one day summoning the Dark Magician on the world stage flooding back.  I had seen this arena on my television two years ago, during the London Olympic Games.  People were playing badminton, I think.


The point is, I realised that Froggen was playing in the same arena that Olympians had competed in.  In fact, Froggen was competing in the same arena as Olympians.  Now, I know that Wembley arena hosts a lot of different events, and I’m not trying to put League of Legends players on the same level as Olympians, but I suddenly realised just how big this game has become.  People were queueing up to get Rekkles’ signature-it was like he was a film star.  Tickets for the event sold out in (what I’m led to believe was) under twenty minutes.  All in all, the atmosphere was like… like a sports game.

I’m always slightly embarrassed when I try to describe League of Legends as an eSport rather than a game.  It always seems to me like I’m just trying to justify that I play video games instead of acting like a lizard having a seizure when I attempt to kick a ball/run more than 10 metres/ stumble around a basketball court/ hold any sort of implement designed to hit a ball.  In a way, I am.  However, it eSports, as a thing, have never seemed so legitimate since the LCS came to Wembley.  My dreams of playing a game I actually like in front of people around the world were reignited.  Sure, I’m never going to hear the nations of the world collectively gasp when I say “You just activated my trap card”, but it’s not completely impossible to imagine those watching on Twitch TV might give a little cheer when I pull off a 5 man Lee Sin kick, or an epic 1 v 1 as an ADC (sorry, Marksman) versus an enemy Jungler.  Will that ever happen?  Almost certainly not.  Does this happen Week by Week to DoubleLift?  Sort of, yeah.

There’s something really wonderful about knowing that when I’m playing a friendly game of League for fun, there’s someone on the other side of the world making a living primarily from playing this game.  I’m never going to be good enough to do that, and I’m also never going to be entertaining enough to make a living via amusing YouTube videos like SivHD does.  I am able to enjoy playing the game, and I am able to dream.  I know I’m bad at this game.  I really don’t expect to ever fight my way to the top of Platinum, let alone Challenger tier, but I still play ranked, and I enjoy improving.  To me, League of Legends is the sport I never had growing up.

      Can League ever be socially accepted as a Sport? 


Riot does an amazing job of promoting the professional side of League of Legends.  I don’t know exactly how Riot makes money, but I do know that I’ve never felt like people with one hundred skins were more likely to win a game than I was.  League is one of the first games I’ve ever played that isn’t pay to win.  That’s in its favour as a sport.  Anyone can kick a soccer ball around, and anyone can discover that they are the next greatest player, in the same way that anyone with an internet connection and a PC can play league and not be at any disadvantage to the professionals.  (Here, people tend to bring up the argument about gaming mice/headsets/keyboards; that they give players an edge who have money.  I’m going to be honest, it’s got to be a really, really close match up for a gaming mouse/keyboard/headset to actually swing it either way)

Perhaps the most damaging factor towards League’s acceptance as a sport is how exclusive it is to people who don’t play.  Heading back to soccer, even if you’ve never played the game in your life, it’s pretty simple to follow on TV.  Blues try and kick it into the Red Goal, Reds try and kick it into the Blue Goal.  Even if you have no understanding of (what I’m sure are incredibly complex) soccer strategies, you can understand what’s going on.  Now, if you’ve ever tried to explain what’s going on in a League game to someone who doesn’t play video games, you’ll know that it’s basically impossible to do so.  In soccer, even though the 11 players on each side might have different skill levels to each other, they can only kick the ball (and fine, the goalies can pick it up).  In League, you’d have to teach someone the four skills and passive of over one hundred champions for them to be in with any chance of understanding a skirmish outside the dragon pit.  You’d then also have to explain how distribution of gold works, how much gold dragon is worth compared to how much gold a kill is worth, the importance one level can have on a Jungler because of how Smite scales, what Smite and what the other Summoner Spells do, how vision works, how team positioning works… Even after all that and more, you’d never be able to really understand what was happening without playing the game and experiencing those situations for yourself.  I really can’t imagine a situation where you walk into a regular bar and see a league match playing on the screen- if you’ve never played it you can’t follow it.

League of Legends also isn’t really able to integrate its way into school curriculum.  Unlike almost any other sport, and especially those currently taught in schools, League needs to be played with equal teams, and even then they need to be either teams of three or five.  Very rarely do class sizes conform exactly to multiples of three or five.  You can’t even have one or two people observe, because games tend to be around 30-40 minutes, and with your average lesson at one hour, there will be students left out for entire classes.  Outside of a dedicated school for league (similar to the professionals’ gaming houses), the game can’t be taught in the way basketball can, for instance.  Another important point to consider is that despite what teachers say about team sports building character and teamwork, they are mainly played in school to give students exercise.  League not only doesn’t provide any exercise opportunity (unless you play a Get fit with Snoopeh variant), but can be linked to medical conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Schools don’t like that.

League of Legends is the most played online game in the world.  But it’s pushing to be more than that.  It’s pushing to be the most played sport in the world.  Or at least a respite for kids who can’t perform physical exercise to save their lives.

Patch 4.11 Jungler Modifications


Hello Summoners!

As of 5 day ago patch 4.11 was released with some improvements towards the junglers. What Riot had noticed was that many junglers were being placed on the side of  more pressured damage, like Pantheon, Udyr, Lee Sin, etc. What they have finally realized was that they didn’t need to just buff the tank, but also make a strong item path for utilityjunglers. With that information gathered Riot has released Quil Coat and Spirit of the Ancient Golem to help build tanky utility focused junglers.

Riot also has modified other areas:

Bounty Rewards

For early kill’s it used to be only 60% of the value but has  changed now to 75% and after 4 minutes 100%. Then  1st Blood it will not be affected by the time going from 280g to 325g. With Bounty’s they have gone down from 20% (Personal) to 16.5% gold per kill, and whenplayers are killed they  will be maxed out with 5 kills rather than 4 kills and be worth 500g.


For turrets you might want too be more protective when being hit because Riot have increased the damage from 20% to 37.5% damage per hit. Turrets also have been modified to pick their targets a bit faster.

Champions (popular)

 Braum- His passive damage will be decreased from a 70+10 every level to 50+12 every level and the debuff time will be down from 5 to 4

 Jax-Jax health will go from 561 to 535, his health increase has also gone down from 98 to 85. Not to mention his Armour per level will be from 3.5 to 3.0

 Nidalee- For her Riot decided to make her more OP with a starting health of 390 when it was originally 370, also with an armour increase from 17 from its original 15. Her Javelin toss also went from a 30 yd distance to 40. Bushwhackalso increased to 13/12/11/10/9 seconds with a damage increase of 10/12/14/16/18% of the targets health. Pounce has also got an increase of a 750 range. Primal surge has been decreased to 60/75/90/105/120 mana.

 Yasuo- Sweeping Blade went from 100% bonus damage at 4 stacks to 50% at 2.

 Zac- Unstable matter has a cool down of 1 second when you pick up the chunks and when Zac hits a monster with unstable matter he is able to go through the monster to pick up the chunks, and he has a 5 second cool down and not 4 second.

 Ziggs- In general his speed is now 225 and his bouncing Bomb radius is 150 from 180.

Jungler Items

 Hunter’s Machete has been increased from its original gold price of 300 to 325. The Machete also has been given a 10% attack damage on monsters, but Maim and Butcher has been removed as a passive.

 Quill Coat is the newest item put in the game. The new item gives you +20 armor, and also comes with a passive called Sapping Barb ( Attacking monster lose 5% of their maximum health over 3 seconds). Who ever is wearing it will also get +40 health regeneration per 5 seconds and a +30 mana regent. To start building the coat you will want to go Hunter Machete>Cloth Armor+75 Gold, or buy it for 700g.

 Spirit of the Ancient Golem had 2 Passives removed: Tenacity and Butcher, But in return has been given Sapping Barb. The difference between the Quill Coat and Spirit of the Ancient Golem’s Sapping Barb is SAG gains +60 health and +45 mana. There is also a new recipe for this item: Quil Coat> Kindle Gem and 450g. With the Quill Coat SAG has been modified to have +20 armor.

 Spirit Stone had only one change in the price going from 40g > 15g for the combination.

 Madred’s Razors have a gold increase of 750g > 775g

 Wriggle’s Lantern  has a gold decrease for the total build: 240g > 215g

I hope you enjoyed the look at the new path release 4.11! Tell me what you think of Nidalee and all that increased.

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