Project:Gorgon Kicks into Action

Hot Project:Gorgon

Now officially having started their Kickstarter campaign, the developers for Project:Gorgon are really starting to cause a buzz! They are looking to raise $100,000 (USD) in a month to help fund further development. This is not “just another startup” game. Project:Gorgon already has four years of work put into it, and it shows. Combat is really fleshed out, and that is important to a lot of gamers looking to fill their time. They did a lot of tweaking with their basic game mechanics, artwork and the low-level tech necessary for smooth game play. Hoping to raise enough to work full time on the project, lead developer Eric Heimburg will also have two part-time artists to bring more life into his creation.  He goes into great detail about his team, their experience, and the plans for Project:Gorgon should this campaign succeed.

Play Project:Gorgon’s Alpha

Heimburg explains how he feels about about “vaporware” and other game developers who jump into Kickstarter campaigns, and fail to produce a return for investors. He actually demands that no one contribute without first experiencing the game asking for funds. Sticking to his word, Alpha Access is open to all! No keys, no special time periods. Simply download the installer from this page for your Windows or Mac rig. A Linux version will also be produced in time. Utilizing the Unity engine, the game is pretty well packaged – download and patching taking all of about 10 minutes in total with a broad-band service to Hawaii! That right there is impressive to this gamer!

All you need to do is register a new account, create a character (which is very simplistic, but awesome anyway) and jump right into the… uh… wait! No class selection? No skill choices?!

Eric writes on the Kickstarter page how this game is “… an unusual, original feel, freely mixing ideas from older and newer MMOs with a whole bunch of ideas never before seen…” which to me says, “You’ve never done this before.” Well, I’ve been playing RPGs well over 30 years, and MMOs for just about 20 years – that’s a really tall order! However, after playing the earlier web-browser version of the alpha, I was so intrigued that I did do the download myself. Below are some video’s from a recent session of Kirthag’s Late Night, a weekly exposition of the many games I play.

Oh look! I die!

Being a noob with no skills is a major cause of death in any game. Most of the time, players get frustrated and leave the game in a huff. That isn’t so much the case with Project:Gorgon. The story line and lead in to the opening dungeon is enough to keep a player interested and not give up. There are several puzzles and hints along the way as well – just enough to keep players moving ahead without feeling like they are being totally guided. Now this might be an issue for newer gamers who are used to having their hands held in a new game, but not so much a problem that they leave. For a game being in Alpha stage – this is very promising. With multiple puzzles (freshen up on your math skills!) and mechanics that allow for free-formed skill development, this is one of the few games I’ve experienced that allows players how they want to play.

Of course, you can be like me and just go find more baddies to die to. :)

Watch live video from Stratics on Twitch

Overall, Project:Gorgon is looking to be a worthwhile game with interesting mechanics and twists to keep even the most bored entertained for a while. The game is still in alpha state, meaning not everything is working totally right and some graphics might not quite look one hundred percent. However this is a game that shows great promise. If you agree (after playing for a bit), jump on over to the game’s Kickstarter page and show Eric and his team just how much you like! You can also discuss this game on their forums which are conveniently hosted by us – that’s how much we like the game.

Project: Gorgon gives Kickstarter a Kick Start!




With still over a week away, Project: Gorgon is already cow deep in activities! Last weekend, their first forums contest was to enter ideas for Kickstarter incentives. The winner, Clarynaa, won herself a set of armor dyes that are not yet available in game. She is a new player, but had good ideas and continues to come around and play, so we are happy to welcome her to the fold. All submissions were good, and may help the team in deciding what incentives to go with.

For this weekend’s contest, posted just minutes ago, contestants can enter with 3 screenshot from the game. As with the last contest, all contestants will be entered into a drawing, so everyone has a chance to win. The screenshots will be used for promotions and other things, like the wiki or forums, depending on the content. The prize this time will be a choice of 20 amethysts (needed for teleportation), 50 skulls of any type (various uses, such as necromancy) OR 100 cotton (used in crafting).

Other contests on the way, so keep an eye on the forums for details!


There will be several live streams over the next 6 weeks. Friday, July 18 is the first. Hosted by seas, a very knowledgable PG tester, this stream will be supported by moderators, developers and other helpers who will be available to answer questions. It will begin at 9am pst and run through most of the afternoon. seas will be touring the sites, doing group and solo dungeon runs, how to maximize your first few hours of game, a pet tournament, grudge matches and more. If you have heard of us, or like sandboxes but are unsure, this will be a good way to get a first look.


Saturday, July 19, we will be gathering for a short time at 2pm cst to talk about player economy and specializing non-combat skills instead of trying to learn them all. The game is still in alpha, so we do not have the game mechanics yet for player vendoring. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other out. Many veteran players don’t like, or don’t have time to farm materials, so this is a great way to help newer players make some gold! Also, if you’re a crafter, you can take orders for armor sets with specific attributes. Or hawk that great piece of legendary gear that is no use to you. Meeting on Saturdays to do this gives us a public scenerio for making unsecured trades with at least one moderator present. Also, its fun to get together in one location for community’s sake after a week of traipsing all over the virtual countryside!

After we meet, IrishRedCap and/or Dreadz will be leading a dungeon run. Which one we go on will depend on who is here and what level their combat skills are. If we have enough people, we can split into a newbie group and a higher level group, as well. Check out the forums for more details.


Rojjin is a veteran player who in addition to being very knowledgable in the game, is also a wizard when it comes to understanding the way skills and gear attributes work and balancing issues. He will be answering questions throughout Kickstarter in the forums. Every week, I will post an invitation to ask questions, and whatever questions there are, he will answer as completely as he can, to the best of his knowledge, in another post. This will run through the month of August, until the end of Kickstarter.

Over the course of August, various players will be hosting live Q&A sessions with some of the developers of Project: Gorgon on Google Hangout, and streamed through Stratics. First up will be with Gremror, another wonderful player/tester. Check the forums often for more details!


Several players will be available throughout Kickstarter to help new people trying the game out. Don’t be shy! Ask any questions you have in global chat. Or if you are uncomfortable with that, a Helper can meet up with you, or develop a private chat. Something to keep in mind is that this is not your average cookie cutter MMO. It may not be your cup of tea. So asking for help is not looked down on. Also, we are still in the alpha testing phase. Some things simply don’t work, are buggy, or not yet implemented. Please make use of the bug report format! Make suggestions as well. These devs want to hear what we want, and what order we want it!

The current list of official helpers are as follows:

seas, nimor, Gregror, Rojjin, Dreadz, IrishRedCap, Mortitia and Lyramis. If you wish to be a helper, please let me know. If you wish to discontinue being a helper, also let me know.


As of today, we have two moderators. The basic function of a moderator is to keep an eye on things and make sure folks are playing nice. Also, offensive names will be perma banned. Both seas and Auriel are game moderators, though Auriel is also the event moderator. They are not necessarily helpers, but they can be.


So you see, we are getting geared up to show you how much we love this game and why we love it, so you can love it too! Give us a look, and see you in Serbule!

Rojjin Gives Advise on Grouping Skills



A veteran Project: Gorgon player, Rojjin, gave a talk on various topics of interest. I want to focus on grouping and combat skills, as it seems to be what trips most folk up.

One thing to keep in mind is that nothing seen, said or experienced in game right now is set in stone. This game is still considered to be in the Alpha stage. There will be changes, rebalances and nerfs. Also another person’s experience may not be your own. But one person’s experience may lead you on a path of discovery you hadn’t thought of yet. This is what I hope this discussion has done for me.

Grouping in the sense that most gamers think is hard here because of a couple different things. Random groups lack adequate healing and when you die, you are transported back to the beginning of the dungeon. I hear there is a ressurection spell in the works, but what about healing?

In Rojjin’s experience, 2-3 archers running Mentalism can take on most dungeons. The only gear necessary would be archer gear that gives a percentage to cause stun. All members of the group would cast Armor over Time as it stacks, making your health a non-issue.

Mentalism, he explained, is important for duration effects. It also has a skill you can get in the Myconian Dungeon, called Pain Bubble that is very helpful.

For damage, it important to find armor that gives bonuses to combat skill. Lycanthrope has an armor piece that gives a percentage chance of extra damage.

I complained that this armor is hard to get if you can’t hit or do damage to a boss. I was pleased to learn that the best armor presently in game is crafted. Each armor slot within a skill gives a specific type of bonus. You just have to keep making it until you get piece that gives the amount you want, that will make that difference in your game. Rarity colors go in this order: white, green, blue, purple, yellow.

Rojin spoke of archery and Lycanthrope as being the best, but I wonder. Is there cow bonuses out there that would put me in the running? Time to find out!

Project: Gorgon to Kickstart in July!


What is Project: Gorgon?

The developers are of Asheron’s Call ilk, and it shows. When they introduced magic orbs the other day it forced me to remember those days of taking ten minutes of buffing before entering a dungeon. It is not Eric and Sandra’s intent to recreate AC. But this is the type of game they enjoy, and has been lost in gaming in recent years.

Culture and History

Project: Gorgon has rich background history and culture, which includes many races, some of which are, or will be playable races. Races have profound tendencies that come out strongly in the behavior and speech of the NPCs. As the player progresses he will pick up bits of lore that will help him later. He will travel from one land to another, until all the pieces fall together.


Free World

And yet, Project: Gorgon is not a story driven game. There is much to do that have nothing to do with, well…anything. There is no limit to how many skills you can learn. Beyond combat skills, there is crafting, and skills that supplement combat. You can learn Art History, and yes there is a reason to do so. There are no Classes in the way that we have come to understand in the gaming world. You can pick and choose what might be more useful for the given situation. This is especially useful in group hunting.

Player Community

It is our goal to create an environment that encourages personal creativity in a group setting. While there is no limit to the amount of skills a player can learn, specialization is encouraged. Through vendors and live events, an economy controled by the players will add to the immersion of the game experience. Crafters who don’t have the time to gather ingredients can rely on newer players, who in turn can earn a little extra coin. Others who hate crafting can farm special loot to make available to other players. Incentives will be available for those who embrace the idea of a community where players build each other up. Role play is also encouraged.

I should mention the curses. Or maybe not.


Bells and whistles!

Live events will be a regular thing, when possible. Mods and Helpers will be around to help new players. Animal Taming and Player Housing is in the works. We are very close to having mounts. The GUI is in the process of being totally revamped. And for the first time since inception, there is real discussion of PvP dedicated areas, possibly in the form of arenas or game maps. And if you have looked at this game before, expect to see lots more land mass and polish. I think you will be pleased.


Open Alpha

No waiting to be selected, just download the client to your PC or Mac, or play in your browser. You can be directly involved in the progress of this game, and in the timing that features take place. The devs need you and want your input, frequently asking us questions and showing up at events.

Kickstarter Coming!

July 2014, as in next month, is the target for Kickstarting and we are right on schedule. Donation incentives include many cool things including housing perks that will never be available again. Helpers and Moderators, as well as seasoned Gorgonites will be available to answer your questions, and run live events.


Project Gorgon: Video Contest and Guilds!


I was very excited to be a part of the first Serbulian Town Hall. Several of our interested players had very good ideas that I hope will be discussed in more detail. Eric and Aaron were both in attendance as well, and this did much to excite the player base. These developers are deeply interested in what we would like to see happen in Project Gorgon.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early so I could not offer my own suggestions, so I will do so here.

The first thing I would propose is a Video Contest! Recording game videos have become very easy to do, and there are some easy and sometimes free video editing programs out there, that makes this a contest that virtually anyone can do it! Already we have a variety of player types and playstyles and I for one would love to see that first hand. Use whatever form of creativity that drives you and have some fun!

There would be prizes of course, but I do not know what kind of prizes would be good. Are longing for some special piece of equipment? Or perhaps a hefty stack of cotton. What about higher end dyes? Let me know!


My second idea has to do with guilds.

I know we have no mechanics for guilds at this time. But I am thinking more in terms of involvement and organization for the purpose of community building. Also, we can start to see how we want guilds to be in this game, and trust me, the developers are listening to us.

I am not going to tell you how to do this, but since we are in Alpha, don’t just be thinking in terms of gathering a group of like minded folk to run with. Yes, it can be that too. But think about this: rather than creating a hunting guild, why not create a guild who’s purpose is to organize PUGs on a regular basis, perhaps one afternoon a week. Or perhaps that while hunting together, will make themselves available to help new people as they trickle in.

Most of you know that PG’s forums are located at Stratics. We also have a whole section devoted to providing forums for individual guilds. I have never used them, but they are there, waiting to be tried out.



So give it some thought. What temporary organization may help build some community for when Kickstarter arrives? Grouping? Newb Help? Trade Skills? Role Playing Events? Its just us, guys. What we would like to see is more likely to happen if we make it happen!

Project Gorgon: Dyes Part 2

In a recent post, I presented a visual introduction to armor dyes in Project: Gorgon and the skill involved in creating dyes. Now I wish to talk about the skills involved in applying the dye, as well as show you some more colors.


In order to apply the dyes, you need some skill in the specific areas of armor making. For example, in order to dye on cloth armor, you will need some skill in Textiles. Once you have learned this skill you will have a choice to dye with one, two or three colors on one piece of armor.

In addition, the skill required to dye leather armor is Tanning. Currently, we do not have the ability to dye metal armor, but its coming.

There is currently no apparent constant in the order of dyes in a multi-color dye job. There are inconsistancies in how a dye color will look, depending on various factors. And sometimes a dye will show up a completely different color. Not enough testing and experimentation has been done to flesh out all of these errors. But its nice to be able to have matching pieces, if we can get by without all metal pieces. What I like to do is take a nice metal piece and color around it with crafted or found magical pieces.

Now for the next few colors!

Thistle1 Red1Purple1

Pink1 PaleMarigold1 PaleGoldenrod1

LightGray1 LemonCiffon1 DrabGrassGreen2

DeepViolet1 AntiqueWhite1

SlateandRed1 LemonandGreen

Project: Gorgon Dyes Part 1


A recent update gave Gorgon players the ability to dye their crafted armor. There is a new crafter in Serbule who will teach dyemaking, located in the gem shop. Like other NPC teachers, he will require favor and money. Favor is given from am NPC by doing favors for them, or gifting them with items they love.



Once you have a bag full of dyes, you will have to learn how to apply them. If your armor is cloth, you can learn this with the NPC that teaches Textiles. If your armor is leather, then go see the Tanning trainer. There are three ways to apply the dye. Armor and clothing are set to accept three colors total. There is a base color, and two accent colors. You may apply only one dye, two dyes, or three.


Quite a few colors have been introduced already and I expect more advanced dyemaking will come as other parts of the game get more advanced. I will show you a few of them here. But there are more out there, and more to come in the future!


These color examples were done on the same set of armor, crafted nice leather, to see how the shades compare to each other over the same texture and base color. I do not know yet if the colors will behave differently on other armor. Also, I have only used one dye so you can see how the secondary color places behave with the base dye that was chosen. As far as I could see, this armor set can only be dyed two colors. I have an example of this down below. Some of the shades are very similar. However, I can see subtle shade differences that may make a difference when using it as a secondary color.

Many thanks to Auriel for her help in getting all these dyes together!

YellowGreen     SeaGreen     PaleGreen

DarkOliveGreen      LightCyan     SmokeyWhite

 Beige     Azure     SkyBlue

 DarkBlue     Blue     LightCyan

SlateGrey     NightGray     RoseyBrown

 Magenta     Orange     DarkKhaki

 Crimson     CarnelianRed     Aquamarine

NoDye     CarnRedNightGray

Auriel02     Auriel01

Here you can see Moderator Auriel showing off her god clothes. Wait……where did she get the black dye?????

Double XP!! ~Project Gorgon



Double XP!

Today we are testing the double XP code! You will receive double XP for everything except for quests and the first time you complete a recipe.

Armor Dyes.

Today’ update also brings us 44 armor dyes to play with. There is a temporary NPC in Serbule that will sell you these dyes. If I understand this right, as you raise your skill, you will be able to dye in two tones and eventually three tones. Go check it out!

Bug fixes and changes.

20 recipes were fixed, that were consuming empty jars.

You will no longer be able to sprint madly when you go backwards. You will always walk.

Psychology and Mentalism heals are now effected by your phrenology critical hit chances. The type of phrenology needed is based on who you heal. If you heal an elf, your elf skill is checked.

It is now more possible to find items with the “Critical Hit Boost” enchantment. This works for archery crits as well as psychology and mentalism crits (via phrenology).

Fainor no longer sells basic fruits and the fruits he does sell have an insane markup. However, fruits in drops and on the ground have been increased.

The value of lumber has increased.

The value of arrows have decreased, and the money/vendor system changed to accept values less than one coin, so fletchers can not make an insane amount of money crafting arrows. Please look for exploits in the system and report them to the dev!

When you sell items to a vendor, it used to be the default to sell a stack one item at a time. This is no longer the case. The current default now is to sell the entire stack.

You can now grow cotton! You can plant up to 5 at once. Each will generate 2-4 cotton and will require fertilizer.

Project Gorgon: The Career Cow Report, 05/02/2014

The Career Cow Report
Project Gorgon 05/02/2014


Player Housing

Player housing is indeed going to happen. For most, it will be instanced so there is not limit to how many houses can be placed. However, there will be a select few physical houses that will be available in Serbule and other places, that will be given as rewards during Kickstart. There is an open area in town with a lake, and this is where they will be located in Serbule. My first thought was that this is where I want mine. But depending on how you like to play, other areas may be more useful.


The most central house by the lake is an example of a player house, however there will be several types. Eventually, you will be able to place items in your house, but Citan was unsure as of yet how this will take place. To start, he spoke of a hook system like AC1 has, but he does plan on moving past that to something better later on. Most certainly, houses will have the ability to hold crafting stations. I asked about gardening in the yard, and he said it was possible, but he hadn’t really thought about it. There would be issues, but he didn’t think it was something that couldn’t be worked out, if thats what we wanted.

There is also the possibility of creating the craft of painting, with a primitive Paint GUI, so folks can have or sell custom paintings for their house.


NPC Vendors and Housing

The main idea here is to have stalls in each town where players can rent vendors to sell items while they are offline. There would only be a set number of stalls and there would be a system in place so that the same players could not control player market.

These vendors will also be available to those who get a physical house through Kickstarter, to be placed at their house, making the value of having a physical house even higher. Imagine having a house in Kur that sold supplies for fighting in that area. That could be as profitable has having one in town.

Cursed Characters and Housing

Ideas are still being hammered out concerning housing for cursed characters. Spider has an ability that allows it to appear as a person for a short period of time to deal with NPCs that don’t like animals. So far spider is the only one that has this. That may change, or perhaps some other device may help in that area. There will be a barn type house available, however Citan is of the thinking that most players do not have a cursed character as their only character.

Next Update

There will be a new NPC outside of Serbule. He looks a little shady though, so be careful.

Also, look for some new landscape in Serbule. Large mushrooms will indicate where the myconian cave dwells. There will also be a new body part on the horizon…..eek!…as well as some additional fluff in the form of carts, ruins and such.

Future Updates

Mundane issues include bug fixes and some crafting annoyances dealt with, like the fact that some recipes steal your empty bottles. Work is being done to make quests and locales more interesting.

I am betting you would rather hear about something you didn’t already know, am I right? Ok, here goes. Two more land areas are in the works, one of which should be implemented in 6 to 8 weeks, if not sooner. This will be a forested area populated by Treants and fairies. The fae race will be an advanced player race unlocked through a questline. Becoming a druid will also be possible here, but like lycanthrope, the power will come at great cost. Animal taming and animal husbandry will also become available here.

It’s all about me.

Here are some tidbits that have been on my personal wish list for over a year. We will soon be able to sit in chairs. At first it will be by a simple mechanic that can then be worked on for a later date. Click the chair and you magically become sitting on the chair. At some later time, animations can be made to upgrade the experience.

And now for some cow love. There is work being done on a cow model that will have the capability to be everything we want a cow to be. At first, it will be the ability to give cow skills appropriate animations. This model, however, lays the groundwork for custom emotes, cow/human animations, custom armor and dances. Similar work is also being done for werewolves, but deer, pigs and spiders are down the road.


There is talk of live events and player ran events. If you have any ideas, please post them here!





The Career Cow Report, 04/17/2014

The Career Cow Report
Project Gorgon 04/17/2014


Quite a few advances since the last time I wrote. New quests, new land masses and even rumors of player housing! That’s enough to wrap my hooves in a knot! But I am getting ahead of myself.

I was personally excited to find out that at some point while I was away for school, player trading was added in. I am not one to complain, but dealing in salt as a commodity is hard for a cow. Damned near impossible, to be honest. My dreams of hosting Serbule’s first player run flea market may now be attainable. Woot! Just moo at me now. Who needs opposable thumbs anyways?

Now let’s talk about Kur. I have a tough hide, but this was not enough to beat that severe cold. A level 50 cow with a level 50 support skill should be able to face anything, right?


Welcome to Gorgon, my friends. Where max level skills are not enough. What may have looked like button smashing combat last month is suddenly not near enough to survive. Orcs? Oh yes Orcs, what fun. Enter sarcasm. I couldn’t even get TO to the orcs through the moo storm! What? I said blinding, turn up the hearing aid man. And not just blinding. The biting cold takes damage. Constantly.


Fortunately cows like puzzles. I started shadowing residents, eavesdropping. I cooked every recipe could get my hands on. I upped my gardening game. Mushrooms had no greater enemy. Armor was the hardest, as the vendors in Ett have a real taste for beef. And the craft of blacksmithing is still a mystery. But finally I managed to get a some nice pieces and could venture into the cold again. After getting lost a few times, I found a teleportation pad. Thank the gods. I still can’t take on more than orc at a time, so the fort is lost to me, for now. Or perhaps it is meant to be group project, I don’t know. Or I haven’t discovered all there is to discover about fighting in the cold. We shall see. There is a dungeon with wolves in it and a guy near the beach that takes favor items that I have yet to work up. I hear whispers on the wind of a new mountain dungeon. One with new story hooks to beg the interest of high level players.

Other storms have plagued the land, but these of a temporary nature. I was stuck in Kur at the time these ‘bugs’ struck, but I heard it was pretty crippling. I suppose a world cannot grow this fast without some hiccups.

Back in Serbule, I saw what could only be the results of one of these bug storms, leaving a wide open area in town.


Again, I shadowed residents and listened to conversations. Mushroom guy is still crazy as a bat, and I swear the fire mage has it out for me. To hear the ladies at the inn talk makes me glad I am not a bipedal male in these parts. But they are good for gossip. Apparently folk are being conscripted for construction work for some kind of housing. Not just to fill in the empty area in town, but in other areas as well. Could it be that we won’t have to bunch up in barns and inns anymore? Oh no, this won’t come to us for free. Some say it will be an early settler’s deal. Some say that it will be rewards for bounties collected. Others say its nothing but a fanatical pyramid scheme and to stay away. At any rate, this town could use a good Kick Start. I am all for it. And while we are expressing opinions, I still want visible cow armor. -stomps about- And chairs you can sit in. And Music! Sure, dancing while we are at it, why not? What, you don’t think cows can dance?