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Guides [Taylor] Nox Thief Guide

PvP nox thief template, strategy

  1. Taylor

    Throughout my years as an Ultima Online player, no character was so thrilling for me to play than a PvP thief. The template requires strategy, quick judgement, and lots of practice. It's a high risk, high rewards play...
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Recent Reviews

  1. marcbobb72
    Well done
  2. pacific cruiser
    pacific cruiser
    awesome post gonna dust off my thief now and go have some fun
    1. Taylor
      Author's Response
      Good luck!
  3. Theron
    I loved the guide, it's great. I hope another version can come out with a less expensive template regarding equipment? Great job!
    1. Taylor
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! There are lots of ways to steal. I hope others thieves will also submit guides, perhaps for less expensive gear.
  4. Boondocker
    Well thought out guide. Written for the apprentice thief in mind. I plan to read it several times.
    1. Taylor
      Author's Response
      Thank you!