Shroud’s Challenge Dungeon

SotA Lich Mage Attacks

Cavelier HatShroud of the Avatar’s tenth release was all about polishing graphics and systems. However some new things were presented to players that made game play a whole lot of fun! First, the “Grand Tour Quest” encouraged players to explore the realm and learn about different places. The reward was a really cool Cavalier’s Hat which could only be gotten during this release! Woohoo! The first true “rare” for the game! It is credited to a player’s upon completion when the Grand Tour Quest is finished. I got mine, did you get yours?

Another new feature, which made several people (including myself) very frustrated is the Challenge Dungeon. Rather than bore you with words, here’s a video clip of my third solo run. It doesn’t end pretty.

I ran through the Challenge Dungeon a couple more times, just for good measure. Needless to say, I couldn’t get past that Liche. Being a straight fighter does have its pitfalls.

I was told that a rather large group made the run all the way to the final area. The mobs there are horrendously challenging! So much so that a Developer participated in the fight. To give the party a chance, when everyone died, the Dev would go invincible. This way party members could return to the final area without having to run the entire gauntlet again. So yes, as long as a single party member is still alive in a level of the Challenge Dungeon, the rest of the party can join up again. Eventually the party did defeat the final area and received all sorts of loot included a few deeds. In the next release I have full intention of making that full run myself as a straight fighter!

The developers also tested the property purchasing systems. This release, players had to earn the gold to buy the plot they wanted, then earn even more gold to purchase the house deed. This is how the housing systems are intended to work. Remember, you first need a plot, then you need the deed to the house (like architectural plans). Every player in R10 who got a home went though this process regardless of pledge level. Of course, this being all pre-alpha, this would not reflect on actual rewards. However, there are whispers that “full persistence” will start with R11. We will keep our fingers crossed for that!

Running around the world and exploring the cities shows just how much polish Portalarium has put into the game. Water has greatly improved, animals are moving more naturally, NPCs react personally. I was even entertained while speaking to the Oracle, the Tour Guide made comments! Indeed, SotA is shaping up to be a game world worth being in.

Release 11 is scheduled to run October 23 – 27. That is also the weekend for Extra Life AND Stratic’s 17th Anniversary! WOW! Much happenings! Check out for more about SotA, and to join us all with a pledge! And don’t forget, you can come on over to our forums to discuss SotA – just click here.

Combat Hits the Shroud

SotA Kirthag Fighting Bear

The ninth release of Shroud of the Avatar (SotA) is scheduled for this weekend, promising to be exciting with loads of combat additions, new features and character customization tweaks along with more land, a new city and introduction to the main continent. Beginning August 21st and lasting until August 25th, the game still moves on in pre-alpha status. Open to First Responders and above along with winners of the MMORPG R9 sweepstakes, Windows clients can simply patch up (takes about 15 minutes overall) while Macintosh and Linux gamers will have to completely re-install the game.  Read More…

All About the House | Pre-Alpha R7

Shroud of the Avatar - Release 7

Its that time again! Portalarium has flung open their development server for the 7th scheduled Pre-Alpha weekend. This release also brings back two of your favorite Stratics personalities, Rhiannon (Managing News Editor) and Kirthag (Editor in Chief) with their shenanigans and explanations of just what’s what this release.

This release has a lot of anticipated features and improvements, but for this pair, it really is all about the Housing. The basics of house security, the new Row Houses, House Boats and other house tweaks are on top of our staffer’s minds. Kirthag is planning to purchase the Addon Rustic 3-Story while giving her Founder boathouse gift to Rhiannon. Both women have decided on where they will reside and have got their houses set. Let the decorating commence! Both women plan to stream more over the weekend to show off.

During a 2 hour streaming session, the women tested some of the new features while bantering back and forth. From housing security to noting some possible grief-issues, Rhiannon does well to keeping her focus against Kirth’s antics. Kirthag also gets into an explanation of housing and what is needed to claim virtual real estate in New Britannia. Rather than post the complete two hour stream (with lag, crashes, logouts and dead-air), several highlights are collected into a playlist for you to view and enjoy.

If you’d like to visit with Rhiannon and Kirthag while they are in SotA, check either or visit Kirthag’s personal site for the stream and chat with them. Better yet, become a Shroud of the Avatar Backer and experience, first hand, what these women have been talking about! Kirthag hasn’t set up a real schedule for her streams, but she does plan to be live periodically during this weekend. Cannot make it? Then tune in over the Fourth of July weekend! SotA will be at RTX and they plan to open the Pre-Alpha server then as well! (If not, Kirthag will stream from some other game.)

If you’d like to discuss this post, visit our Forum thread here.


SotA Awarded Best Indie MMO at E3

MMORPG E3 2014 Awards

One of the biggest and most important events in the gaming industry, the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, is over. Everyone who attended to peek at upcoming games and tech are now analyzing and critiquing what was there, from the food people eat, to the booth displays. But what everyone really wants to know is, which games are the best?

Community_Stratics, a gaming industry news e-zine, has published their list of E3 faves in several categories, giving Shroud of the Avatar the honor of Best Indie MMO! With anticipation and expectations high for our favored title from Portalarium, there is no question about the award. Combine this with lackluster reviews of what the Big-3 (Microsoft, Sony and Electronic Arts) displayed at E3, this award shows that Indies are starting to take over the spotlight.

You can visit the article at here, which includes a short video interview of Richard “Lord British” Garriott talking about what is happening and what will happen with the game. Congrats SotA!

New Pledge Tiers & Rewards for SotA Backers


By Kirthag DiOrsae

Starr “DarkStarr” Long, Executive Producer of Shroud of the Avatar, has created another of his “megaposts” in the SotA forums. Not only is Starr giving away a lot of critical information about the current status of SotA, he is also announcing some interesting and much wanted news about pledge tiers. Here are the highlights…
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New Pledge Tiers & Rewards for SotA Backers

row houses

Starr “DarkStarr” Long, Executive Producer of Shroud of the Avatar, has created another of his “megaposts” in the SotA forums. Not only is Starr giving away a lot of critical information about the current status of SotA, he is also announcing some interesting and much wanted news about pledge tiers. Here are the highlights which will be enabled very soon on the SotA website; just in time for the 2014 E3 sponsored by Gamespot. This move is sure to generate more funding and buzz at the gaming expo for this spiritual successor to the Ultima series.

New Pledge Tiers

Adding Marshal levels to Knight and Lord as “stepping stones” toward the higher tiers.

  • Knight Marshal is $1,200 USD (between Knight & Lord)
  • Lord Marshal is $2,200 USD (between Lord & Baron)

New Pledge Rewards

Adding some new rewards of highly requested features which also expands housing to lower pledge tiers.

  • Ability to create more characters on a single account added at certain tier levels.
    • These other characters are kin (related) to your first and share the same reputation and surname.
    • Second character is rewarded at Virtual Collector. The third at Ancestor.
    • Additional character slots purchased via the add-on store will be taxed.
  • New rewards are for Benefactors. There are no new Founder rewards at this time.
  • More starting recipes at Royal Artisan with enough resources to create 4 of each recipe.
  • Now get rent-free housing at Ancestor level with the new Row Lot & House for city living! (more on this below)
  • Daily use items which generate in-game items (from books to reagents and more)
  • Deco items which create effects (like a birdbath that attracts flocks of birds or a phonograph which plays music)
  • Wearable items and other usable items in the upper tiers

New Housing Type

The Row House is now being added for denser cities – and more housing!

  • Row Houses will contribute to higher housing density in cities, allowing for more housing plots than have been seen in the game so far.
  • Row Lots can be purchased in the add-on store, but rent will apply.
  • Different styles of Row Houses will be created and added to the add-on store.
  • There will also be Row Lot Basements added at a later time.
  • There is no outdoor decorating for the Row House, but the interiors are huge (1/4 of the existing village lot).
  • Only a Row House can go on a Row Lot, but a Row House can be used on any lot.

Player Town Ownership

Inspired by the PaxLair citizens crossing over from Ultima Online, new types of add-on store items are being implemented.

  • Player groups can pool their money and buy an entire scene for their town! Only one owner though.
  • High customization features with the dev team during a Design Session!
    • Choose your environment, from swampland to grasslands
    • Name your town & choose a location on the Hex map
    • Number and sizes of lots to fit within purchased parameters
    • NPC features & buildings
  • Player Lots within the scene are locked with keys that the owner uses to allow others to occupy.
  • Controls will be in place to evict occupancy of a lot.
  • Players still have to have a lot deed and a house deed to use the unlocked lot.
  • There will be a way to achieve a Player Town in the game, but fees will apply.

Stretch Goal Store

A new concept which allows players to “vote with their money” for various features they want.

  • Players contribute funds toward a stretch goal, and still receive in-game goods even if the goal is not met.
  • Created to help focus the design team’s goals and yet players get something in return.
  • Each goal will have a progress bar for tracking.
  • These stretch goals will be completed only AFTER all other Kickstarter goals are reached.
  • Stretch goal purchases cannot be melted down for other purchases.
  • Add on store credit cannot be applied to stretch goal purchases.
  • Items being added tot he Stretch Goal Store
    • Non-combat horse mounts
    • Playable Elf Race
    • Pack Animals
    • Non-combat boats (players can fight on boats, but boats do not take on damage)
    • Flexible Structure Placement (players can use multiple structures on a single lot)

Getting Your Homestead

There is even more discussed in another of Starr’s posts about Lot Selection when the game is ready to go public. This post includes specifics about who goes first for claiming land based on tier, founder vs. benefactor, possible web-based solution (for those who cannot log on from work) and other creative avenues which all depend on funding. Right now, there is still some heated discussion about this in the forums as well as the private Dev+ forums, so nothing is finalized in stone – yet. Here are the major points…

  • Tier Order will start from the most expensive tiers, working backward, so Lords and Lord Marshals get to go first.
  • Within each tier, the Royal Founders will go first, then Founders (Benefactors who received Founder gifts), then finally Benefactors.
  • Within each group: the higher the dollar amount, the more time will be given for selection.

You can read the entire post here where a whole lot of conversation happening over on the SotA forums. If you’d like to discuss there, or on our own forums, make sure to have your voice heard!

Shroud of the Avatar – One Year Retrospective


featured-holychicken-15dec13Shroud of the Avatar recently celebrated its 1st anniversary on 7th April. The date marked the passing of one year since the successful funding of the Kickstarter project on April 7th 2013. It seems like such a short time ago yet there is even less time now until the game’s official launch at the end of 2014.

Richard Garriott and the Portalarium development team have already grown a strong and passionate community around the game, which Stratics is proud to be a part of. The ‘Pre-Alpha’ releases have demonstrated both the quality and speed of the game’s development in addition to the ethos of not just taking the community on the development journey but making them part of it.

So I thought the occasion called for reflection on some of the key milestones and events of the first year.

April 2013

7th – Kickstarter funded at $1,919,275 of $1,000,000 goal.

12th – Space Bards announced as the winners of the SotA Fan Video Contest.

28th – Portalarium development team move into new office space.


May 2013

1st – Beloved community member and recent addition to the Portalarium team ‘Rustic Dragon’ hosts the ‘Inaugural Dragonsmeet‘ for community members to come together.

June 2013

July 2013

5th – Starr Long joins the team, collaborating with Richard Garriott for the first time on a fantasy RPG since Ultima Online.


6th – 3 month gameplay demo revealed at RTX 2013.

25th – First downloadable ‘Dev+ Dungeon Kit’ released for community members to create their own content in Unity. Unity if the game engine SotA is built on.

August 2013

24th –  Hearth of Brittania host ‘Telethon of the Avatar‘ a 24 hour web stream with guest interviews, community spots and prizes to raise money for SotA.

September 2013

3rd – Stratics are honoured to receive our very own ‘Community Spotlight‘.

18th –  ‘Challenge of the Avatar‘ competition announced with over $10,000 of prizes for the best community developed scene in Unity.

October 2013


5th – First ‘Lord of the Manor event‘ held at Britannia Manor in New York City.

31st – SotA 6 month video released with an early look at the game and developer commentary.

November 2013

15th – Unity Scene Jam ‘Challenge of the Avatar’ grand prize winner announced.

16th – ‘Lords of the Hearth‘ community event hosted by Rustic Dragon.

~21st – A series of long awaited Spoony interviews with Lord British.


27th – First instalment of ‘Blade of the Avatar‘ by Tracy Hickman and Richard Garriott published.

December 2013


12th – Pre-Alpha Release 1 opens to SotA backers with the first opportunity for players to login to the game.

25th – Happy holidays from the Portalarium team and festive in-game swag available on the SotA store.

January 2014

24th – Release 2 opens adding new in game features including crafting, additional character customisation and a second town.

February 2014

14th – Hearth of Britannia ‘Poetry Slam‘ event for the community to share game inspired poetry for Valentines Day.


20th – Release 3 launches bringing with it the first SotA multiplayer experience.

March 2014


20th – Release 4 launches with the Overworld Map System, new scenes, content and many more new features and performance optimisations.

April 2014

7th – 1 year anniversary and celebrations.

In summary 2014 was a jam packed year in which it is clear the Portalarium team and Richard Garriott, who many invested both their hopes and money in, have worked hard to deliver the game we have all been waiting for so long. I look forward to the year ahead and the Journey Onward.

Please share with us your favourite moments from the first year, leave a comment here or head on over to our SotA Stratics forum.

Stuck In A Bar (and Other Stories)



For the first multiplayer test of Portalarium’s Shroud of the Avatar (SotA), some of the Stratics team did some live streaming.  You can watch and listen to our adventures by going to the Stratics’ Twitch Channel (just look for the past broadcasts).  I am going to give a short overview of my two days spent enjoying and exploring SotA Pre-Alpha Release 3 and seeing  real people for the first time!

I arrived in New Britannia for with my cohort Kirthag also from Stratics (and inconsequentially my boss).  Kirthag immediately whisked me off to do some crafting, something I hadn’t really worked on during the earlier Pre-alpha tests.  It was interesting and overwhelming to see how detailed the crafting system already is.  I think it’s going to be fun and probably the way I earn my way in the world. To start off, I made some bolts of cloth and sold them to earn my first few coins!


Kirthag is very adventurous and she showed me some cool things she had already discovered, including the new village of Braemar that just opened with this release.  We even had the opportunity to experience a bug in which the doors of the bar and other buildings in Braemar shut (they had been fixed open and unclickable) and locked people in or out of the buildings. Apparently Kirthag was one of the few who could go in and out of the buildings and she had fun laughing at me being stuck in the bar.  Note that there are a lot of fun emotes in the game already and we’re vying for more!  The door bug was promptly fixed and we ventured on.



One of my highlights was shortly before we ended our first day of R3: I had the honor of meeting Lord British!  He was hanging out in Owl’s Head and stopped to chat for a bit.  A small crowd grew and lots of comments were made to him, mostly good.  A few people tried to engage him in some of the hot topics from the forums but I think he was mostly just wanting to visit with the citizens of the world he and his amazing team are creating. For me, it was an honor to be seen on screen with the man who made all this possible!



Two days later, we ventured into the world again. We were joined by another lady of Stratics: Luka. This time, we people-watched more than anything else.  We enjoyed seeing folks discover the world, look for bugs, figure out ways to make gold quickly, answered some questions, gave directions.

Then we had an amazing experience near the graveyard outside of Braemar.  You can watch the recording of the live stream here of that very special moment with Holt Ironfell who is writing some of the music that will be used in Shroud of the Avatar.  I anticipate more of these type of adventures of an unexpected nature.  Take a REAL close look at the wisps.  Kirthag noticed something inside them. What do you see? (Click the image for full version.)


There have been lots of articles written about problems in the game (hey – it’s still PRE-alpha!).  I see no real need to go on about that. One pet peeve of mine is that while walking, my character looks like she is swaggering like a guy.  I hope they change that animation so I am walking more like a female.  Overall, I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing. And we are still NINE MONTHS away from launch!

As I experienced my time in this third Pre-alpha test run, I spent a lot of time just watching people.  I looked at the names that people gave their characters.  I looked at the detail some people gave to their clothing (what’s with the “Red Dress Brigade” with the guys???).  I realized that each person’s experience is just that: it is what you want it to be.  Some people want to role play and immerse themselves in the experience. They put thought and much time into creating their character to look how they want him/her to.  They have meaning behind their names. I could write a two paragraph explanation on how I came to my current preferred character name.  Other people choose default characters and throw a name on there get in the game as fast as they can to see what there is to do.

Shroud of the Avatar supports all kinds of players and what they want to get out of a game. All play styles are welcome.  I personally am excited to meet role players from around the world and experience the wonder of New Britannia.


For me, the third Pre-alpha was a huge success.  Yes there were some lag problems.  With my 7-year-old machine, that’s not a huge surprise.  I had a couple of crashes but I’ve had MUCH worse from games that have been released and my computer was well within the system requirements.  The graphics are already quite beautiful. The music is amazing.  The game promises to be very immersive and never lacking in things to do. We could have played for weeks and that’s only three towns with no quests!  The next Pre-alpha test will be March 27-30.  See you in New Britannia!

PvP & Combat Announcements


sotaCombat_01mar14In the latest update from Shroud of the Avatar‘s Executive Producer, Starr Long, the much anticipated topics of PvP (Player versus Player) and Combat came up. As we all know, there is a lot of guessing and conjecture throughout forums far and wide about what is being planned for SotA’s systems, especially PvP and Combat! Will this game revolutionize active combat between players, or will it flounder and flail about as a copy-cat of others?


Ultima Online‘s combative systems surprised the world (and very much the developers – many of whom are working on this title!) as players performed actions in ways never dreamed of by the devs. It also taught many lessons in ethics, trolling, balancing, skill development, code development, policing and more. Many are the heated threads in the official SotA forums – some (if not most) only available to those of the Developer Pledge level or higher. Long gives a few hints as to the direction being taken by the SotA team…

“Our goal with PVP is to balance the thrill of unpredictable encounters with the desire by a large segment of the community to feel ‘safe’ at all times.” A lofty goal which stirs the imagination to possibilities – but is it attainable with an open world free-for-all? “Rest assured,” Long continues, “that no matter what we do, players who wish to avoid PVP will never be forced to participate in PVP nor will there ever be non-consensual PVP.”

SotA’s Executive Producer continues to describe some of the player combat situations many gamers are familiar with – segregated maps/worlds as well as the previously mentioned open-combat format – then he offers up that the SotA team believes they can blend these extremes! This is an interesting concept, and one that this writer is positive the team is keeping close to the hilt with discussion and proposals for this in the private Dev+ section of their forum. If you would like to participate in this conversation, you must pledge up. If you haven’t already linked your Kickstarter Account to your SotA Account – perhaps you should now?


Also mentioned is a sort of race/monster combination, “Combat-Ready-Elves”. These creatures have been added to the “monsters” list to serve as combat targets in upcoming releases. Each type of elf will have different ways of fighting, making for what could be some very interesting PvE (Player versus Environment) action. One thing that raises a brow, is what will this do for those who role play elvish races? We are not attempting to be LotR (Lord of the Rings) or even Elfquest, but there are many people who have built very dynamic characters on the “elder races” and are indeed not too happy with SotA’s team relegating them to “mobs”. Some questions that have been whispered…

  1. What exactly is this elvish race?
  2. Does this mean the canon from the Ultima series be followed (that man created the magical races)?
  3. Will the ability for players to establish “friendly elvish races” be allowed? What of elvish towns?
  4. Will players actually get to create elvish-styled characters (Player Character Races)?

There is a lot of questions being flung about, but also just as many ideas, too. Want to participate in the conversation? Choose your forum of choice below, and contribute! To participate in the official PvP threads at SotA (along with branistorming with the developers and dev-community) you must be pledged up to the Developer level at minimum. Otherwise, everything else is pure guessing.


[FLASH] Alienware Arena Gives $20 Pledge Upgrades!


That’s right! In an unprecedented move, the “Gamers’ Hardware Provider” is giving away $20.00 (USD) Pledge Upgrades for Shroud of the Avatar! All you have to do is visit the Alienware Arena site and follow the instructions on this page (clicky)! Use this gift to boost your current pledge, save $20 on a new pledge, or pass the word on to your friends who are on the fence about becoming a New Britannian. This Pledge Upgrade can only be applied once per account and does not apply to anything in the SotA Add-On Store. This is strictly for Pledges - this might even boost you up to the next level (for even greater benefits).


While you are at the Alienware Arena site, how about joining the Shroud of the Avatar Group there and help generate more buzz? This will raise awareness while providing more awesome content to the entire Alienware Arena community – which will draw more people to our own community! Spread the word, share the joy, and help to make this one of the most adventurous games in the industry!

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