Gw2Skills.Net is online again – in three languages now is back again fully available in three languages.  English, German and Russia are the current l;anguages being supported on their website. This is a great site that can be used to help with builds in Guild Wars 2. I know many that love this site and if you have not seen this yet please check them out.



Glad to see them back and updated. Many around the world will be definitely as happy as I am.




A Thank You video from the RP community to ArenaNet by AriaSilverfyre

Reddit poster Puny_Pillow just posted a youtube video from the RP community thanking ArenaNet for GW2.  It’s great to see RP alive and excited for GW2. There is so much to do in GW2 and I can even tell how the little things are integrated into the game for RP’s.



Please enjoy the video and please support Puny_Pillow  and  by going to Reddit and giving him some upvotes.


[Guild Wars 2] Thank you ArenaNet!!

[youtube id=”4hzGRW6yB9w” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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ArenaNet has done such an amazing job on building this game and focusing on the community. They’ve listened to the feedback and paid attention. We, the community, have decided to give our thanks for all the love we’ve received.

Guild Wars 2 Girls Gaming Community

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Transmutation

It’s nice to see the women in GW2 forming groups just for women. I feel that women should be more united together in a gaming community. Truly I have played with many amazing women in many MMO’s and they always bring a unique style to the game. Looks like girl power ( I don’t know why but for some reason this reminds me of Spice Girls) is still alive and well in the GW2 community. :)



GW2 Stratics wishes Guild Wars 2 Girls   gaming community the best of luck in GW2.



Guild Wars 2 Girls has a facebook page so go check them out. Seems they are growing and doing very well.


Guild Wars 2 Girls main web site




Hi, welcome to Guild Wars 2 Girls!
We are offering you the opportunity to join a community where girls can find other girls to hang out with and share their love for playing Guild Wars 2. In the gaming scene girls are way underrepresented, and often you might wonder what it would be like to play with other girls. A girls night out is different then one where there are guys present. People act and talk differently, and especially in the gaming world there are a lot of girls who would like to hang out with other girls. Another reason for this community is that we want to promote playing games among girls.
We think that this awesome game needs more girls (even though there are more girls who play GW than you’d think!), and we think that having a girls-only community might encourage even more girls to play.
So, no boys allowed? Well, if you’re a guy, and you don’t mind all this, then feel welcome to come and rant with us on these forums. You can access most of it. There is, however, a girls-only section that you cannot access.
Before you get started, we’d like it if you could tell us something about yourself in the introduction section. Feel free to post whatever you like, but please remember our guidelines (you can find these in the topic below). This way this website will be a welcoming place to all Guild Wars 2 girls.
Once the game is released, there will also be a Guild Wars 2 Girls guild. More details about this will be coming up soon. The forums will have a separate sub forum which only guild members can access, so that we can still be one community but have some private guild-space as well when necessary.
- The Guild Wars 2 Girls Team


“Love is in the Air” Event and Sale

Combat Arms is currently hosting a Valentine’s Day themed event and sale–Love is in the Air. This event focuses on gift giving with every gift purchase of MYST-Kilo cases, GP-Hazard cases, or Weapon Renewal Kits giving a free copy of the gift to the giver as well. Also, there will be prizes for the players who give the most gifts:

  • 20 accounts with the highest NX Gifting totals will receive a Permanent Cpt. Souza!
  • Ten accounts that gift an NX item during this time period will be chosen at random to receive a 90 day Cpt. Souza.
  • 100 accounts that gift an NX item during this time period will receive a 30 day Cpt. Souza.

During this time there is also a 20% off sale on all permanent NX weapons, with several being discounted 33%. The sale weapons are as follows:

  • FR F2 (33% off!)
  • M416 CQB
  • G36E Valkyrie
  • L85A1 MOD
  • F2000 Tactical
  • M21E
  • MG36
  • Desert Eagle SE
  • M4 Super 90
  • DSR-1 Subsonic (33% off!)
  • L96A1 Arctic Wolf
  • M107CQ SE
  • M-200 Ghillie
  • TPG-1 Pro
  • MP7 MOD