Operation: Shamrock Update

In the new update, Operation: Shamrock, Combat Arms has released an armload of new weapon, crates, and much more. The MYST-Lima case has retired, and the new MYST-Mike case holds a very special weapon: The Golden Gun. See more information about the Golden Gun here. Also in the MYST-Mike case, there will be two more NX-Epic weapons,  Baron’s Revised M416 CQB, and Zadan’s L85A1 MOD. See more about the Baron’s Revised M416 CQB, and Zadan’s L85A1 MOD here and here, respectively.

Also in the update, the 5-shot has returned! By logging in everyday, you will receive one 5-shot case, and a Leprechaun hat and beard. Complete daily jobs for even more 5-shot cases. The event will only last for 6 days, starting from March 15-21, 2012

The Gewehr 43, a new forgeable gun, has been released. Forge this wepaon by giving seven FH – Replica Pallets and the G36E to Bubba in the Gun Emporium. Click here for more information.

Speaking of guns, Combat Arms has also released a new GP sniper rifle, the VSS. It’s main point is it’s very high portability. Click here for more information.


Operation: Shamrock

Operation: Shamrock

“Love is in the Air” Event and Sale

Combat Arms is currently hosting a Valentine’s Day themed event and sale–Love is in the Air. This event focuses on gift giving with every gift purchase of MYST-Kilo cases, GP-Hazard cases, or Weapon Renewal Kits giving a free copy of the gift to the giver as well. Also, there will be prizes for the players who give the most gifts:

  • 20 accounts with the highest NX Gifting totals will receive a Permanent Cpt. Souza!
  • Ten accounts that gift an NX item during this time period will be chosen at random to receive a 90 day Cpt. Souza.
  • 100 accounts that gift an NX item during this time period will receive a 30 day Cpt. Souza.

During this time there is also a 20% off sale on all permanent NX weapons, with several being discounted 33%. The sale weapons are as follows:

  • FR F2 (33% off!)
  • M416 CQB
  • G36E Valkyrie
  • L85A1 MOD
  • F2000 Tactical
  • M21E
  • MG36
  • Desert Eagle SE
  • M4 Super 90
  • DSR-1 Subsonic (33% off!)
  • L96A1 Arctic Wolf
  • M107CQ SE
  • M-200 Ghillie
  • TPG-1 Pro
  • MP7 MOD