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If you have been stumped or need a little guide to help you with the Captains Council Commendations then Dulfy.net has one just for you.  They put together a very well informative guide and posters have been adding more information and tips if needed. Great guide and all the credit goes to Dulfy.net and their wonderful gaming community. Communities like this is what makes the Guild Wars 2 community really shine in an online world of MMO’s.




Thank you Dulfy.net for having this guide up for all the GW2 players around the world to view and see.


GW2 Captain’s Council Commendations guide        

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by dulfy

GW2 Captain’s Council Commendations guide on their acquisition and usage. Captain’s Council Commendations are a new currency introduced with the Lost Shores update that can be used to purchase Lionguard weapons, salvage kits and gathering tools.

Getting Captain’s Council Commendations

You need to make donations to receive Captain’s Council Commendations. Go to Miyani right by the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch and purchase a donation packaging for 1 silver and 4 copper


Now, you can throw 3 items + donation packaging into the mystic forge to get Captain’s Council Commendations.

Here is a list of the known recipes

Stuff going in Commendations
10x Food/tuning crystal + 10x Food/tuning crystal   + 10x Food/tuning crystal  (if food <L60) 1
10x Food/tuning crystal  + 10x Food/tuning crystal  + 10x Food/tuning crystal  (if food = L60ish) 2
10x Food/tuning crystal + 10x Food/tuning crystal  + 10x Food/tuning crystal  (if food L70+) 3
5 bronze ingots + 5 iron ingots + 5 steel ingots 2
5 copper ingots + 5 silver ingots + 5 gold ingots = 2 CCCs 2
5 green wood planks + 5 soft wood planks + 5 seasoned wood planks 2
5 hard wood planks + 5 elder wood planks + 5 ancient wood planks 5
5 platinum ingots + 5 mithril ingots + 5 orichalcum ingots 13
3 L70-80 basic weapons/armor 3
3 L60-70 fine weapons/armor 7
3 L70-80 fine weapons/armor 8
3 L40 masterwork weapon/armor 8
3 L70-80 masterwork weapons/armor 12
3 L35-39 rare weapons/armor 15-17
3 L40-49 rare weapons/armor 17-30
3 L50-54 rare weapons/armor 30
3 L55-59 rare weapons/armor 40
3 L60-64 rare weapons/armor 50
3 L65-69 rare weapons/armor 70
3 L75-80 rare weapons/armor/armor 140
3 L70-74 exotic weapons/armor 550
3 L75-80 exotic weapons /armor 600
3 L75-80 rare trinkets 300
3 L80 exotic trinket (i.e. Candy Corn Orichalcum Amulets) 2000

Stuff to purchase with Captain’s Council Commendations

Talk to Lionguard Lyns at the Grand Piazza where the Lion statue used to be. You will need to have some commendations first to unlock the vendor.


Black Lion Key – 285 Commendations

Harvesting Tools

Items Commendation Cost
Sturdy Cooper Tools (250 uses) 4 for sickle, 2 for axe and pick
Sturdy Iron Tools (250 uses) 9 for sickle, 5 for axe and pick
Study Steel Tools (250 uses) 15 for sickle, 7 for axe and pick
Sturdy Darksteel Tools (250 uses) 20 for sickle, 10 for axe and pick
Sturdy Mithril Tools (250 uses) 27 for sickle, 13 for axe and pick
Sturdy Orichalcum Tools (250 uses) 67 for sickle, 33 for axe and pick

Salvage kits

Items Commendation Cost
Crude Salvage Kit (15 uses) 1
Disembler 3BEK Kit (250 uses, 10% for rare, 20% to recover upgrades) 25

Lionguard weapons

(L40 ones have Power and Condition damage while the higher level ones have Power, Precision and Condition damage). All of them have sigils of Karka Slaying (10% damage vs Karka for the superior sigil)

Note that these weapons are not unique! Their models can be purchased for 9.8k karma each from the Lionguard cultural vendor just north of the WvW portals in Lion’s Arch

Items Commendation Cost
L40 rares 25
L60 rares 40
L80 rares 80
L80 exotics 1300

Tips and tricks from readers

Here are some tips and tricks shared by readers on dulfy.net that you may find interesting. Feel free to add : )!

  • Rare/exotic armor is generally less expensive on the TP than weaps, so it might be a good way to pick up some extra commendations. Level 70-75 exotics are generally less expensive than 80′s, and give almost as much back in commendations.. Nutshell is that, if you’re going to spend the coin to get commendations through donating, consider buying cheap lvl 70 exotics to donate in order to get a greater return. (grape_crush)
  • You can also buy armor/weapons (but let’s use armor, it’s cheaper) from dungeon token vendors and use them to make commendations.Tip: If vendor offers rare level 80 armor, then you get 1.1 commendation for each token spent if it’s exotic armor, and 1.5 per token spent if it’s rare armor (Jaggens)
  • If you are a Level 400 Jeweler or know someone who is you can create Candy Corn Orichalcum Amulets which only require 3 Exquisite Opal Jewels instead of 5 (instead it uses +150 Candy Corn). It’s the cheapest Level 80 exotic trinket.(Gahro on reddit)

Guild Wars 2: How To Get To the Bakestone Caverns In The Lost Isles by TechGamerIsHere


On the Lost Shore events many GW2 players were puzzled how to get into the Bakestone Caverns. So if you haven’t found your way yet then here is a video  by





Published on Nov 18, 2012 by

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Leah Rivera on the New Fractals of the Mist Dungeon


Leah Rivera on the New Fractals of the Mist Dungeon

by Leah Rivera on November 14, 2012

My team has a mission.

A mission to bring all of you an awesome, high-end dungeon experience that will be challenging, rewarding, and a ton of fun! After a lot of long hours and hard work, I think we’ve accomplished that goal. I’m proud to introduce to you our new dungeon: Fractals of the Mists!



This dungeon is unlike anything you’ve played in Guild Wars 2. It’s built of an array of mini-dungeons, which we call fractals. These fractals are slices of the Mists, fragments of time that have been stabilized by the intrepid asura researcher Dessa. Some of these vignettes from history may be familiar to original Guild Wars players, while others will represent previously unseen events. Because of their eclectic origin, each fractal is built as a distinct, separate experience with themes, mechanics, and art specific to that fractal.

You access the Fractals of the Mist by gathering your party of five in Lion’s Arch and entering a new asura gate (seen below).

Unlike the other dungeons, your party can be any level. We’ve employed World vs. World-style sidekicking to make this dungeon accessible to all players. But keep in mind, our aim was to challenge level 80 players. Going in at low levels is not for the faint of heart!

Once you enter the portal you’ll be taken to the Mistlock Observatory, a safe haven created by Dessa within the Mists. From there you’ll start your first round of fractals. You’ll be sent to three randomly chosen destinations and once you’ve vanquished all three of these fractals, you’ll be brought back to the Mistlock Observatory hub to rest and regroup. On top of that, every other round before you return to the hub you’ll be faced with a bonus “boss fractal.” Here, you will face an encounter akin to our big world bosses!

Seems simple, right? Well, there’s one last mechanic that makes this dungeon unique.

To make Fractals of the Mist even more challenging, every time you re-visit the hub, the dungeon scales up in difficulty. That’s right, a scaling dungeon! The dungeon will remember your progress, and will poll the party’s levels when you enter, scaling the dungeon to the highest common attained level. It’s a true challenge, but as you hit higher and higher scales, the dungeon will get more and more rewarding. You’ll have to have some serious skills and solid tactics to make it through these Fractals. After a certain point, our new Ascended items and Infusions become crucial tools for survival. To learn more about this new type of high-level gear, check out this post from designer Linsey Murdock.

We can’t wait to see you in the Mists!

Ascended gear: or how I learned to stop worrying and love ArenaNet by ajpearman9


Reddit poster ajpearman9 posted a nice and well thought out post on Ascended gear. This may help other players understand a little more about the new addition of gear with the Lost Shores event this coming weekend Nov 16-18. Many players were shocked and angered because they thought that the new Ascended gear was going to ruin exotic gear. This is definitely not the case as we can see as more information opens up.


Linsey Murdock stated on guildwars2.com on the topic “Linsey Murdock Unveils New High End Ascended Gear


” In November we’ll unveil the first Ascended items. This new rarity type falls between Exotic and Legendary on the spectrum of rarity and has slightly higher stats than Exotics”


Another Redit poster omlech  had responded to ajpearman9  post  and I agree with this comment.



“Another thing people seem to be forgetting or simply not noticing is that Ascendant gear takes away your ability to use gems/runes/sigils in place of Infusion which will be a requirement to do later levels of the Fractals. So think of it like this:

Ascendant = your gear in Fractals

Exotics = your gear everywhere else

They created a new tier so it didn’t screw up the Exotic tier and allowed them to create a new gameplay mode. Your current Exotics go untouched and there’s a new tier built specifically for a new gameplay mode which allows them to introduce new mechanics.”


Time will tell but I feel that ajpearman9  may be on the right track with his assessment. GW2 Stratics would like to thank Reddit and ajpearman9 for having this post up for many to discuss and weigh their opinions on. Guild wars 2 players around the world love their game and are very passionate about it and this topic may go on for a very long time until the dust settles. If you want to join in the discussion then stop by here at Reddit and give your views of what you feel Ascended gear.




Ascended gear: or how I learned to stop worrying and love ArenaNet. (self.Guildwars2)


submitted ago by ajpearman9Muffintasm – Outrun Me Bro [Run] – SoS


edit 3: My Conclusion After a good few hours of chatting with people here and addressing concerns and issues, I’ve come to my conclusion. Ascended gear will be okay if ArenaNet either makes it as hard to get as legendaries, or the same as exotics, and does not ever introduce another (greater) level of rarity. In addition, Ascended gear needs to be a trade-off when going from Exotics <-> Ascended. You gain infusions for specific encounters at high levels of Fractals, but lose the options of sigils/runes/gems appreciated in other gameplay modes. This is similar to the sigils for +damage against mob types (that basically no one uses despite being amazing).

For the new condition known as Agony, it is there because they want some obvious and clear way for players to know they are reaching the greater levels of dungeon difficulty. This condition must be dealt with in interesting ways and cannot be a plain “you lose health after a while unless you have so much resistance.” That route is not fun, appreciated, or enjoyed by players that were there for WoW’s fire resist and LotRO’s radiance. I guess some may like the idea, but resistances only take away from the idea that player skill > stats and create gates preventing skilled players from enjoying the highest PvE levels of content. This is why I hope infusions are merely a way to specialize and not something that creates a massive gap between grinders and casual players of equal skill.

If any lessons from the current dungeons should be learned, we need more boss fights like Arah’s Giganticus Lupicus, Simin/Dwayna, SE’s Iron Forgeman, Jormag’s Tooth, and more cool puzzles/mechanics like Arah’s orb doors and minefields.

In conclusion, I think the dungeon team is trying to create diversity and interesting boss fights/mechanics, but lacks the ability or time to make encounters based around learning and mastering skillful gameplay and skill/trait specialization. Hopefully they know this and the new Agony mechanic will be overshadowed by the 9 fractals being truly interesting, challenging, and most importantly, fun.

Original Post:

First, let me explain Fractal of the Mists, the new dungeon that is the conduit through which these new items are being introduced. Herein lies some key points that people seem to be missing. Not to mention some amazing-sounding additions to the already massive number of explorable mode dungeons we have.

“The Fractals of the Mists is made up of nine mini-dungeons, each with its own story and environment. A party of five will enter the dungeon and be faced with a random set of three of these dungeons at a time. “Upon completing those three, the party will be transported to a hub to rest, repair, and merch — and the difficulty scale for the dungeon will be raised. Every time the difficulty scale is at an even number, players will face a special boss encounter.” -Massively

  • CONCLUSION: This addresses the concerns of so-called “gated content.” I played WoW for over 4 years, I know how gated content looks and feels, and because of WoW’s system, I never got to fully experience the game I paid $15/month for. Fractal of the Mists is a never-ending, increasingly harder dungeon experience, but the scaling of difficulty will not prevent casual players from seeing all 9 fractals, There may be a couple boss fights that only the most hardcore players see, but I sincerely doubt ArenaNet has created such a large number of different bosses.

“Players will be able to acquire Ascended Rings in the Fractals of the Mists dungeon, and Ascended items worn on the back can be acquired through special Mystic Forge recipes.” -Linsey Murdock

  • CONCLUSION: Only back pieces and rings will be added with FotM. This makes the 8% increase in stats from Ascended gear (5 more power / 63 power in exotics = 7.937% increase) minuscule when you take into account your total stats. If someone can do the complete math equation, it would be much appreciated.

“As we release more new end game content in the future, you’ll see more Infusions and Ascended item types being added to the game. Eventually, you’ll be able to kit yourself out with a full set of Ascended gear and high end Infusions to help give you the edge in end game content.” -Linsey Murdock

  • CONCLUSION: Ascended is the new best-in-slot gear (see edit), but as I stated earlier, only back and ring slots will be filled by FotM. Because she states that new Ascended gear pieces for different slots will be introduced with newer dungeons, we can assume that Ascended gear is the only tier that will ever be added to the game (yes this has not been said yet, but I trust ANet to not take this any further).

Once again, we are really making a big deal out of nothing. The new Ascended gear is focused towards competitive PvE-focused players. It gives not only a very tiny statistical increase, but the infusion slots that are included are focused at conditions and monsters that only occur in specific new dungeon types. Once again, people are getting upset because we’re seeing a new item type that is slightly better than exotic, but in the grand scheme of things, the “better” is probably less than a 1% increase per dungeon release.

Just like legendary items (which will gain Ascended-level stats when they release Ascended weapons), Ascended items are items of prestige. They are meant to give the most hardcore players a good and challenging goal to work towards, while not breaking the game or seriously gating content in any way.

People say that this is a step towards WoW in progression, and that’s just utter bullshit. This is ArenaNet introducing a perfect solution to catering to casual and hardcore players, without creating any sort of rift between those two player types.

edit: Omlech pointed out that this new Ascended gear lacks slots for players to choose runes, gems, and sigils (when weapons come out). This means that despite Ascended gear having slightly higher stats, they’re less open to customization and are likely to not even replace exotics in many scenarios. I imagine this is why they are introducing the rings and back slot first, because it will not take away runes/sigils from people. And god knows most people don’t have any sort of decent back piece.

Edit 2: people seem to think they will add tiers past Ascended. This does not seem to be the case. Linsey says they’ll be adding bits and pieces of Ascended gear with each new dungeon. In a few months adding Ascended pieces will be no different than adding exotics to the current state. Ascended pieces are just focused towards this new competitive PvE mode. It’s all about the fact that they don’t feel they can do what they want to with the current exotics. So instead of confusing the hell out of people who already know what Exotics are, they’re creating a new type of gear (of essentially no greater benefit outside of FotM) to meet their needs.




The Sea of Sorrows: The Lost Shores Event Page


The Lost Shores Event page has been updated today by ArenaNet. They even have a nice surprise teaser video. I know I can’t wait for this event and many players around the world have as much anticipation. After the Halloween event ran really smooth and many players enjoyed it, The Lost Shores will probabaly give that same level of fun and enjoyment.







The Lost Shores

November 2012

Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows…

Unravel a mystery of monstrous proportions in The Lost Shores, a massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!

November 2012 Release Highlights

Big changes are coming to Tyria in November. From the historic Lost Shores event on November 16-18 to the endlessly entertaining Fractals of the Mists dungeon and a brand new PvP map, after this month, Tyria will never be the same!

Lost Shores Weekend Event Nov 16-18

Begins November 16 at 12:00 PM Noon (9:00 PM CET)

A spectacular one-time world event! Unravel a mystery of epic proportions in The Lost Shores, a storyline that begins at 12:00 PM Noon (9:00 PM CET) on November 16. Join a fight against a formidable new threat that culminates in a once-in-a-lifetime, thrilling conclusion on November 18. Face a brand-new species, earn unique rewards, gather new crafting resources, learn new recipes, and much more! Lost Shores will change the face of Tyria—don’t miss it! Learn More


Free Trial Weekend Nov 15-18

If you’re an existing Guild Wars 2 player, you’ll have the chance to invite three friends to experience the world of Tyria during our special Free Trial that begins at 9:00 AM Pacific (6:00 PM CET) on November 15. Your guest will receive an invitation with a unique serial code that will allow them to play for free just in time for our epic Lost Shores world event. Supplies of trial keys are limited, so get your invites out early!

New Dungeon! Enter the Fractals of the Mists

Introducing a dungeon experience like no other—Fractals of the Mists! You’ll be pitted against a series of unique “fractal” mini-dungeons that get harder and harder as you progress, giving you unlimited levels of challenge! With great risk comes great reward, including new weapon sets, a back-slot item, new Ascended loot, and much more!

New Beta PvP Map: Temple of the Silent Storm

This brand new PvP map, set on a kodan iceberg, has a distinctive look and a more vertical layout than previous dungeons. Since this is a beta version of the Temple of the Silent Storm map, we need input from players like you before we introduce it permanently into the game’s PvP map rotation.


New Lost Shores Items from the Black Lion Trading Company

The Gem Store will be well stocked in November! Unique minis and brand-new weapon skins made just for the Lost Shores weekend event are just some of what the Black Lion Trading Company has in store.

New Ascended Gear & Infusions

Introducing Ascended items, artifacts of great power that can be improved by a special new type of upgrade called Infusions, which can be found in dungeons. Look for more information about Ascended gear soon!

Lost Shores Weekend Event

This one-time world event takes place from November 16 -18, with new content each day:

November 16 Begins at 12:00 PM PST (9:00 PM CET)

They came from beneath the waves—the karka, a monstrous new species bent on destruction!

Defend Lion’s Arch

All hands on deck! Protect the city of Lion’s Arch against strange invaders from the sea in a desperate battle for survival. Race against time to help the Lionguard uncover the mystery of these formidable new creatures!

November 17 Begins at 12:00 PM PST (9:00 PM CET)

The karka must be stopped at all costs, and the Lionguard needs your help to defeat this threat!

Retake Lion’s Arch

The nigh-invulnerable karka pose a threat to every living thing on the Tyrian coast!  Join the fight and help drive the karka invasion from Lion’s Arch.

Discover a Brand New Map

Enter the lair of the karka—a lost island at the edge of the Sea of Sorrows. Introducing Southsun Cove, a completely new map full of wonder, danger, and exciting events! The counter-attack against the karka begins today!

November 18 Begins at 12:00 PM PST (9:00 PM CET)

Be part of Tyrian history—join the final battle against the Ancient Karka!

An Epic One-Time Event

This is it: the final battle against the fierce Ancient Karka on the brand-new Southsun Cove map. Only the combined might of the heroes of Tyria has any hope against a creature this powerful, which means we need you!  This once-in-a-lifetime event takes place only on November 18—don’t miss it.

Lost Shores Event Guide

Need help with the Lost Shores Event? Check out the full event guide on the Guild Wars 2 Wiki.



MMORPG Guild Wars 2 Previews: A Peek into the November Update by Michael Bitton

MMORPG’s Michael Bitton  has a Preview of the new Guild wars 2 event of the Lost Shores. Great article and a must read.




Guild Wars 2 Previews: A Peek into the November Update

ArenaNet is looking to add a considerable amount of content to Guild Wars 2 in the game’s upcoming November update and we’ve got a sneak peek at what players can expect to find. Read on for details!

By Michael Bitton on November 12, 2012

Hot on the heels of the October update and the ‘Mad King’ Halloween event, Guild Wars 2 is set to expand again. We recently had a chance to chat with the folks over at ArenaNet about the upcoming November content update, including the fast approaching ‘Lost Shores’ weekend event, new PvP map, and new dungeon.


Temple of the Silent Storm PvP Map

The ‘Temple of the Silent Storm’ is a new sPVP map coming to Guild Wars 2 with the November content update. The map takes place on and inside a massive iceberg, which features a large temple that serves as a place of meditation and training dojo for Guild Wars 2’s armored polar bear race, the Koden. ArenaNet is emphasizing a sense of verticality with this map and just like all of the Guild Wars 2 PvP maps, the ‘Temple of the Silent Storm’ will feature conquest gameplay with a twist.

The twist is in the series of buffs that will be strewn throughout the map. Players can meditate at certain areas to acquire buffs that confer bonus points for a variety of activities, ranging from killing other players to capturing objectives. However, the buff that is likely to be contested the most is one that will reset all the capture points throughout the map.

Lost Shores Weekend Event

The ‘Lost Shores’ weekend event will be a one-off event in Guild Wars 2 that will run between Friday, November 16 through Sunday, November 18.  ArenaNet describes the theme of the event as being a “monster movie, invasion type thing” that will focus on the lore of Lion’s Arch. During the event, Lion’s Arch will be invaded by a new enemy group called the ‘Karka’.  We’re told the Karka will be quite challenging for Guild Wars 2 players and will even feature a number of new mechanics for players to overcome in order to emphasize this. Visually, the Karka will feature a heavily armored shell of sorts that players will have to penetrate. ArenaNet has even worked on a new shader technology that allows players to actually see pieces of the armor fall off of the Karka as they wear it down.

That all comes later, though. Initially, players will be unable to penetrate the Karka’s armor and it’s this roadblock that will kick off a series of events taking players throughout the world as they learn about the Karka’s origins and research a means to get through theseemingly impenetrable armor. In the process, players will learn of the ‘Consortium’, a new faction of Lion’s Arch merchants that represent a sort of alternative to the Black Lion Trading Company that players are already familiar with.

Eventually, players will learn how to penetrate the Karka’s armor and this will bring players to the Karka’s home turf on a new island in the Sea of Sorrows called The Lost Shores. While the Karka don’t originally come from The Lost Shores, they have a significant presence on the island, having settled there for some time. The island itself will be a level 80 zone, but ArenaNet will have a system in place to sidekick lower leveled players up so they can take part in the event. However, it’s important to note that the Lost Shores island will remain as a level 80 zone once the weekend event is completed but players will no longer be sidekicked up after this point.

Of course, the Lost Shores will also be host to the standard fare stuff players can expect to find on any of Guild Wars 2’s explorable maps. Players will find myriad events, jumping puzzles, resource nodes, and more on the Lost Shores. ArenaNet also made note that some of the events on the island will take a different turn from some of the typical events in Guild Wars 2 by allowing players to make a permanent impact on the landscape.

Finally, the weekend event will culminate in a multi-part chain finale event that we’re told will take considerable time and effort for players to progress through. We weren’t able to learn more about the finale, as ArenaNet is keeping things under wraps for now, but suffice it to say that the team is pretty confident that players will enjoy the experience and especially the special reward that players will receive.

Fractals of the Mist Dungeon

The ‘Fractals of the Mist’ dungeon is a result of all the lessons ArenaNet has learned from developing the game’s initial dungeon offerings as well as the feedback they’ve received from players on dungeon content since launch. Players will enter the Fractals of the Mist dungeon via a central hub that will feature an assortment of amenities such as repair NPCs and other merchants. Once players have gathered their party members, they will be launched into one of the nine ‘fractals’ that will be randomly selected for each group.

Each fractal’s experience will be similar to that of the various mini-dungeons littered throughout the open world of Guild Wars 2. These fractals will feature a variety of challenges, puzzles, and boss fights, with an emphasis placed on use of the environment. Players can expect each fractal to take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes to complete and the game will throw you through a series of three fractals, from one to the next, before returning you to town.  Every other set of three fractals that players complete will initiate a special boss fight along the lines of Tequatl the Sunless or The Shatterer.

Once players return to town, future entries into the dungeon will scale to become harder than the last. The amount of enemies players will face will increase as will their health and damage, for example. Of course, you can also expect commensurate rewards for completing harder versions of the dungeon.

Speaking of rewards, the Fractals of the Mist Dungeon will introduce the new ‘Ascended’ item type. This type is a bit more powerful than the Exotic quality items currently found in the game. There will only be a couple of Ascended quality items available initially, but some of the rarer Ascended items will also feature a new Infusion slot that will make players even more powerful so that they can tackle new challenges that ArenaNet plans to throw at them as they continue to expand on the dungeon over the coming months and years.

Wrapping Up

The main takeaway from the November content update is that ArenaNet is looking to offer something for everyone. If you can’t get enough of PvP, you’ll have the new map and other inroads ArenaNet is making towards eSports, such as the introduction of paid tournament tickets. The traditional Guild Wars 2 PvE experience will expand with the Lost Shores content. And finally, those who just love a good dungeon romp will have the Fractals of the Mist to adventure through.

What do you think of ArenaNet’s plans for Guild Wars 2 in November? Let us know in the comments below!

Massively: Guild Wars 2’s Lost Shores content primer by Elisabeth Cardy


Massively’s Elisabeth Cardy has a content primer of the Lost Shores on their site. This new Guild Wars 2 event will be patched on November 15th and start on Friday November 16th. GW2 players will get to see a new race added for the event, a New sPvP map, and a brand new dungeon. This coming weekend will be a busy weekend for all the players playing all this new content. lets not forget this weekend also had the refer a friend for the free weekend trial of GW2.




GW2 Stratics would like to thank  Massively and Elisabeth Cardy  for having this informative and excellent article up for all the GW2 fans around the world to see.


Guild Wars 2’s Lost Shores content primer

by Elisabeth Cardy on Nov 12th 2012 9:00AM

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Attack of the bow-legged crustaceans!
We’re just days away from Guild Wars 2‘s next big content patch and special event. So far the Lost Shores have been shrouded in mystery. Will the shores ever be found? Who lost them? Exactly how absent-minded does one have to be to misplace an entire shore?
There are other, more pragmatic mysteries too. What is the content update all about? What can we expect? What sort of name do you give to a race of evil, bow-legged crustaceans? Happily, we’re equipped to shed a little light on all those and more. Read on for our Lost Shores content primer!
Everything starts, as we’ve known for some time, on November 15th. While the Lost Shores event itself won’t begin until Friday, Thursday will see the introduction of the patch and the beginning of the free friend referral period. The Lost Shores event kicks off on Friday at 3:00 p.m. EST, and the finale event begins on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. EST. The event and trial weekend will end Sunday evening.
Once the event is over, we’ll still have access to oodles of stuff, like the new dungeon, zone, and PvP map.
Low-level characters and friends recruited for the free trial weekend will be able to take advantage of side-kicking to play level 80 content for the course of the weekend, since the whole goal is to allow them to see all the cool stuff. Side-kicking is not one of the things that will be lingering on after the weekend is over, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can.

The Lost Shores
The one-time Lost Shores event is the belle of the ball, despite all the other content coming in, so let’s talk about that first.
The Lost Shores is all about the karka, a race of new-to-us foes from the depths of the sea. After being driven to their surface from their murky hives, the karka settled in Southsun Cove until the Consortium, a merchant outfit from Lion’s Arch, got all up in their wheelhouse. Now it’s up to players to resolve a grudge match between the karka and basically everyone else.
Aside from being a new type of foe, the karka also bring in new mechanics and skills. Part of the event will involve players racing around Tyria to try to figure out how to damage these baddies. You see, as they mature, karka develop a nigh-impenetrable outer shell, which players will have to get through to start doing meaningful damage. ArenaNethas put in some fancy new shaders to make the effects of damage more visible; as players chip away at the karka, they’ll see bits and pieces of shell and armor falling off.
Guild Wars 2's Lost Shores content primer
Temple of the Silent Storm
PvP players rejoiced to hear about a new sPvP map that’ll be debuting in this patch. This map takes place on one of the Kodan’s floating sanctuaries. Called the Temple of the Silent Storm, the location is the Kodan’s place of meditation and training. This iceberg map will be “very vertical.” Players moving through the rooms of the dojo will find buffs to meditate on and a powerfull boss; killing that boss will result in the killing team gaining ownership of all the capture points in the map.

Fractals of the Mists

ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson briefly introduced the brand-new dungeon as one that gets more challenging the farther in you go. Conventional wisdom would suggest that that’s nearly always the case, but Johanson left out a key detail: In the Fractals of the Mists dungeon, you can go indefinitely farther in.
The Fractals of the Mists is made up of nine mini-dungeons, each with its own story and environment. A party of five will enter the dungeon and be faced with a random set of three of these dungeons at a time. Upon completing those three, the party will be transported to a hub to rest, repair, and merch — and the difficulty scale for the dungeon will be raised. Every time the difficulty scale is at an even number, players will face a special boss encounter.
With great challenges come great rewards. The patch will introduce ascended items. Ascended armors are “slightly more powerful than exotics” and can, in some cases, hold slots for infusions. Infusions will allow you to increase your character’s power. Guild Wars players are familiar with infusing armor, although I’ll be my hat that the process doesn’t involve creepy Seers this time ’round.
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MMOHut Video Contest Entry #2 – By SuperXero89

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MMOHut Video Contest Entry #2 – By SuperXero89
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Kill Ten Rats: [GW2] Player Concurrency – Water Level Vs. Waveform


Ravious over at Kill Ten Rats has an excellent article up and a must read. Very well done and I really enjoyed it and hope all the GW2 players and fans do to.






Kill Ten Rats

a group of adventurers on an epic quest


[GW2] Player Concurrency – Water Level Vs. Waveform

All joking aside, I think ArenaNet is making Guild Wars 2 work for its business model. Lost Shores is going to introduce permanent content, but ArenaNet wants fanfare. They want a crush of concurrency to surround the unveiling of that content. This is not a mistake either. ArenaNet is one of the few MMOs that can sustain itself on waveform player concurrency.

Conventional MMOs do have waveform player concurrency too, but it operates usually on huge expansions. It takes months to build up the excitement, and then it takes a month or so to go back down as players eat the expansions content up. Filled, they wander away. Most seem to rely on a plateau concurrency, especially subscription MMOs. Some players call it “grind”; some call it “end game treadmill”. Either way, conventional MMOs want consistency. They want a plateau of player activity even if it is always going to be slanting downhill.

ArenaNet wants consistency. With the Halloween update players got new events, mini-dungeons, and player events scattered throughout the world that would permanently remain. The Lost Shores update is also going to introduce a mid-size zone permanently and an “end game” dungeon. The water level is rising. However, except for the long haul required for an optional legendary weapon skin, there is no content requiring sustained “end game” activity. The consistency comes from playing how you want more so than a traditional goal to achieve some golden carrot.

It appears that ArenaNet enjoys their ability to spike concurrency more than their MMO compatriots. Most MMOs cannot handle a content designer proclaiming every player in the game should head to one city. Most MMOs cannot handle a mad rush on a single mid-sized zone which players of any level can join. ArenaNet seems to enjoy pushing the idea of spike concurrency forward, but I think that was their intention in line with the buy-the-box business model all along.

I said they like concurrency spikes more in the last paragraph because they could have easily conceived of an “end game treadmill.” Blizzard has been perfecting the theme park endgame for nearly a decade. There is still “new” design space such as Turbine’s Hytbold requiring players to do daily quests for nearly two months to rebuild a personally-instanced town. ArenaNet’s parent NCSoft probably has libraries of information on grind design. ArenaNet decided that designing an endgame requiring plateau-like activity was not what they wanted. Admittedly, many players do want or need that, and lack of conventional “end game” has been a sore point.

I think that their consistent plateau activities will continue to rise similar in style to Guild Wars 1, but for the rest of the year at least I would expect spike activities to be the headliners. Lost Shores will provide a huge weekend event followed by sustained exploration of the new zone and dungeon, which will again raise the plateau activities to a degree. Then Wintersday will be another spike along, assuredly, with gem store offerings hopefully refined from the Halloween items. There are of course business reasons to drawing players back.

Players are used to patterns and for the most part in MMOs the pattern in the water has been having a subscribed interest. Could ArenaNet be training players to play Guild Wars 2 when they want, but to keep checking back for exciting spikes? It certainly seems that way to me in the short term. Then with each spike they raise the water level of more content just a bit. It is an interesting method of snagging player interest. Sustaining those spikes in 2013 is going to be the most telling factor, I think, of how well it works.


Guild Wars 2 Halloween Diorama Contest Winners


Today the big announcement of the Halloween Diorama Contest winners are out. Congratulations to all the winners and to all who participated in. ArenaNet did a superb job for the first GW2 Halloween event and the community did an excellent job on the contest. It was a win win for the Guild Wars 2 player nation around the world.




Guild Wars 2 Halloween Diorama Contest Winners

by The Guild Wars 2 Community Team on November 6, 2012

The first Halloween of Guild Wars 2 has come and gone, and we put our community’s creativity to the test with the Guild Wars 2 Halloween Diorama Contest. You didn’t disappoint—we received so many impressive entries that it was a tough task to choose our favorites. Everyone here at ArenaNet pitched in to view the dioramas and choose winners. They had no knowledge of the identities of the contestants.

Without further ado, we’d like to present the winners of this year’s Halloween Diorama Contest. Congratulations to each of you! Thanks to everyone who entered as well as NVIDIA and SteelSeries for providing the prizes!

Grand Prize Winner

Manuel S – Italy

First Prize Winner

Koreena Anchalis – USA

Second Prize Winner

Elenem – Poland

Third Prize Winner

Ryan C – USA

Honorable Mentions

Nina B – USA

A-K – Sweden

Czokalpik – Poland

Echo B – Germany

xxstyxx – Germany

Maedhros – USA

Amali V – USA

Chibikko – USA

Akanegirl – Spain

Caronte – Spain

Totes – Canada

Urkz – Spain

Sollon – Germany

NortateM – France

Neko – Germany

John C – USA

Noom – France

Durveg – USA

Sayezah – Germany

Gregrz – USA

For more information about the contest and official rules, please visit the Halloween Diorama Contest page.