WvW scores & projected rankings for all servers

jaedalus on Reddit posted a link for WvW scores & projected rankings for all servers. Very nice tool to use and it may come in handy for many Guild Wars 2 players who enjoy WvWvW. The intense action is heating up since WvWvW now has many experinced players.




Thank you jaedalus for,posting this on Reddit and here is the link: http://mos.millenium.org/matchups#NA

TIME Techland: Guild Wars 2 Producer: We’d Turn Off Sales to Preserve the Game Experience


Matt Peckham over at TIME Techland has an interview with ArenaNet’s president and co-founder Mike O’Brien. Very interesting article and tells of howGW2 has been since the head-start launch and official launch. I have experienced some hiccups myself but I love the game and it’s been fantastic.


Please enjoy.



Guild Wars 2 Producer: We’d Turn Off Sales to Preserve the Game Experience
By Matt Peckham | @mattpeckham | August 29, 2012 | 21

Read more: http://techland.time.com/2012/08/29/guild-wars-2-producer-wed-turn-off-sales-to-preserve-the-game-experience/#ixzz254sznVJQ

If you’ve had my experience playing Guild Wars 2, you’ve seen few if any in-game hiccups, no random disconnects and no just-trying-to-get-in-the-game server stonewalling. But if you follow online discussion groups, you’ve probably heard at least one or two people complain about stuff like server kicks, problems accessing the game’s guilds, hours-long World vs. World queues and of course the game’s shop-and-swap “Trading Post,” stuck offline since day one.

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What’s the story from developer ArenaNet’s standpoint? I took the game’s pulse with company president and co-founder Mike O’Brien as it launched on Tuesday. Here’s what he told me.

What’s it been like the past three or four days?

Obviously the whole team is on a high and exhausted at the same time. We poured five years of our lives into getting ready for this launch, so it’s fantastic to see all the players filling up the world. When we can, we’re playing with them and having a lot of fun just doing that. We’re reading all about the experiences players are having, and as you might imagine, it’s a dream come true to be able to ship a game like this and see the fantastic player reaction. That’s thrilling.

At the same time, there’s also a scramble of, “Oh my god, there’s so many players and they’re playing so many hours a day,” and making sure that we’re able to handle that kind of demand.

What’s going on behind the scenes right now?

We’ve stress-tested every system in the game, but no stress test will get you to the point our servers are at right now with launch, so we’re monitoring every part of the game. It’s a big game, and — you’ve played it, so you know — there are so many moving pieces to it. There’s the game itself, the guilds, parties and friends lists, the trading post, web services and tons more.

It’s like you’ve tried to cram as much stuff as other MMOs-that-shall-not-be-named – that have had years post-launch to glom on content — into this single point of release.

It’s an absolutely enormous undertaking to make a game of this magnitude. We know that the other games people are playing weren’t released yesterday. Players have high expectations, and they deserve to have high expectations. They’re playing games that have had years of polish. We wanted to make sure we took Guild Wars 2 to a very high level of polish out of the gate. We want it to be the best experience players have ever had in an online world.

It’s an incredible challenge, because online worlds are so comprehensive compared to any other kind of game, and Guild Wars 2 is on the high end of that scale. I mean, there are so many things we have to get right. We have to make sure every one of those systems can handle the number of users coming into the game.

But a lot of it is going really well. In areas where we run into capacity constraints, then obviously we focus the programming team on “Why are we experiencing a capacity constraint here?” and “What do we need to do in order to address the issues players are having?”
You’ve been playing the game all weekend, right?

I have, but I’m an intentionally slow player, so — this is embarrassing — my guy’s only level 17. I was going to ask you about these players starting to pop up claiming they’ve already hit level 80. I can’t play games like that. It feels…not wrong exactly, but like missing the point.

I’m actually more like you. I like to take the time — I call it “take the time to smell the roses” — in the game. We really tried to build Guild Wars 2 so that it’s not supposed to be a race. It’s not a race to level 80; it’s a world, so I think you’re doing things right, you know, by enjoying the world.

How’s server stability at this point?

In general the game has been holding up very well and the servers are running great, even under launch stress. We did have to take some things down, like the Trading Post, which as you know has been offline for a while. That’s because, as players started hitting it, we had capacity issues, and we wanted to make sure it’s in really good shape, because it’s such an important part of the game — it needs to work well. Behind the scenes, we’ve got a lot of brilliant people working on that software, and they’ve identified where players ran into capacity constraints, and we’re testing and testing and testing to make sure we get that fixed.

I’ve had no problems to speak of so far, and I know that’s anecdotal, but I was listening to a pretty popular Guild Wars 2 podcast earlier, and all they talked about was how surprised they’ve been that the servers aren’t underwater.

Demand has just been off the charts. We can’t believe the sales volume so far — it’s been way beyond our expectations. We’ve had concurrent users pushing the 400,000 number, and that’s before the game was even on store shelves. This is why none of us have had any sleep for days. And I do think those numbers will only go up now that the game is on store shelves.
We scheduled the headstart [three- and one-day early launch access] so we’d have a chance with pre-purchasers to discover and fix any problems, and we’ve already discovered and fixed several. I think demand is crazy and it’s only going to go up, but I think we’ll keep things running smoothly.

My priority — our priority — is ultimately making sure that players have a great experience. We spent five years working on Guild Wars 2, and we’re going to spend years and years supporting it. If we got to a point where sales continued to be off the charts, and it threatened the experience that players are having with the game, then we’d just turn off sales.

Turn off sales?

To clarify what I mean by that, we sell the game on our website and we also sell the game at retail. And we know how many boxes we’ve created, so we know how many copies can possibly sell through retail. If it gets to the point where sales are so high that it would be unwise of us to keep selling on our website because it wouldn’t leave enough slots for all the people who’ve already bought and all the people we know are going to buy, then we’d just turn off sales.

That would be a shocking thing to do, obviously — not something that you ever see in the games industry — but for me it’s an easy decision, because for me, Guild Wars 2 is a long-term project. I want players to keep having a great experience, and I know if we had to turn off sales temporarily, it’d be okay.

Barring that, this whole “server overflow” concept seems to be working pretty well. I’ve run into a few glitches where sometimes you can’t join another character unless you log out and back in, but aside from little stuff like that, it seems to work amazingly well. I’m used to sitting in queues with other MMOs, where if you leave or get knocked off, it’s back to the end of the line. Here, from launch to actually in-game, it’s about 15 seconds.

We have amazing programmers — that’s what it boils down to. Our team was able to do some fantastic stuff, and on the backend we have some technology that allows us to do things you haven’t seen in similar games. That’s been an amazing release valve for us. It means people aren’t stuck waiting in queues.

That said, there’s still a certain number of total player slots available in the data center, and that’s what I’m going to protect, so that we don’t sell so many copies of the game in the coming weeks that servers start slowing down.

Read more: http://techland.time.com/2012/08/29/guild-wars-2-producer-wed-turn-off-sales-to-preserve-the-game-experience/#ixzz254tDxqTs

Guild Wars 2 Junkies: Five Reasons to Love the Guild System by BJ Shoemaker


Guild Wars 2 Junkies writer BJ Shoemaker has a very well written article all about the guild system and five reasons to love it.

One of my favorite reasons is number 5 because when I am not playing Guild Wars 2 I can check on my smartphone and see what my guild mates are doing in the game and be able to chat with them while they are playing. That in itself tells why ArenaNet has gone through the extra steps for player experiences to enjoy GW2.


GW2 Stratics want to thank BJ Shoemaker and Guild Wars 2 Junkies for having this great article up for all the GW2 fans around the world to see.


Date: Jun 25, 2012  |  Written by BJ Shoemaker  |  Posted Under: Article  |  DISQUS With Us: 0 Comments and 3 Reactions

Never underestimate the influence of guilds in MMO’s.  There’s a reason why many MMO developers hold summits and conferences to share information and solicit feedback from guild leaders.  Being in a close knit guild helps to bring the multiplayer aspect of these games to the players.  Guilds mean so many different things to different people, some people value the friendship of their guild mates, while others value the skill and competency, and others still value just having people who share common interests in their guild chat.  Regardless of the reasoning, most people would agree that guilds help to foster community, as they give players a reason to come together, even if that reason is as simple as meaningful conversation.

Here are 5 reasons why I love the Guild System in Guild Wars 2.  Keep reading to find out what they are!


1. You can be a member of multiple guilds simultaneously with a single character.  Keep in mind that you can only choose to represent one of those guilds at a time.  You chose a guild to represent when you log in, and you can switch this without even logging out of the game.  This is a totally novel idea for guild management.  Gone are the days when players have to chose between being guilded with friends or being guilded with people who share their play style.  This also allows people to meet brand new people in a completely different way, just one more step that Guild Wars 2 is making in their efforts to bring the community together.

2.  Guilds are linked to your account, not your character.  If you’re the type of gamer who likes to make multiple characters, you no longer have to find a guild officer to get an invite.  Newly created characters have access to all the guilds that all your other characters are members of.  Simply choose who the character is representing and that’s it.  It’s really a requirement given that you can be a member of multiple guilds.  I couldn’t imagine what a pain getting officers from four or five different guilds to invite each of your alts.

3.  The guild roster will show all pertinent information about your guildies, including their server, location, profession, level, crafting disciplines and their levels, as well as their achievement points.  The level of information is excellent if you’re looking for someone to group with, or if you’re looking for an experienced crafter to advise you.  There’s no need to ask in guild chat, as all of the information is right there at your fingertips.

4.  Guild Wars 2 encourages guild play by their influence system.  Influence is a type of guild currency that members earn for their guild by logging in and participating in activities.  Influence is used to buy buffs across four major categories of perks.  Politics contains the buffs that boost influence, or to purchase guild armor.  The Economy category contains buffs to increase item drop rates, karma buffs, or experience gain buffs.  Architecture allows for Guild banking and additional constructions.  The Art of War category is for buffs that are useful in WvW


5.  Connect with your guild via your smartphone.  The Extended Experience team at ArenaNet is committed to bringing us extensions that operate outside of the game, such as mobile and web apps for the Trading Post.  However, they’re also demonstrating that they have the technology to view in game maps, watch your guilds activities, and participate in guild chat all from your smart phone, in real time.  This is the epitome of what should be included in a next generation game, and it’s one shining example of how ArenaNet is putting multiplayer back into MMO’s.

GWI: Guild Features and Influence Overview


Our friends over at Guild Wars Insider has some great coverage and details on the Guild influence and features. I really appreciate this break down myself because I never was sure how it was going to work. Now I have a better understanding of how it will with guilds in Guild Wars 2.


Great job Seven for having this up and we appreciate what you and Guild wars insider does for the GW2 community!. Thank you again!


Link: http://www.guildwarsinsider.com/guild-influence-feature-overview/



For the click link impaired:


Guild Features and Influence Overview

By: | Feb 25, 2012

Influence is the main “currency” of guilds, and is earned by doing events, pvp, dungeons, etc. With the influence earned by the guild, the leader may purchase buffs or more permanent upgrades, like a guild bank.

The 4 Guild Categories with examples:

  • Politics - More social aspects of the guild
    • +5% Influence gain for 24hrs
    • +10% Influence gain for Events
    • Guild Weapons Contract (able to purchase weapons with guild symbol on them)
  • Economy – Efficiency and growth
    • +10% Magic Find (bonus to looting magical items)
    • +5% Karma gain for Events
    • +5% Experience gain for 3 days
  • Art of War – PvP and WvW buffs
    • +10% Influence for 3 days
    • WvW Fort +10% Experience (EXP gain for defenders)
    • WvW Fort +10% Magic Find (bonus to looting magical items)
  • Architecture – Guild Addons
    • Guild Stash  (50 slot item and gold storage)
    • Guild Treasure Trove (100 slot item and storage)
    • Guild Workshop  (allows additional upgrade to build simultaneously)

Guilds can continuously upgrade themselves in the various categories, thus essentially adding higher returns on the perks chosen. A build queue is listed in the guild overview screen as sort of a countdown timer to show when the skill training or that new Treasure Trove will be completed. Overall, guild functionality incorporates a lot of the design aspects you would expect to see in an RTS, and makes running a guild more that just grinding through experience to gain the next perk.

PCGamer has a quick overview of GW2 guild features present in the beta, as well as how teams can spend influence to effect gameplay. The video is a bit short but very informative. A lot of the information above is pulled from the screens present in the video.






GW2 Press Beta – Guilds and Merchants

“A closer look at the guild system and merchants. Be ready to customize the way you party up!”




Uploaded by CurseNetwork on Feb 19, 2012

We here at GW2 Stratics like to thank both CurseNetwork for posting this video for the GW2 community and GW2 Guru Forums for posting it on their site and sharing with the rest of us!


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