MMORPG Guild Wars 2 Previews: A Peek into the November Update by Michael Bitton

MMORPG’s Michael Bitton  has a Preview of the new Guild wars 2 event of the Lost Shores. Great article and a must read.




Guild Wars 2 Previews: A Peek into the November Update

ArenaNet is looking to add a considerable amount of content to Guild Wars 2 in the game’s upcoming November update and we’ve got a sneak peek at what players can expect to find. Read on for details!

By Michael Bitton on November 12, 2012

Hot on the heels of the October update and the ‘Mad King’ Halloween event, Guild Wars 2 is set to expand again. We recently had a chance to chat with the folks over at ArenaNet about the upcoming November content update, including the fast approaching ‘Lost Shores’ weekend event, new PvP map, and new dungeon.


Temple of the Silent Storm PvP Map

The ‘Temple of the Silent Storm’ is a new sPVP map coming to Guild Wars 2 with the November content update. The map takes place on and inside a massive iceberg, which features a large temple that serves as a place of meditation and training dojo for Guild Wars 2’s armored polar bear race, the Koden. ArenaNet is emphasizing a sense of verticality with this map and just like all of the Guild Wars 2 PvP maps, the ‘Temple of the Silent Storm’ will feature conquest gameplay with a twist.

The twist is in the series of buffs that will be strewn throughout the map. Players can meditate at certain areas to acquire buffs that confer bonus points for a variety of activities, ranging from killing other players to capturing objectives. However, the buff that is likely to be contested the most is one that will reset all the capture points throughout the map.

Lost Shores Weekend Event

The ‘Lost Shores’ weekend event will be a one-off event in Guild Wars 2 that will run between Friday, November 16 through Sunday, November 18.  ArenaNet describes the theme of the event as being a “monster movie, invasion type thing” that will focus on the lore of Lion’s Arch. During the event, Lion’s Arch will be invaded by a new enemy group called the ‘Karka’.  We’re told the Karka will be quite challenging for Guild Wars 2 players and will even feature a number of new mechanics for players to overcome in order to emphasize this. Visually, the Karka will feature a heavily armored shell of sorts that players will have to penetrate. ArenaNet has even worked on a new shader technology that allows players to actually see pieces of the armor fall off of the Karka as they wear it down.

That all comes later, though. Initially, players will be unable to penetrate the Karka’s armor and it’s this roadblock that will kick off a series of events taking players throughout the world as they learn about the Karka’s origins and research a means to get through theseemingly impenetrable armor. In the process, players will learn of the ‘Consortium’, a new faction of Lion’s Arch merchants that represent a sort of alternative to the Black Lion Trading Company that players are already familiar with.

Eventually, players will learn how to penetrate the Karka’s armor and this will bring players to the Karka’s home turf on a new island in the Sea of Sorrows called The Lost Shores. While the Karka don’t originally come from The Lost Shores, they have a significant presence on the island, having settled there for some time. The island itself will be a level 80 zone, but ArenaNet will have a system in place to sidekick lower leveled players up so they can take part in the event. However, it’s important to note that the Lost Shores island will remain as a level 80 zone once the weekend event is completed but players will no longer be sidekicked up after this point.

Of course, the Lost Shores will also be host to the standard fare stuff players can expect to find on any of Guild Wars 2’s explorable maps. Players will find myriad events, jumping puzzles, resource nodes, and more on the Lost Shores. ArenaNet also made note that some of the events on the island will take a different turn from some of the typical events in Guild Wars 2 by allowing players to make a permanent impact on the landscape.

Finally, the weekend event will culminate in a multi-part chain finale event that we’re told will take considerable time and effort for players to progress through. We weren’t able to learn more about the finale, as ArenaNet is keeping things under wraps for now, but suffice it to say that the team is pretty confident that players will enjoy the experience and especially the special reward that players will receive.

Fractals of the Mist Dungeon

The ‘Fractals of the Mist’ dungeon is a result of all the lessons ArenaNet has learned from developing the game’s initial dungeon offerings as well as the feedback they’ve received from players on dungeon content since launch. Players will enter the Fractals of the Mist dungeon via a central hub that will feature an assortment of amenities such as repair NPCs and other merchants. Once players have gathered their party members, they will be launched into one of the nine ‘fractals’ that will be randomly selected for each group.

Each fractal’s experience will be similar to that of the various mini-dungeons littered throughout the open world of Guild Wars 2. These fractals will feature a variety of challenges, puzzles, and boss fights, with an emphasis placed on use of the environment. Players can expect each fractal to take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes to complete and the game will throw you through a series of three fractals, from one to the next, before returning you to town.  Every other set of three fractals that players complete will initiate a special boss fight along the lines of Tequatl the Sunless or The Shatterer.

Once players return to town, future entries into the dungeon will scale to become harder than the last. The amount of enemies players will face will increase as will their health and damage, for example. Of course, you can also expect commensurate rewards for completing harder versions of the dungeon.

Speaking of rewards, the Fractals of the Mist Dungeon will introduce the new ‘Ascended’ item type. This type is a bit more powerful than the Exotic quality items currently found in the game. There will only be a couple of Ascended quality items available initially, but some of the rarer Ascended items will also feature a new Infusion slot that will make players even more powerful so that they can tackle new challenges that ArenaNet plans to throw at them as they continue to expand on the dungeon over the coming months and years.

Wrapping Up

The main takeaway from the November content update is that ArenaNet is looking to offer something for everyone. If you can’t get enough of PvP, you’ll have the new map and other inroads ArenaNet is making towards eSports, such as the introduction of paid tournament tickets. The traditional Guild Wars 2 PvE experience will expand with the Lost Shores content. And finally, those who just love a good dungeon romp will have the Fractals of the Mist to adventure through.

What do you think of ArenaNet’s plans for Guild Wars 2 in November? Let us know in the comments below!

MMOHut Video Contest Entry #2 – By SuperXero89

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MMOHut Video Contest Entry #2 – By SuperXero89
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Reserved Names from Guild Wars to be Released Next Week

The ArenaNet team just announced that the reserved names will be released next week. So if you haven’t done it yet then get on the ball.





Reserved Names from Guild Wars to be Released Next Week

by The Guild Wars 2 Team on November 1, 2012



We know that a lot of you have been waiting for character names that are currently reserved through Guild Wars. As we said earlier this year, we wanted to keep name reservation active until our support team worked through the initial rush of support tickets after launch day. We’ve got good news: That time has arrived and all reserved names will be released next week, November 8th, at 2:00 PM PST (23:00 CET). If you have a character name reserved from Guild Wars and haven’t gotten around to making that character in Guild Wars 2, this is the time to do so. If you’ve been waiting for a reserved name, your wait is almost over!

Thanks to our support team for working so hard to help our community members and bring us to this point.

GameSpy: Guilded: Stop and Smell the Lore in Guild Wars 2 By Tom Chick

New Elekk Model.

 Tom Chick  of Gamespy wrote a great article talking about the lore of Guild Wars 2 and how it feels as a MMO. A really great read and I hope you all enjoy the article.




Thank you Gamespy and Tom Chick  for having this up for all the GW2 fans and players to read.



Guilded: Stop and Smell the Lore in Guild Wars 2

  By Tom Chick | Oct 11, 2012

This MMO has a story to tell, but you can leave your reading glasses in the bank.
If I may draw conclusions from strictly personal anecdotes — this is the internet, after all — most people who play MMOs don’t read quest text. They don’t read the books lying around in Bethesda’s games. They don’t read the quest entries in Borderlands 2. The most text that I’ll read is the subtitles for dialog that voice actors are reading to me anyway. I’d probably go so far as to read the flavor text on a legendary item in Diablo 3, but I can’t say for sure until I find one.

                            Gather ’round, and I shall tell you a story of telling stories.
Guild Wars 2 is hip to my aversion to reading. On one hand, that might lead you to believe there is no lore in Guild Wars 2. You’re right if you consider lore something dumped into your lap for you to ignore; you’re wrong if you consider lore something behind the game, or maybe underneath it, or lurking around corners where you don’t expect it and might just stroll by without noticing.

It’s In There Somewhere
“I don’t mean the Ranger named Legolass that you haven’t deleted because you were surprised that name wasn’t taken.”
Some of the lore relates to characters from the first Guild Wars, who show up in the higher-level story missions. Yes, there were characters in the first game — and I don’t mean your main character, the alt you never leveled, and the Ranger named Legolass that you haven’t deleted because you were surprised that name wasn’t taken. The first game introduced heroes saving the world or some such thing, but I only know this because it comes up occasionally in Guild Wars 2’s overarching storyline which is — quite literally — a bunch of guild drama. Kind of like when the Fellowship broke up, but without the licensed characters.

Other lore in Guild Wars 2 relates to the multiple-choice questions you answer when you roll your character. These answers play out in short story arcs specific to your character. My favorite thing about these is that you get achievements when you finish them. My second favorite thing is that they’re not as awful as they could have been.

The Rest of the Story
The best lore in Guild Wars 2 is what fancypants game writers might call “environmental storytelling.”
But the best lore in Guild Wars 2 is what fancypants game writers might call “environmental storytelling.” This just means it sits there and doesn’t bother you. It doesn’t get all up in your face. You can ignore it like those books in Skyrim — but unlike those books in Skyrim, it’s not a mess of text. It’s stuff in the world. Environmental.

                                                     I’m not just killing you for fun, I swear!
For many players, Taigan Groves is a place you pass through on the way from level 6 to level 8. It’s a hunting lodge in the snowy forests of the Wayfarer Foothills, the area where new norn characters level up after leaving the city of Hoelbrak. Lumbering wild dolyaks graze among the trees. You can find blueberries here, as well as a patch of thyme down by the river that runs behind the armorsmith’s pavilion. You might notice some beehives and a merchant selling honey. You’ll certainly notice a bunch of kids running around throwing snowballs at each other (I love how Guild Wars 2 is buzzing with the activity of children, something sadly absent in most game worlds).

Tales from Taigen Groves
“If you stick around, or if you talk to the locals, you’ll find and participate in a story.”
Many players will do some of Taigen Groves’ level 7 tasks and then move on to the next area on their way to level 80. But if you stick around, or if you talk to the locals, you’ll find and participate in a story. The hunter Gareth makes dolyak jerky, but he’s also a single father. His wife is away making her legacy. Gareth insists she’ll be home one day with scars, stories, and trophies. The implication is that something darker has happened and he isn’t ready to acknowledge it, but the point is that he’s got his hands full watching his three kids. The last stranger he enlisted to help lost his right foot. They found it on the roof a week later. Adventures in babysitting.
The kids in Taigen Groves seem innocuous enough. Most of them are just throwing snowballs. If you take up a snowball, you’re fair game and you will be attacked. In fact, if you want to get through Taigen Groves, bean enough kids with snowballs and you won’t have to fight a single mob. But the real troublemakers are Jafri, Henna, and Signy, who usually loiter sweetly in the main lodge. These are Gareth’s kids.

                Because being good at climbing mountains makes you the best hunter, apparently.

“If it’s okay to use the sword, surely it’s okay to use the battle axe, right?”
The bratty Signy asks her father if she can use his sword to kill a bug. He gives her permission and she merrily giggles, twirls, and kills the bug. She then decides to sample a battle axe. If it’s okay to use the sword, surely it’s okay to use the battle axe, right? At which point, oops, she breaks one of her father’s dolyak trophies on the wall. This leads Jafri, her brother, to look for a willing adventurer (you?) to help him hunt down a new trophy for his dad. Many players will just come across this is a group event in which several people attack a giant ram. They might not even notice the norn boy making off with the ram’s head, much less presenting it to his father, who then hangs it on the wall after kindly reprimanding his son.
The Bear Facts
Signy also talks her smarter and more practical sister Henna into using the family honey jar for a bear summoning ritual. The girls hand off a giant jar of honey that Signy asked her father if she could use. If I may offer a bit of parenting advice, Gareth needs to learn to say “no” to Signy. The ritual gets out of hand and Taigen Groves is assaulted by an army of bears. A bear moot, as Henna calls it as all the children run inside and barricade the doors. Many players will come across this is a “kill x bears” event that locks down the local merchants until it’s finished.

                                                     I am so gonna rat you out, sister…
None of the above is embellishment from me. It’s either in the dialog, or it unfolds in the context of dynamic events, which are where most other games just have fetch quests.

More Where That Came From
There’s plenty of stellar voice acting to be found, such as the banter between Signy and Henna.
There’s a lot of criticism of the voice acting in Guild Wars 2, and much of it is appropriate where voice actors read exposition on behalf of the talking heads in the cutscenes for the story missions. But there’s also plenty of stellar voice acting to be found, such as the banter between Signy and Henna. If I talk to Henna, she asks if I want to play yeti hunter with her. When my asura accepts — asura are tiny people roughly analogous to World of Warcraft’s gnomes — she tells me I’m too small to play a yeti. I’m not sure what happens if a full-sized character accepts her offer.
Taigen Grove is not an anomaly. Guild Wars 2 is full of this sort of storytelling, beginning with domestic dramas like the story of Gareth’s family and gradually building into stories about warring armies and massive dragons. If you want an action RPG, or a loot chase, or just an MMO, Guild Wars 2 will certainly oblige you. But if you want stories, they’re here as well, waiting for you to see them at your own pace.

Those Geeks You Know: Guild Wars 2 Gem Store

Those Geeks You know has a very interesting article about the GW2 gem store. As a follower of the game for years, I never really put much thought in how maybe new players that are coming into Guild Wars 2 now may view things much differently. The Gem Store is a prime example. Without taking anything away from the article and was very well done I will let you make your own opinion of it.




Those Geeks You Know deserves a huge thank you for having this article up. Great work and I thoroughly enjoyed it.




Making The World A Little Bit Geekier, One Person At A Time
Guild Wars 2 Gem Store

Guild Wars 2 Gem Store

September 17, 2012 · by Ari · in ,

ArenaNet has stood firmly against subscription fees in its Guild Wars series of MMORPGs and Guild Wars 2 is no exception. The game has an MSRP of $59.99 and includes an incredible amount of content, providing hundreds (or thousands) of hours of fun for just the cost of that initial investment. But with over 2 million copies sold and servers overflowing, one has to wonder what source of income will provide the funding to maintain those servers, even after the sales momentum slows to a trickle.

It turns out that Guild Wars 2 has a currency called Gems that can be purchased at a rate of $5 per 400. Gems can be spent at the in-game Gem Store for all kinds of things, and at first glance, it seems an awful lot like one of those currencies common to free to play games such as SimCity Social or League of Legends. In those games, players can spend real money on unlocking content, obtaining premium or exclusive items, and finishing objectives that would otherwise take an incredible amount of time to complete. This “pay to win” model is a major risk in a game with a player versus player component, and can lead to questionable practices by the game’s developers to create content that pushes the player towards the real money store.

But Guild Wars 2 is not a free to play game. The back of the box says, “No Subscription Fee: Get the game and play. It’s that simple!” When I saw the Gem Store, I immediately began to worry that it would not be “simple” at all.

The first time the game nudged me to spend some money was not long after starting to play for the first time. I acquired an item called a Black Lion Chest. My choices were to either discard it from my inventory or to open it using something called a Black Lion Key. Turns out those keys are available for 125 Gems (about $1.50). My heart sank. This was definitely not what I wanted to see in a game that I had just paid $59.99 for.

Later, I began to run out of inventory space. Sure enough, additional bag slots were available for 400 Gems a piece. With 3 additional slots available per character, it’s easy to spend $15 worth of Gems. Then there is also the bank, which is tied to your whole account instead of just one character. You get one bank tab with 30 item slots by default, and 7 additional tabs can be purchased for 600 Gems each. Maxing out the bank and one character’s bag slots costs more than buying the game itself!

With a growing sense of dread, I browsed the Gem store and studied its contents. They have character slots for sale for 800 Gems ($10.00). And unlike World of Warcraft which gives you 10 character slots per server, Guild Wars 2 provides 5 character slots, and they are all bound to a single server. If players want to play on multiple servers, they have to either move all of their characters to a new server (which is free for now), or use an upcoming feature called guesting, which allows players to visit other servers as long as they have friends on those servers. But still, 5 character slots in a game with 8 classes? I have to admit, I’m completely hooked on Guild Wars 2. I will absolutely have to buy at least 3 more character slots so I can try all of the classes, but I’m not prepared to spend $10 on each one!

The Gem store also has a variety of cosmetic items available. There are miniature non-combat pets, hats and sunglasses, and entire costumes that provide out of combat skills such as a pirate captain’s outfit (for 700 gems) that gives characters the ability to make a cannon pop out of thin air which can be fired harmlessly by all nearby players to ensuing hilarity. The store also provides boosts ranging from 75 to 150 Gems each, which speed up progress in the game by granting additional experience for killing monsters, bonus points for crafting, a higher likelihood of finding magical items or other bonuses that lasts for 1 hour. And there are time saving services available, such as items that let you access the bank or auction house from anywhere in the world, or a revive orb that brings you back to life after falling in combat instead of having to travel back to where you died.

All of this seems to add up to a game that is far more expensive than the initial cost of investment, a game where players can spend money for advantages over non spending players, a game where you have to spend money to find out what’s in that locked chest. But actually, Guild Wars 2 is none of those things!

Refusing to spend a dime on a gem, I continued to explore the game and after several hours I actually found a Black Lion Key for my Black Lion Chest! Shocked at the sudden generosity and that I wouldn’t have to spend real money on the key, I opened the chest. Inside were a few fun potions that temporarily transform my character into a monster, one of those boosts from the Gem Store, and an additional Black Lion Key, which I used immediately on another Black Lion Chest. That in turn, also contained a key, which I used on a third chest! Without spending any money on Gems, I somehow had a small collection of premium items. Were my fears unfounded?

The boost from the Black Lion Chest was the one that increases experience points awarded for monster kills. Using it, I discovered that it didn’t really speed up progress much at all. The game provides far greater experience rewards for completing tasks and quests than for monster kills. The boosts really aren’t an incredible advantage, so it doesn’t seem like this is a “pay to win” game anymore.

Placated, I took a closer look at the Gem Store. There was a tab I hadn’t noticed before: Currency exchange. “Trade Gems for Gold. Trade Gold for Gems.” Wait… what? That can’t be right, can it? Can I actually spend the currency of copper, silver and gold that I’ve been earning in-game on Gems? I clicked “Trade Gold for Gems” and was presented with a chart of market data showing the current average price of 100 Gems, as well as the 5-day high and 5-day low. It appears the conversion rate is based on a player driven market. At this very moment, 28 silver will buy 100 Gems. Sure enough, I just exchanged 53 copper for my first gem!

The end result is that all premium Guild Wars 2 content can be purchased without spending any real money. Early in the game it will be hard to make enough money to get enough gems to buy anything substantial, but the higher in level you get, the more coin you earn, so earning 800 Gems for an additional character slot does not seem out of reach.

With Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet has set a fine example for how to create a MMORPG without a subscription fee, and how to have premium content available without putting non-spending players at a disadvantage or using unethical means to encourage players to spend money. They should be commended for their efforts, and other developers should be paying very close attention.


ToonStarSX: Guild Wars 2 ShingXiao Elementalist S/D PvP


A really entertaining S/D PvP Elementalist youtube video by . Great action and great music to listen to. So for all you Elementalist fans out there this is a must see video. I hope you all enjoy it.




Thank you . for taking the time and posting this video up on youtube for all the Guild Wars 2 fans and players to see. Great work!



Guild Wars 2 ShingXiao Elementalist S/D PvP

[youtube id=”TVE9efVFCwA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Published on Oct 10, 2012 by    

Music: N.E.R.D – It’s almost over now

Emma Hewitt – Rewind (KATFYR Remix)

Fonik – Infectious

KATFYR – Snow Bunny (Original Mix)

Black Lion Underground – 05 October 2012 by Lewis B

Lewis B has a nice little guide that may help you jump into the gold zone instead of living in the silver zone. I actually have done some of what he has suggested on my own and I jumped up pretty quick on some of the items I was selling.




Thank you Lewis B and for having this article up.



Black Lion Underground – 05 October 2012

October 5, 2012 – 11:28am — Lewis B
Black Lion Underground

Well that didn’t take long to make money.  Here I was only several days ago back on the path to poverty after taking an amulet gamble, only to find myself relatively rich, having leapt from around 60s to 17 gold. It’s also nice knowing that I’ve products worth 5 gold wrapped up in the Trading Post that I can draw down at any moment.

You would think it difficult to make money and I was beginning to sweat at little at the thought that this column would fail to find any unique or interesting ways of making money.  Squeezing profit margins out of any item on the trading post is incredibly tough, especially with the steep sales taxes (far too high in my opinion).  But, there is one item that sells well and continues to sell: Globs of Ectoplasm.

If you didn’t know, these are a rare item required for the majority of high end crafted items or armour and are a much sought after commodity.  To obtain them, the general method is to salvage rare items above level 68.  This poses a primary question; How do you easily obtain level 68 rare items without breaking the bank?

There are a couple of options to this, with the time consuming method simply being to grind high level monsters with magic find items equipped.  This is cost effective but is also incredibly dull. What I have done instead is found that spears and tridents aren’t sought after, and tend to sell incredibly cheaply on the Trading Post (as little as 19 silver).  Placing buy orders for as little as 15 silver will see five cost around 75 silver.   I then salvage these items in the hopes of obtaining Globs of Ectoplasms.

Having tested this extensively, the level of the item (as long as it is rare or higher and level 68 or above) has the same chance to yield 0 to 3 Ectoplasms as that of a level 80 rare item.  The fact that Harpoon Guns and Spears aren’t on many peoples agenda makes them even more lucrative as they are cheap to pick up and provide just as many Globs of Ectoplasms as any high level weapon.

Orichalcum Earring

To apply some perspective here and using a Mystic Salvage Kit (Black Lion Kits work just as well) I bought and sold Ectoplasms all the way to where I am now. Out of 40 salvaged items, I managed to obtain 69 Ectoplasms.  I then turned a large proportion of these Ectoplasms into Ruby Orichalcum Earring of the Berserker which sell for around 2g and 70s each (with a total construction cost of around 1g). Including the original purchase price of the weapons (around 75 silver) there is a considerable margin.

Is there a risk to this Ectoplasm gambling? Yes.  You might not get an Ectoplasm every single salvage.  However, as a single Ectoplasm bought from the Trading Post can cost you as much as 18s and 58c it is surely better to take a risk on obtaining 3 through salvaging than it is to just buy 1.

I must add that it has yet to fail me, having always broken exactly even (5 Ectoplasms from 5 weapons, although not necessarily from each weapon) or considerably better (I once received 13 Ectoplasms from 5 weapons; 2g 41s worth of items for a 75silver fee).

Tip of the Day

During all this, I have also been purchasing Onyx Shards. They can be bought in a buy order for around 6s 61c and can be listed and sold for around 8s 55c (or a little more) making around 65c profit per item.  Although this is small, selling 25 can make you 16 silver in a matter of minutes.  I’ve sold around 200 in the last few hours,making a clear profit of 1g 31s.

Onyx Shard

[GW2] Black Citadel Vista Guide – Guild Wars 2 Gameplay – Bonus Kitten Reward! by distilledwill

 on youtube has some nice videos up about vistas in Guild Wars 2. This video focuses on the Black Citadel. I hope you enjoy the vista video and the nice little surprise in the video.




Thank you  for having this video up for all the Guild Wars 2 fans around the world to see.



[GW2] Black Citadel Vista Guide – Guild Wars 2 Gameplay – Bonus Kitten Reward!

[youtube id=”UVL55RYyeyw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Published on Oct  8, 2012 by    

Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide 1-400 | POWERLEVEL your character | Extremely fast leveling Guide! by HappyJacksChannel

If you are like me and was lazy on cooking skills and just beginning to work on it then this cooking guide may be for you.    has a nice GW2 guide he put up on youtube. Very easy to understand and very informative.




Thank you   for having this cooking guide up for all the GW2 fans to view.


Guild Wars 2 Cooking Guide 1-400 | POWERLEVEL your character | Extremely fast leveling Guide!

[youtube id=”mpITsNL5xjw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

This guild wars 2 cooking guide shows you how to powerlevel your cooking from 1-400 in no time at all using ingredients purchased from vendors. This is hands down the fastest and easiest guide to help your character level up. Full writeup:

0:52 1 through 25

1:11 25 through 50

1:26 50 through 125

2:25 125 through 150

2:55 150 through 225

3:45 225 through 250

4:01 250 through 300

4:28 300 through 400





Colin Johanson: “There is more than just Halloween coming in October”


On, Game Director Colin Johanson made many eyes perk up when he posted:



Game Director

” There is more than just Halloween coming in October…What those things are? You’ll just have to wait and see, keep an eye on our website and blog for more information in the coming weeks.”




So this even caught my curiosity and excitement to see what is coming. I may make many guesses of what it may be but I will wait in anticpation of what may come. Why ruin the surprise? ArenaNet seems to always amaze and surprise us all.