Season 15 Announced But What Does That Mean For Warlords of Draenor?


The WoW community received some interesting news yesterday, although not the Warlords of Draenor info they had hoped and prayed for but close enough. Holinka the PvP Designer for World of Warcraft announced that there would be another PvP season (Season 15) before Warlords of Draenor is launched.


This is great news for the PvP players of WoW as waiting for the prolonged season at the end of an Expansion can feel painful and cause interest to fall. This now means that the players will have something to keep them occupied while the Expansion comes to an end, well not all the players…  The announcement sparks a lot of questions and speculation, does this mean WoD won’t be as soon as we had hoped? Will it turn out similar to Dragon Soul, where casual and PvE players had little to do during the next expansion wait? Or do the devs also have something planned even though they previously stated in the Warlords of Draenor Developer Panel at Blizzcon

“Another MoP patch would delay WoD, so Patch 5.5 isn’t going to happen. The entire team is working on WoD right now, so any more MoP content would slow down development.”

The majority of the WoW community expected WoD to drop in Q2 of 2014 meaning we would have played patch 5.4 for around 8 months. This seemed to be a comfortable wait, a little longer than most would like but acceptable without seeing a patch 5.5. But now with the next season announced things aren’t looking too promising for WoD within Q2 so that leaves two options, will we see a 5.5 patch with new PvE content although that would mean they are taking people from WoD development to do another MoP patch or do they plan on having 5.4 for 9+ months and just hope that the players will stick around or return for WoD.


Now after playing Blizzard games and following its potential rivals over the years, I’ve come to learn they don’t like to give their competition a chance if they have the opportunity to. The reason I bring this up is this year will see two new MMOs that have gained a decent amount of interest and for Blizzard to delay WoD without giving its player base an alternative wouldn’t seem like something they would do especially as they tend to learn well from their mistakes and wouldn’t give us another Dragon Soul repeat if it can be helped.

Personally I feel they have something planned in terms of WoD beta, instead of releasing a new patch for the current expansion why not make the next expansion be the thing that keeps people entertained? By this I think they will make WoD beta a lot more open than it has been before, doing large amounts of invites around the times the new MMO’s will launch. This seems the more tactical plan as it will build next Expansion hype, keep the current player based interested in the game and less likely to switch over to the competition without causing them to have to create content for an expansion that is due to end.

How would you feel about getting WoD beta access over a new patch, do you want a new patch instead and do you like the idea of an extra PvP season before the expansion ends? Let us know your thoughts on it all in the comments below!

Some juicy bits hidden in patch 2.2.1… and no it isn’t Akk dog slobber.


Our friend Werit over at just passed me some info from a data mining run on the latest SWTOR Patch from earlier today.  I must say this seems… interesting.

From looking over the contents of the data dump it is safe to say that we have a new Toy coming in the future.  A Pocket Sarlaac.  Can you imagine all your pocket lint being slowly digested over the course of a thousand years. Read More…

Massively: Guild Wars 2’s Lost Shores content primer by Elisabeth Cardy


Massively’s Elisabeth Cardy has a content primer of the Lost Shores on their site. This new Guild Wars 2 event will be patched on November 15th and start on Friday November 16th. GW2 players will get to see a new race added for the event, a New sPvP map, and a brand new dungeon. This coming weekend will be a busy weekend for all the players playing all this new content. lets not forget this weekend also had the refer a friend for the free weekend trial of GW2.




GW2 Stratics would like to thank  Massively and Elisabeth Cardy  for having this informative and excellent article up for all the GW2 fans around the world to see.


Guild Wars 2’s Lost Shores content primer

by Elisabeth Cardy on Nov 12th 2012 9:00AM

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Attack of the bow-legged crustaceans!
We’re just days away from Guild Wars 2‘s next big content patch and special event. So far the Lost Shores have been shrouded in mystery. Will the shores ever be found? Who lost them? Exactly how absent-minded does one have to be to misplace an entire shore?
There are other, more pragmatic mysteries too. What is the content update all about? What can we expect? What sort of name do you give to a race of evil, bow-legged crustaceans? Happily, we’re equipped to shed a little light on all those and more. Read on for our Lost Shores content primer!
Everything starts, as we’ve known for some time, on November 15th. While the Lost Shores event itself won’t begin until Friday, Thursday will see the introduction of the patch and the beginning of the free friend referral period. The Lost Shores event kicks off on Friday at 3:00 p.m. EST, and the finale event begins on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. EST. The event and trial weekend will end Sunday evening.
Once the event is over, we’ll still have access to oodles of stuff, like the new dungeon, zone, and PvP map.
Low-level characters and friends recruited for the free trial weekend will be able to take advantage of side-kicking to play level 80 content for the course of the weekend, since the whole goal is to allow them to see all the cool stuff. Side-kicking is not one of the things that will be lingering on after the weekend is over, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can.

The Lost Shores
The one-time Lost Shores event is the belle of the ball, despite all the other content coming in, so let’s talk about that first.
The Lost Shores is all about the karka, a race of new-to-us foes from the depths of the sea. After being driven to their surface from their murky hives, the karka settled in Southsun Cove until the Consortium, a merchant outfit from Lion’s Arch, got all up in their wheelhouse. Now it’s up to players to resolve a grudge match between the karka and basically everyone else.
Aside from being a new type of foe, the karka also bring in new mechanics and skills. Part of the event will involve players racing around Tyria to try to figure out how to damage these baddies. You see, as they mature, karka develop a nigh-impenetrable outer shell, which players will have to get through to start doing meaningful damage. ArenaNethas put in some fancy new shaders to make the effects of damage more visible; as players chip away at the karka, they’ll see bits and pieces of shell and armor falling off.
Guild Wars 2's Lost Shores content primer
Temple of the Silent Storm
PvP players rejoiced to hear about a new sPvP map that’ll be debuting in this patch. This map takes place on one of the Kodan’s floating sanctuaries. Called the Temple of the Silent Storm, the location is the Kodan’s place of meditation and training. This iceberg map will be “very vertical.” Players moving through the rooms of the dojo will find buffs to meditate on and a powerfull boss; killing that boss will result in the killing team gaining ownership of all the capture points in the map.

Fractals of the Mists

ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson briefly introduced the brand-new dungeon as one that gets more challenging the farther in you go. Conventional wisdom would suggest that that’s nearly always the case, but Johanson left out a key detail: In the Fractals of the Mists dungeon, you can go indefinitely farther in.
The Fractals of the Mists is made up of nine mini-dungeons, each with its own story and environment. A party of five will enter the dungeon and be faced with a random set of three of these dungeons at a time. Upon completing those three, the party will be transported to a hub to rest, repair, and merch — and the difficulty scale for the dungeon will be raised. Every time the difficulty scale is at an even number, players will face a special boss encounter.
With great challenges come great rewards. The patch will introduce ascended items. Ascended armors are “slightly more powerful than exotics” and can, in some cases, hold slots for infusions. Infusions will allow you to increase your character’s power. Guild Wars players are familiar with infusing armor, although I’ll be my hat that the process doesn’t involve creepy Seers this time ’round.
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Combat Arms Announces that Delayed Patch will Finally Take Place

Kalika on the Combat Arms Forums has announced that the delayed and highly awaited patch will finally take place tonight. This patch will take place:

Pacific: 9:00 PM ~ 7:00 AM, Thursday, October 27th, 2011
Eastern: 12:00 AM ~ 10:00 AM, Friday, October 29th, 2011

When asked why the patch was delayed Kalika would only say “Usually when and update is postponed like this it’s because they found a bug or something that needs to be fixed.”

MYST-Golf Retiring; MYST-Hotel Coming Soon

Nexon announced on Monday that it would be retiring the MYST-Golf supply case.  The MYST-Golf was introduced on 22 September and contained permanent NX rares, including the SCAR-H, the MP5 RAS Centurion, the L96A1 Black-Magnum, and the SAIGA 20k CQB CAMO, as well as a variety of other NX and GP weapons.  The MYST-Golf will eventually be replaced by the MYST-Hotel, probably during the next patch.  It is not yet known what items the MYST-Hotel will contain.

Read the official announcement here.

Kalika Announces Patch Tomorrow!

Kalika announced on the forums that tomorrow, October 25th will be the much awaited patch. Combat Arms will be unavailable during this patch which will last:

Pacific: 9:00 PM ~ 7:00 AM, Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
Eastern: 12:00 AM ~ 10:00 AM, Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Many have very high hope for this patch, thinking of it as the patch that will make or break, save or destroy the future of Combat Arms. Once again, DarkSerpent put it very succinctly on the forums:

“It is moment of truth time.

I think this will be a patch where, for once, extensions may be excused. I’ve said this plenty of times, this is the most hyped and anticipated patch to date in the history of this game. Never before has a patch had such high drama or had this much at stake. Cause let’s not forget BF3 drops the same day as the patch.

Add to that this patch is make or break for most people. So let’s all hope Nexon has something in their bag of tricks and they pull out something big.”