Kirin Tor Familiar Pet Guide – Higher Learning Achievement


Naw, that’s the little guy!

What’s up guys, Syiler here with another guide for you! This guide is going to cover how to get the Kirin Tor Familiar pet which is a reward from completing the Higher Learning achievement!

But don’t be fooled this is no easy achievement, it will take dedication, knowledge and a bit of luck. After reading this guide you will be armed with everything you need to get your own Kirin Tor Familiar! (Apart from the luck, that costs extra.)

The Kirin Tor Familiar is an Arcane Elemental pet that is usable for pet battles. In terms of pet battling its abilities are as follows

Ability 1

Spells Kirintor (3)

Beam – Blasts the enemy with a beam of arcane power, dealing 22 Magic damage.


Spells Kirintor (4)

Arcane Blast – Blasts the enemy with a surge of arcane power, dealing 15 Magic damage. Damage increases by 5 each time it is used (Max 25 magic damage.)


Ability 2

Spells Kirintor (5)

Gravity – Slams the target into the ground, dealing 25 Magic damage. If used again on the same target, they are levitated and unable to flee for 2 rounds.


Spells Kirintor (6)

Arcane Storm – Deals 8 Magic damage to all enemies and warps the weather into Arcane Winds for 9 rounds. During Arcane winds, pets cannot be stunned or rooted.


Ability 3

Spells Kirintor (2)

Arcane Explosion – Deals 10 Magic damage to the enemy’s active pet and 6 Magic damage to the enemy’s backline pets.


Spells Kirintor (1)

Rot – Rots the target’s flesh, dealing 25 Undead damage and transforming them into Undead for 5  rounds.


Pet Stats

It has Level 1 stats of 155 Health, 12 Power and 11 Speed and Level 25 stats of 1465 Health, 289 Power and 273 Speed. It can only be obtained in one type Rare and a breed of 20% Health, 45% Power and 20% Speed.


The Kirin Tor Familiar is a cool pet for many reasons, the first it’s a unique skin in terms of pets, the second it’s difficult to obtain so you will be one of few with it and finally it isn’t to bad in pet battles either!

So lets move to how we get this badass with bracers, it is a reward from completing the achievement Higher Learning which requires you to read eight specific books on The Schools of Arcane Magic. These are all in Dalaran and have set spawn locations for each book but the catch is another “dummy” book can spawn in place of the one you actually need, these dummy books aren’t useful for anything apart from reading of course!

When you do find one of the books all that you need to do is click on the book as if you were reading it. Once you click on it you will notice that book name has been highlighted on the achievement and you have obtained the credit. The book will stay there for around 3 minutes before despawning after being clicked, so even if someone just beats you to it you can both get credit! Once the book has despawned another won’t spawn in its place for 3-4 hours, this is for both the real book and the dummy books. So it is a good idea to click on the dummy book so that it despawns and you have a chance of seeing the achievement book in 3-4 hours’ time!

Once you located all the books you will get a new book called The Schools of Arcane Magic – Mastery in the mail. Using this book will teleport you to the top of the Violet Citadel, a secret room only accessible by owners of this book.  In this room you will see Archmage Vargoth and by talking to him he will reward you with your own little Kirin Tor Familiar!

So let’s start the guide of by taking a look at the different spawn locations of the books, remember each book has its own set location, so if you only need one book then you only need to check one spot, the book won’t change positions so keep that in mind.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Introduction

The first book The Schools of Arcane Magic – Introducion is found in the room named The Violet Gate. This is the building where you end up when teleporting to Dalaran and houses the Mage Portal Trainer.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Introduction


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Abjuration

The next book is found on the ground next to a stool, within the building called the Dalaran Visitor Center.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Abjuration


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Conjuration

The Violet Citadel contains two of the book locations, Conjuration can be found on the ground floor of the Citadel, on the bottom shelf of the bookcase to the right.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Conjuration


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Divination

This is the second book to be found within the Violet Citadel, this is up the stairs and to the left of the portal that leads to the Caverns of Time. It will spawn on the floor in between the two books cases here.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Divination


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Enchantment

The fifth book is on the balcony of the building called The Threads of Fate. It spawns on the small box next to the larger box with bottles on.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Enchantment


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Illusion

Illusion is found just outside of Violet Hold, it will spawn on the boxes just next to the left of Archmage Timear.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Illusion


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Transmutation

The book of Transmutation is found on the ground floor of the Legerdemain Lounge building. It will spawn on the bookcase at the right of one of the exits. It will spawn on the second shelf of the empty bookcase.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Transmutation


The schools of Arcane Magic – Necromancy

The final book can be found on the top floor of the Legerdemain Lounge building. It will spawn in the left bedroom on the third shelf of the empty bookcase.

The schools of Arcane Magic – Necromancy


Tips and Tricks

The books will always respawn after a server shutdown/restart so if you are able to log on when the server comes back up you will find all the books spawned, it can and most likely will be fake books but still worth checking all the spawns you still need.

Keep a note of when you have looted a fake book as you will want to return in 3 hours and sit waiting until it respawns again. This will ensure you don’t ever miss a book spawn that you need and once you find the real book you no longer need to check that location.

Teaming up with someone else who is after the pet will be extremely beneficial as more then one person can read the books as long as you get to it within 3 minutes of the first read. So working with someone means you can cover more spawn locations easier and as long as you all alert each other of a book, all can benefit!


So that is the end of this guide, I wish you the best of luck in getting this pet.

Thanks for reading #cya!

Lore, Warcraft & You! -Introduction


Welcome to Meoni’s lore column, each week we’ll be talking about events or opinions on general Lore elements and how they are told within the World of Warcraft videogame franchise! This week in Lore, Warcraft & You! I take a look at what lore actually is, and why it’s important to the games we play, ensuring a continued value for money experience in a growing world of ‘competition’.

Picture 25

As a child, books were never things I would actively seek out, nor did I find much interest in written media at all until much later in life, but the one thing that stays in my mind are stories such as the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, or any of the Terry Pratchett works. Like most children, I had stories read aloud to me by either my parents before bed or at school, and honestly I preferred it that way, and have continued to be this way to this day, with many audio books adorning my media player library in preference to the books on my shelves. I feel this relaxing, almost meditation like state allowed my mind to race away with conjured up images of what a Hobbit even looked like, or what I believed Smaug the dragon would sound like in his bellowing narrative.

Such grand, epic stories, so colourful and rich, written so beautifully the narrative medium they were delivered upon was always clear and painted the scene perfectly. That in my opinion is then the definition of a good story, one that can be told without too much guidance to the reader, and one that doesn’t require time to understand what is happening on the pages during action sequences or heavy interactions between multiple characters. Translation between media allows for a much purer experience, but only if delivered properly, which is why making content based on pre-designed lore, such as a film or game, is the most important thing there is.

Now if you look at the Warcraft franchise, it’s clear to see that development in all aspects of the medium has resulted in more and more time to focus on enriching story elements to the point of equality, or in some cases even better than what could possibly be explained in pages in a book.

Lore in itself is not the story, but the context of that story, and a slight error can mean the difference between a fluid experience and one of pure misery when trying to piece a world together, especially as vast and intricate as Azeroth. A good example of this was during the Cataclysm expansions premiere at Blizzcon 2010. A fellow gamer and now well known lore enthusiast Ian Bates, better known as ‘Red Shirt Guy’ by both the panel and the wow community, asked a question based on one of these discrepancies he had discovered.

The question referred to a recent book in the Warcraft universe, The shattering, which told of the events leading up to the Cataclysm expansions present timeline. He pointed out that a character that Blizzard had forgotten about, ‘Falstad Wildhammer’, presumed dead by the lore panel team, was actually in fact actively playing a role within the vanilla WoW game all the way up to the end of the ‘Wrath Of The Lich king’ expansion, yet completely missing from the ‘Council of Three Hammers’, an organised group of leaders within the Dwarf race.

Chris Metzen and the lore panel then checked this and declared the ‘red shirt’ guy correct, changed the game to include the missing character in the next expansion in his rightful place, and even included the gentleman asking the question as the ‘Lore Checker’ NPC in the game, stood next to the ‘Council Of Three Hammers’ themselves.

Mistakes are easily made, and the previous example shows the dedication and following behind the Warcraft games and the respected lore behind each and every storyline. As a result of this community interaction, the game has enforced standards to be both met and addressed with each and every game design decision, which in turn has helped create World of Warcraft into the rich, story driven game it is today.


It can be said that the game has never been as story driven as it has been in recent Expansions, with many new methods of telling those stories introduced into Mists of Pandaria. Lorewalker Cho for example, voiced by the fantastically enthusiastic Jim Cummings, a veteran in lending his vocal talents to the video game world is key to this discussion.

The Thunder King official trailer that Blizzard released prior to the raids release to the public, featured rhyming couplets and a poetic projection of the events involving the resurrection and history behind the end boss of that raid.

This by far has to be one of the most impressive works of art the Blizzard team has put together in my opinion, with an extremely high quality presentation level and frankly spine tingling delivery.

As Cummings’ character tells the story of the Pandaren people, raised as slaves under the ancient Mogu empire, ruled by the powerful Thunder King, you get a sense this is more than just the amalgamation of ideas on paper, but a whole intricate thought out part of why the Pandaren even accept the outsiders eventually and try to trust the player throughout their adventures in Pandaria.

To get such a talented vocal inspiration working on a project like this is no easy feat. Consider the distance the game has had to travel before not just the money, but the renowned respect the company was there for this to be possible. For it’s progression in dedication to both customer service and delivery of a worthwhile, value for money product for consumption, is obviously the key concern of the whole development team. This is just one of many other reasons we could talk about in a future post of why WoW still reigns as the number one subscription based MMORPG around.


The community behind a project like this, is what makes World Of Warcraft what it is, without our ‘Red Shirt Guy’s’, and our passionate interaction with the entire franchise, a game would just not be as rich, or even half as interesting to play, regardless of end game playable content, which I feel is where the games ‘competitors’ go wrong.

A player is given the chance to experience the in-game content at their pace, which is expected of a premium pay to play model in today’s society, with anything less than that a sure-fire way of not making even a dent in competition.

Thank you for reading this article, if you would like to continue the discussion, please do. What are your most favoured Warcraft moments? What would you like to see added to the game to further enrich the experience? Let us know, Cheers!


Plans for Patch Day?

As you may or may not have seen, Monday March 1st is patch day for LOTRO as Turbine releases Volume 3 Book 1.  The full official patch notes are up, but I will admit I didn’t see too much different between this version and what was posted to Bullroarer.  I’m pretty excited about this patch not only for the content but it actually hits at a good time for me personally such that I’ll have big chunks of un-interrupted time available!  So I figured I’d try to plan out a bit what I’ll be up to.  I’m sure there will be many other thoughts and/or plans – what’s everyone else excited about doing first?

First up will be a check on my Minstrel for all the crafting changes.  He’s my Cook/Jeweler so there are lots of changes I’ll need to absorb and ingredient lists to make (although I may try to do some of that ahead of time).  Then I’ll probably have to put up sticky notes to remind myself to re-distribute points to my legendary items ;)  It is then off to Angmar to finish up Volume 1 Book 15, chapter 12 and get my new horse!

I’ll then be switching over to my Warden to finish off her epic quests, she’ll take a bit longer as I need to finish off both Books 14 and 15.  These Volume 1 quests have just been annoying me that I didn’t finish them, so it will be very exciting to check those off the list :)  I’ll then check out the nearest reflecting pool and see what quests I’d like to re-do so I can start stocking up on my Marks of Triumph as I mentioned yesterday.

Then I’m going to jump in on Volume 3 and work through that on both characters.

After all that it will probably depend on what’s going on in Mirkwood as I’m still short on my radiance pieces.  And then there’s also my Warden’s impending journey out into the Ettenmoors!  But gathering Marks of Triumph for bartering will be a long term goal of mine and will probably occupy a good chunk of my non-raiding time :)  Oh, and lets not forget the new Rift skirmish cosmetics…

Like I said at the top – what’s on your list to do first?

Tolkien Professor update

I’ve mentioned his site before but I wanted to post a quick update as he’s roughly half-way through this semester’s course on Tolkien literature.  As a re-cap, Dr. Corey Olsen has been releasing many of his Tolkien lectures via mp3 and iTunes for a while now and this semester decided to record and post his entire class focused on Tolkien’s works!

I’ve been listening to most of it, although I have put off some of the lessons which cover material I have not read.  “Leaf by Niggle” and “Smith of Wootton Major” are the pieces I haven’t touched yet, and I’ve attempted the Silmarillion a couple of times but haven’t gotten that far in it.  The class is just about done the Silmarillion and will then be progressing through the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  With 3 classes a week they cover a TON of material but it is really interesting to listen to the discussions from another perspective.  Each class is about 50ish minutes so nothing terribly long at all.  I find the discussion about the Silmarillion quite helpful as I’ve always struggled with that one and having someone talk me through it makes a huge difference.  I’m going to make another attempt and will probably re-listen to those classes as I go.  I’m very excited to dive into the upcoming material as not only have I just finished re-reading those books but that material is very fresh in my mind from LOTRO.

So if you are a fan of the lore, want to learn more, struggle with the books, are in the middle of re-reading them, or just can’t get enough of Tolkien :) I highly recommend the podcast!  Go check out the site or go straight to the syllabus for the on-going Tolkien class for all the download information.

In addition to the podcasts you can also find information on the Festival in the Shire which is a collection of authors, musicians, scholars, and artists celebrating the works of Tolkien over in the UK.  I doubt I’ll make it, but I know some of my readers are in that general area of the world so it would be worth checking out if you live near there or are planning a visit.

My Volume 3 omission

I knew I forgot something :(  But as stated on Orion’s blog and teased at in his interview with LOTRO Cast Episode 20 it appears that the Volume 1 revamp has been completed and should also be available for Volume 3 release.  Now granted, there’s no confirmation of when it will be released, but Volume 3 seems to make sense.

So, now that I remember that piece of good news I’m much more positive on the next update.  Being able to finish Volume 1 off on all my toons will be a HUGE relief and something that has really bothered me but is SUCH a pain to get done.

Patch thoughts and other ramblings

I’ll have a few updates today, but the main LOTRO news is the first Siege of Mirkwood patch which rolls live tomorrow.  In addition I wanted to mention a new release of a handy in-game tool and an update on my progress so far.

First off, the patch. Check out the release notes, as there really aren’t that many but some very significant ones:

  • Incoming healing has been fixed to not be defended by tactical crit rating!
  • The skirmish exploit has been fixed
  • The Survival – Barrow Downs skirmish is back up
  • Skirmish kill XP now has a buff icon.  I didn’t even realize this XP was buffed ;)
  • Non Siege of Mirkwood players are no longer limited to 3 skirmishes
  • Summoning a pet (or banner) will no longer wipe soldier vitals!
  • Item wear on defeat has been decreased inside skirmishes
    • This helps, but general item wear is still pretty steep
  • All legendary items will be reset to 0 spent points
  • Various legendary item legacy tier increases have been fixed to actually be beneficial.  I’m not sure this is a complete list of the “broken” ones but it is a good step.
  • Quest items can no longer be kept in shared storage – not sure if this applies to level 45 quest items or not
  • Various other skirmish and instance updates as well.

For those of you who use CStats, there’s an update available – this thread has the details. The main updates are for healing and skirmish soldiers.  He’s also made the graphs prettier :)  With the updates for the soldiers should make it easier to do analysis on which soldier is best – especially now that healing is properly tracked and accounted for.

For you lore geeks out there (like me) the Tolkein Professor is back in class!  He just posted the first part of lecture 5 on the Hobbit and will be posting his new class which starts today.  Check him out over here.

And finally, a little update on my progress.  My captain is now 62, but I mainly was working on him to build rep up as he’s my metalsmith.  I really wanted that shield on my warden :)  I’m now planning to shift gears and work on my Minstrel – partly to level but also for rep as I’m intrigued by some of the jewelry options.  My warden is slowly updating her gear and I now have 3 pieces of the mixed radiance set (the +15 and +25).  I’ve also successfully solo’d the first boss in sword halls – the morrovals however are pretty darn annoying ;)  The other big news for me is I have left my kinship after much internal debating and a couple of in-game events.  Basically it just wasn’t a good fit as there were things that I was looking for.  The kin was mainly focused on running BG and as such all efforts were centered on not only that but getting used to the folks running that raid.  And as someone who’s fallen behind due to the holidays, I was in need of other things.  So, the kinship quest begins and I’ll probably post on my progress but so far I haven’t done all that much.  But, if anyone has any suggestions for a good end-game kinship (that has event sign-ups) on Silverlode let me know!

More later, including lots of good Warden discussions from the LOTRO forums!

Latest dev postings

I’m glad to see a pretty continual stream of information from the Turbine staff (still not the topic I really want) and the MyLotro site has seemed to provide a pretty good mechanism for them to do it.  These two were posted over on A Casual Stroll to Mordor with a pretty good breakdown of the news.  Two main pieces of information – one concerning horses which I think the CStM folks covered pretty well but it is the other piece that was more interesting to me.

This piece comes from Orion on his blog, Orion’s belt where he discussed the issue of completing the epic quests.  Previous diaries have confirmed that Volume 2 Book 9 will use the skirmish technology such that you can choose the group size (or solo) that you want to complete the book with.  When this announcement was made, I was really hoping they could apply that to the Volume 1 content as well, which was agreed might be an option down the line.  Here’s my post on that topic – Made of Lions forum comments. However, Orion’s looking at another system all together where you can basically “super-size” your toon such that you can handle group content – more power and more morale is added to your toon for that quest.  This almost strikes me as similar to some of the Moria session play sequences where we played as a dwarf who had similar skills but much higher morale and power.

So to me it seems like Skirmishes are the methodology for the future but to make them work retroactively is challenging and that’s why Orion (or whichever did the work that Orion posted) came up with their idea as the content and mobs don’t change we’re just given a boost.

Overall, I really like the concept here – catching up on book quests can be a HUGE pain.  I’m currently doing it on my warden in Volume 1 and solo’d up to 7.8, but then needed help.  I duo’d up through book 12  and I believe that’s where I needed a couple others to help out.  I’m currently at 14.1 and will probably need a few to knock out books 14 and 15.

I’d much rather them do things this way as opposed to what they did with Book 1 in that they made it super easy.  Now I understand that having book 1 be as hard as it was off the bat probably wasn’t the best idea – what I mean is that I’d prefer that they continue to have challenging content with an option to complete it on your own if that’s your preferred style.  For on level and on-time content I don’t think these changes should apply but for content that’s a book or two (or in this case an expansion or 2) behind it should be modified such that it is easier to catch up.  They’ve done a good job of allowing “catch-up” points such that you could start a current book without completion of the previous one in many cases, but you’re still missing out on content.  And in most of these cases, we’re not doing the quests for the loot – we’re doing it to get caught up on the story so there’s really not any gameplay impact to others that did the content right off the bat.

So kudos to Turbine for not only looking at this problem but providing a few ways to help mitigate it.  I don’t want a solo MMO, but if you’re rolling an alt, or just get behind, these methods will make it much easier to catch back up with friends or just other players.

LOTR Lore – the Akallabeth

So I found this on the forums, the re-telling of “The Akallabeth” talks of the transition from 1st age to 2nd and the start of the 2nd age.  It is from the Silmarillion which I still haven’t read – and don’t get too excited Merric, I have read the LOTR books and Hobbit (the actual books) numerous times.  Check it on on the forums – Akallabeth.

Tolkien Professor

So I’m just about caught up on his podcasts and so far have really enjoyed them.  He’s starting with the Hobbit but will then move on to the LOTR books as well.  I’ve always enjoyed these stories and listening to somone else talk about them has brought out all sorts of new ways to understand and appreciate the works.  It also helps remind of bits I have forgotten, and quite often does tie into little nuggets you find in game.

One thing I was pretty excited about was that he announced he will be releasing his spring undergrad class via podcasts as well.  He’ll be covering a lot of Tolkien’s works including some short stories, the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and LOTR.  I’m pretty excited about it as I’ve never read the Silmarillion and would love to have someone guiding me through it as I understand it can be a little tough.  Class starts in January! :)

I wish I could remember who blogged about this podcast recently, but thanks to whoever it was!

You can find the Tolkien Professor his Main site which has links to the podcasts, discussion forum, and lots more.