Play Like a Pro! – Survival Hunter Weak Aura / Information!


Hello and welcome to our newest series inspired by our third Podcast ( where Metro discusses how simple UI elements can make a world of difference and helps players looking to take their character to the next level do just that. As mentioned in the Podcast, if you aren’t playing with proper Keybinds, Macros, or Addons, you might as well be missing a hand compared to players who are! These guides will be focused on players who already understand the class/spec and are looking to elevate their game to the next level. The experience I have with each spec is almost purely through Challenge Mode dungeons, and can say these design elements can make or break your play and will tell you if / when you are ready for that next step. Let’s get started!

Today we will examine Survival Hunter Weak Aura set up and show how a few simple indicators can take your play from moderate to exceptional. This one will be especially important, as from my experience, I literally have never played a DPS spec at any high level. Yet with this combination of Auras, I am able to hang with anyone!

The Weak Aura set-up we will be examining today is once again wholly different from the Tanking and Healing ones I have posted, mostly because the spec and playstyle is quite different. As a DPS, you have one real focus, but its more about maximization than anything. In order to do this properly, you want as many tools as possible helping you with your rotation, CDs, and procs. Doing this helps you focus on the more important things, especially in small group content such as Interrupts, Dispels, and AOE stuns. A lot of people play a DPS spec to be the ultra dps machine, but I promise you that if you focus more on your own survival and those around you, you will be helping your group more than if you stand still, eat all the mechanics, and do one point hundred kay dps. Let’s move on to how you can do that easily with this weak aura set up!

Hunter Weak Aura

Clink to Enlarge!

At face value, there is a lot going on in this screenshot, but by the end of this, you should understand exactly what you need, why you need it, and how it can benefit some like me who does NOT have the DPS mindset already ingrained in their skull.

Rotation Helper -

Compared to the Frost Mage cluster, this is as basic as it gets, however just as effective when dealing with the Survival Hunter rotation. There is little complicated about ability usage, therefore there is little complicated about the string.

Hunter Weak Aura

You’ll see two icons in the screenshot, hopefully both of which are familiar! On top we have the Hunter’s Mark warning indicator, which will simply appear if your target does not have Hunter’s Mark. Its set up so that any hunter’s application will count, so you should get used to pretty much never seeing this while doing anything serious.

The icon on the bottom is of course for Serpent Sting, but is a dynamic icon that will rotate through the ability selection preferable. The list of abilities and priority are as follows:

1- Serpent Sting (If not applied)
2- Kill Shot (If Available)
3- Black Arrow (If not applied)
4- Lock and Load (if Procced, explosive shot 2x)
5- Explosive Shot (If available +focus)
6- Glaive Toss (If Talented, and higher priority on CD)
7- Thrill of the Hunt Proc (If talented, and everything  else on CD. Note for AOE!)

Of course, those who have played the class for a long time will find flaws or say this isn’t necessary, but as mentioned before, the more tools you have to guide you the better you can play!
The Weak Aura String for this set is part of the CD set as well, so keep reading!

Major CD Set -

Nearly as important as any rotation tracker, you’ll find the major CD tracker to be your best friend in 5 man content especially. Lynx Rush can be extremely important for AOE, so knowing its precise CD can mean big things. Of course, even in raids its very important to be aware of exact timers, but you’ll notice when pulling bosses 200+ times, the CD timers become more muscle memory than anything. Regardless, this will help guide you along your path.

CD group

In case you need this level of explanation, The top left icon is Rapid Fire, the top right is Stampede (aka zoo), and the bottom left is Lynx Rush. I currently do not run Dire Beast, and only do CM on this toon, so likely never will. If you need to add it, you can copy and paste the coupled icons for each CD and simply change its ability target to be Lynx Rush instead of whatever it is. Then just place them where you want, and enjoy!

It should be noted that the space on the bottom right is typically occupied by a Aspect tracker, which will be separate from these pieces, and will be explained shortly.

To implement the Weak Auras described as the Major CD Set, as well as the Rotation Helper, copy from the pastebin!

Focus Bar -

Focus bar

Even more basic, but even more important for some one learning hunter. This bar will track exactly how much focus you have and display it in both a progressive bar, and as a finite number at the end. As before, the more you play the less you will need something like this, but its helps tremendously when attempting to pool Focus for upcoming aoe or even Black Arrow Global.

Find the Weak Aura String for this here!

Aspect Tracker -

Aspect Tracker

As mentioned previous, please take care to note that the bottom left symbol is the only one relevant to this section. I show them all to denote the slight size increase in the Aspect tracker, to help it always be your eye’s focal point. This is important, because if you are ever accidentally in the wrong aspect, it could be disastrous for your group. Especially in Challenge Modes, you should constantly be switching between speed aspects and DPS, to assure both you and your group are being maximized. Using Aspect of the Pack at every safe availability can save a LOT of seconds, especially in the larger dungeons.

In terms of display, it will simply show the icon for the aspect you are in. As depicted, shows Iron Hawk as well!

Not shown is the indicator for when you have no aspect up. This is obviously just an oversight, but if something causes it, an icon will appear towards the middle to help you immediately resolve the issue.

Find the String here!

Pet Isn’t Attacking!? -

Most annoying thing ever about the Hunter class. Its a real issue as well, especially on some raid encounters and Challenge Modes. This icon will help discern where your pet is, and will help you know when Lynx Rush is actually possible.

Pet attacking

You’ll see that when your pet isn’t doing damage to something that matters, the cute little bear icon will be jumping up and down. This will help you notice it, and also remind you never to hit your pet. They aren’t children for ever, and its important to cherish the time you spend together.
Please not that this is only for combat purposes. If for some reason you do not have a pet altogether, there is another weak aura for that.

Find the Weak Aura String Here!

No Pet Currently Out! -

Whenever you pet is actually alive, but you do not have it out, this icon will appear.

No pet whistle

If your pet is dead, this will not appear though. This is only for alerting you that you have a living pet that isn’t active.

No tint, Fishbowl. It ain’t hard to spot ‘em.

Potion CD -

Just like with Frost Mage, potion maximization is extremely important for Hunters in Challenge Modes. I wouldn’t imagine you will need an aura like this for actual raiding, but it is more valuable than all the rest when you are a spec that doesn’t require an invisibility potion to make most skips. There will be some that are risky with Camo, and for those, you can either intentionally pull, disengage, and then Feign once the group has passed, or you can simply go Engineering.
Regardless, the options are very important to your success, and should be used to their fullest.

Potion cd

The potion Tracker consists of two separate trackers. I use both for CM, but only 1 for actual raiding, as having a potion icon on your screen when you are intentionally saving it for 5+ minutes is really distracting. Get both, and activate each separately, if need-be.

Potion is Ready!
PotionCD Tracker!


Well that’s everything, so if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the forum attached to this topic, or contact me in game.
As always, I am not fluent in the program, and usually find people who ARE fluent and modify their work. Most of this was assembled from two separate concepts. A few was taken from the Huntman’s Lodge blog and some other pieces were taken from this thread on the official WoW forums.

Either way, it’s important to remember that you are the best person to help yourself improve, but with tools and help from those already experienced you can transform yourself into a top-tier player near instantly.

Discuss this Topic at:
See the set-up in action:
Soon to come!
Check out my Hunters’s Armory:
Download Weak Auras Two:

Level 50’s Take on Level 60 Raids!



Cloaked in a black shroud and heirloom mail shoulders, the mighty ‘Fightpasta’; Legend amongst her own Night Elven kin, makes her way down the fiery chains of Blackrock Mountain, unprepared for the adventures that await. Following closely behind her, the mighty Tiger she had raised from a cub; ‘David B.o.E’ and the sound of many other players, their chain and plate mail clinking at every footstep, similar in appearance and style. This then was the first community event on European cross realm servers for level 50 twink characters, an ambitious idea supported by significant restrictions.

The idea was simple, get as many people to create level 50 characters and equip them with the best items they can find at that level. With that came profession choices, specialisations, talents, buff selection, pet choice, etc. To try and do as much level 60+ content as possible with characters not suited to that bracket. Continuing on our journey, my character, the mighty huntress was chosen by the team to support the raid with particular bonuses that came from pet choice, and it would soon become apparent that David B.o.E (The Tiger) would not be useful within the Molten Core, and so I waved goodbye and brought out my trusty, yet less well named Boar; ‘Rammy’.

Now you may be aware that Molten Core has some particularly painful trash between and prior to nearly every boss within the instance, so it was decided that a level 90 would clear the majority of the annoying trash and then leave the instance. A short leisurely, yet fiery trip further down the ramp brings us to the tunnel before boss number one; the formidable Lucifron.


Lucifron, one of the many Lieutenants of the mighty Firelord himself, is not particularly anything difficult. He has 3 abilities; One which does shadow damage to nearby enemies every 10 seconds, another aoe that does shadow damage to nearby enemies, and his curse which causes nearby enemies to have a 100% increase in all costs to all spells and abilities for five minutes. Supported by two Flamewalker Protectors, of which do nothing particularly special aside from a mind control on one player for 15 seconds, the whole tactic is as you would guess to destroy the additional enemies prior to doing damage to Lucifron himself.

Tactics aside the communication barrier is broken, as another of my kin, a fellow hunter steps too close to the boss. Suddenly the room is awake with arrows flying through the air and spell effects blocking out the darkness in the dingy tunnel we were fighting within. Surprisingly, the casualties are minimum and shortly after the initial pull the tanks have the boss and his minions under control. The raid went with 23 level 50 characters, 3 of which were now dead on the floor. Just under a minute later Lucifron and his minions are dead, adorning the floor with their serpentine appearances, 20 colourful champions stood above them rolling for loot that none of them can use.

So then, that’s a slice of the experience so far. As we continued the bosses became increasingly more relaxing, and easier. The sheer differences in class dynamics and scaling of statistics on pieces of gear has essentially made many things possible for low level characters that should not be, and to some extent made the experiment somewhat pointless. Personally I expected to have more resistance from the giant elite level 60 bosses of Molten Core; a place that I can only imagine would have been extremely irritating rather than complex.

Being stood there, with 22 others in those underground halls gave me an impression only equal to half of the scale of raids that would have been taken to the instance in its 40 man days. Yet the whole thing felt somewhat underwhelming, like the mechanics of the bosses were basic, and to many extents trivialised by simply using raid markers to direct the raid. We didn’t use a voice communication server, as such that I thought would at least increase the difficulty of the event, but it didn’t. When people regale me of times they had in ‘Vanilla’ WoW, they speak of how epic and grand 40 man raiding was, how they had these fantastic experiences that cannot compare to today’s raiding scene. Bosses fell in minutes, and granted characters could not have done this all those years ago, and in many ways this only demonstrated that twinking at this level offers very little challenge or reward, unlike the 70 and 80 Brackets.

The mechanics we saw on the bosses were simple, and I would argue that fights such as Baron Geddon; Where you must move from the raid with Living bomb and then return, all of these basic mechanical pre-requisites for completing the fight are all present in current time within 5 man heroic dungeons, and to some extent normal mode fights. Perhaps as the game has developed over time, so has the skill of the average player, or rather the requirements for that player to engage in harder content.


So when I think of the amazing stories I’ve been told about how epic the raiding was back then, all I think of is how 40 people overcame communication boundaries and a poorly implemented series of game mechanics and unbalanced classes, and that in many ways the experiences they had felt good because of their accomplishments within their own community, with their friends. I have the same feelings about The Burning Crusade, many times I remember how our Karazhan runs would be filled with laughter and progression, but the fights themselves weren’t all that great. The people I raided with and the communities I engaged myself with are what made me play World of Warcraft, and continue to make me play the game to this day.

It’s safe to say that 40 man raiding would not work within the WoW we know and love today, because the limitations of what can be done mechanically, is completely dependant on organisation. If you could run 40 people into any of the MoP raids, do you think the various mechanics that made those fights difficult would remain the same? Honestly, the more people you have versus an enemy in a hot-key based MMO, the less likely it is you will follow mechanics and the more likely it is you would zerg it and go all out. Look at the isle of Giant with Oondasta, the great killer of pugs. That dinosaur has 2 mechanics, all of which rely on a tank facing the boss away from the raid to prevent a wipe, yet ‘Frillblast’ was the cause of endless wipes.

Ordos has mechanics on the Timeless isle, yet groups I enter fill with 40 people, with many others also taking part in the fight from without the raid group each week. The mechanics go from being structured points on the dungeon journal to what they are in reality, stand on the boss and move around with him whilst 12 healers put down healing aoe’s completely negating the damage that would otherwise kill you. There is strength in numbers, but very little skill.

This is the first week of our adventures in level 60 content, where we have cleared all bosses within the Molten Core, and the first boss of AQ 40, where soon after we called the raid due to losing members to time commitments. It’s something I will continue, simply out of curiosity mainly, as I want to find the point where the game changes, and in turn the difficulty of added mechanics make our progression near impossible without the communication and strategy that’s present in modern day raiding.

I hope you have found this article interesting, and if you wish to continue this discussion further please drop over to the WoW Stratics Forums, where you can tell me all about your favourite days in WoW and your own experiences of the changes in raiding.

World of Warcraft Starting new (1-10)


As this is a new start for World Of Warcraft section of Stratics, I thought it would be suitable to make an article by starting a new character. This is by no means my first character, I have played since Wrath Of The Lich King, yes, I know, Wrathbaby and all that. I have no heirlooms, not even a bow, I’m trying to make the few hours leveling as authentic as possible. So I went to my home realm of Draenor EU, made a new hunter, an Orc hunter, called him Straticshot, cause I’m clever like that, and clicked Enter World.
So there I was, fresh noob from the The School Of Orc Hunters, ready to take on the World Of Warcraft, or at least Durotar for now, with my trusty boar. Will rename him later, until then, he is simply known as Boar. I haven’t started a new character in ages, so I was a bit excited to do this. The Orc starting area is still the same, first quest is to kill my pet’s relatives. Sad, but there is xp to be earned, no time for moral dilemmas. I returned the quest and just as I dinged level 2, I was invited to a guild, level 11 guild and that means I get a few of the perks, lovely perks, 10% xp bonus perks. That is a lot of xp in the long run. I informed my new guild who I am and what I do and that this character is only there for a few hours. It was met with complete silence, which I took as a nod of the head on the other side of the screen. I did all the starting area quests, got lost in the cave like a newbie, didn’t loot the Medallion and had to run back, you know, all the things that a new player might do… or even experienced player who is rusty at leveling.

After 24 minutes played time, I was level 5 and ready to take on the aforementioned Durotar. I went to Senjin Village and picked up the quests there. Met a few players along the way, asked how is their day and got no answers back, for an MMO players, they weren’t that social I must say. Anyway, I was again on my way, this time I was hunting Crawler Mucus, yes, because it is still there and it still takes 10 minutes to get them all. When I was coming back I saw a message in General chat about a level 90 Alliance DK, if you don’t know, Draenor EU is 99.9% Horde, well maybe not that much, but you get the idea. I had to see the 8th wonder of the world and went to take a look. As I got there, he was already dead and about 14 level 90 Horde players were also there, along with 10 level 5-10 newbies. I asked where they sell the tickets, but only got laughter.

As I was continuing my quests after multiple distractions, I finally had a chat with Raider whatshisname and his Dog and they kindly gave me a ride to Razor Hill. Now, I have not been there in a while and when I got there I was amazed by the amount of NPC´s that had landed there. Makes the place feel more alive and gives you a feeling that something is up. Even if you are lowbie! Again I went on my way to glory and fame and as I was killing LT. Palliter in the castle, I had my first answer from a player, two people actually accepted my group invite so we can all get the kill. Small victory in social gameplay.

The rest of the leveling in Razor Hill was rather uneventful, didn’t see many other players and it all started to feel like a grind, just going from quest to quest. But once I hit level 9 and headed towards Orgrimmar, my spirits picked up, mainly because of the Orc and his Cat who walks the road between Orgrimmar and Razor Hill. For the younger players, their names are just names, but for an older gamer like myself who was a kid in the 80´s and a teen in the 90´s Tednug and Scratcfever will always give a laugh.

When I got to the gates of Orgrimmar, I was only one level away from the magical level 10. So I returned the quest I got from Razor Hill and picked up new ones. Anyone who quested in Durotar before Cataclysm will remember the annoying little Goblin and his Orb. I will always do this quest with joy, I will get the orb from his cold, dead hands; well, in this case I will get his cold dead hand that is holding the orb. Grim, yes, but after the many many times the little goblin killed me, I don’t mind at all.

I returned all the quests and got my first green items, items with stats on them, the gloves with +1 intellect won’t do much for me, but it’s green! And I hit the magical level 10!! So I also got to pick my spec and as a non heirloomed hunter, I will put my boar to work and pick Beast Mastery, mind you, even if I had looms I would pick Beast Mastery, the proper way of leveling.

1 (2)

The Hunter

LOTRO Hunter Feature



Easily the most popular class in Lord of the Rings: Online the Hunter brings excellent ranged damage, and the ability to swiftly travel with his fellowship across Middle Earth but at a cost.

As Hunters engage in combat they gain Focus through the use of skills, and special strikes.  Once they have built up enough focus they can unleash even more devastating strikes on their foes.  As the Hunter progresses, he gains the ability to increase his focus rapidly both before combat and during it making him one with his foes and a master at bring swift death to the allies of Mordor.

For all the benefits of the Hunter there comes a price, hunters are restricted to light and medium armours, and do not have the ability to “tank” foes that classes such as the Guardian or the Warden do.  Their inability to use shields reduces their critical defence ratings and overall armour value.


Race Restrictions: All Races may play a Hunter

Primary Role:  Damager

Hunters are able to deal devastating ranged damage. Their ability to gain proficiency with all one handed weapons, combined with their dual wield ability gives them the means to quickly deal with those foes who do not fall to their arrows.  Be warned though their high DPS values come at a price, hunters while capable in melee combat do not have the hardiness of some other classes.  The proficiency in laying traps and snares give the hunter additional time to attack his foes from a distance, while his abilities to slow opponent movement, and deal damage over time make a skilled hunter a force to be reckoned with anywhere in Middle Earth.


Hunters in Solo Play

Hunters make excellent Solo Play characters, their ranged DPS means as long as you can avoid pulling multiple mobs you can generally take down a considerable amount of an opponents morale before engaging in melee combat.  The hunters weaker armour value and  critical defense ratings tend to lead the solo hunter to try and attack from maximum range when possible.  Hunters also have slow, and damage over time attacks which increase damage output while leaving the hunter room to fall back from melee combat when necessary and possible, in the event of close quarter combat the hunter can daze an opponent in order to buy a few moments to use heal potions, abilities, or manoeuvre to better advantage.  At higher levels the hunter gains the ability to root several targets at once, making dealing with groups of mobs much easier.  The ability to augment their damage output and effects of some ranged skills through the use of weapon oils, and their ability to lay down snares and traps can greatly increase the survivability of the Solo Hunter.


Hunters in Fellowships

Hunters are a welcome addition to fellowships during skirmishes and raids, though be warned hunters easily draw threat and can be overwhelmed. The group hunter should use the Endurance, or Precision Stance, at lower levels, which greatly reduces the amount of threat they generate.  Hunters in groups generally stand back and attack from a distance while guardians, wardens, or captains “tank” high morale, or large groups of mobs.  The use of snares and traps can greatly assist in the survivability of a group is used correctly.

LOTRO Hunter Icon

Hunter Dev Diary posted!

From ZC through Sapience and now right to you:

Definitely a must-read for hunters; changes to all three lines, AoE purge poison for traiting Trapper of Foes, Fleet Stance becoming a skill, off-hands added to all melee skills (cya Bow and Blade!).  A very interesting update that changes hunters from “3/0/4 or 4/0/3″ into a class worth taking to the Bard for re-specing.

Also: new class items!  Hooray!!!

Enjoy this read with a focus potion and a strong cup of red tea.

Stance: Improved Fleet, You, and the CC-Immune

Recently, a fellow hunter reached level 56 and purchased the skill “Stance: Fleet” (S:F) from the trainer.  Noting it’s weaknesses compared to the other stances, (s)he inquired as to the skills use.

After the usual responses about the animation on the skill (which is worth the purchase price, IMO!), the question came re: my use of the skill, as I’ve been one of a select few hunters that has really tested S:F and S:IF in real-world settings… and then talked about it.

For the first part, the actual unimproved Stance: Fleet is exceptionally worthless.  Unlike the other stances, it’s not a simple toggle.  You must be in-combat AND have focus to activate the stance, the stance consumes focus, and the stance expires when you run out of focus.  Additionally, the stance cooldown time for S:F is different and more annoying than the other (3), which means ‘stance-dancing’ between S:F and the others isn’t an attractive option, you’ll be w/o a stance for a portion of time.

For all of this, you gain the ability to have more of your auto-attacks (AAs) land while on the run. S:F also is the only stance that does NOT modify the Quick Shot skill in any way, so you lose the ability to apply a slow in S:S, crit more frequently in S:P, or detaunt in S:E.

All in all, this skill is, for lack of a better phrase, ‘a bucket of fail’ on paper and in practice.

The Improved version, though, unlocked by traiting 5 into the Huntsman tree, has some interesting changes.  Most importantly, it does not consume focus simply by being in the stance.  Less importantly, it also applies a 10% reduction to attack speed (do not confuse this w/ induction time on skills, it simply speeds up the animation.)  This can make your focus skills fire a smidge faster, especially if you combine it w/ Needful Haste (25% reduction) and Legendary Item relics (2 or 2.5% / LI, depending on the tier.)

This means you can zip around, slap a Barbed Arrow bleed on a target, and when running it around, slowly whittle away at it due to your AA’s landing far more reliably.

Unfortunately, compared to Strength Stances slow modification to Quick Shot (which can be improved to a 50% slow w/ the right Legendary Item legacy), or the fact that you can Trap, Fear, or Rain of Thorns a MOB, the ‘kiting’ playstyle is hampered by all of our inductions.  You *have* to build distance in order to queue a shot, have it go off, and then gain more distance.  S:S’s QS slow (and low cut, if it closes) does this much better/faster than running it around w/ a BA bleed and some auto-attack damage.


… the creature in question is completely immune to slow, traps, and fears.

This, my fellow hunters, is the very, very niche use of I:SF; kiting immune MOBs around, while tickling it to death w/ a barbed arrow bleed, w/ AA’s whittling away.  Using trees, rocks, etc, you can keep the monster permanently behind you, while you run around in circles, turning only to reapply the bleed and a few AAs before running the loop again.

This can work versus Mithril Flake droppers, as well as certain bosses, such as Instance bosses. 

Again, this is a very, very narrow utility, not worth slotting in regular ‘business’ but useful for those pursuing a specific goal.  Should you also pursue that goal, I recommend slotting the Barbed Fury, and using a LI (x)bow with the Barbed Arrow Bleed damage Legacy, and with “attack duration” relics slotted in both LIs to minimize the animation of attack animations as much as possible.

Good luck, and Happy Hunting in Middle Earth!

You’re doing it wrong

So there was a post on the warden boards last week titled “What makes a bad warden” that got me thinking about the things players do that drive me batty while they’re in our fellowship.  I don’t mean this as a bashing thread, more a “what not to do” discussion.  This was further reinforced as shortly after reading that thread I did Sword Halls with 2 captains and had no less then 3 fear debuffs on me the entire time – even after asking in chat numerous times for a muster!

Hopefully by looking at what others don’t like about our class we can all become better players.  Essentially this is the inverse of the “what I wish others knew about wardens” post meant to help folks find what others don’t like about what they do.  I mainly play a warden, captain, or minstrel so I know the most about them – so if a class has a shorter list it mainly means I just don’t know it well enough or group with enough bad ones to have pet-peeves.  So in no particular order please don’t be one of those people that do the following things:

In general

  • not considerate of others time
  • un-announced afk’s
  • not prepared (no food/pots, wrong gear, etc.)
  • not knowing their class
  • not listening, or repeating the same mistake over and over again
    • “don’t hit the mezzed mobs”
  • Anyone with a cure that doesn’t use it (captains muster courage, hunters poison, LM wound, etc.)
  • Not assisting the main assist (use the window)
  • not letting the main puller pull
    • usually it should be the tank, but crown control pulls are handy
  • not removing corruptions if it assigned to you (or you’re a champ/warden that can “spam” them)
  • fighting for agro – pick a tank and go with it, even if you’re a tanking class
    • force-taunting off the tank usually isn’t a good idea.  Not only is it annoying to the tank but it also confuses them as they may think they’re losing agro when if fact usually it will pop back once the taunt wears off
    • Only force taunt when someone asks you to
  • Positioning:
    • Don’t:
      • Stand in fire (or something equally nasty)
      • stand in an area with AoEs
      • run too far away from the group
      • run away from the tank if you pull agro
    • Do:
      • stay behind mobs while not tanking
        • you take MUCH less damage this way
        • comment by xhii – mobs can’t block/parry attacks from behind, so better chance of hitting
        • burgs definitely get a damage bonus, but I’m not sure about others
      • stay in range of your healer
      • comment by vr00mfondel keep mobs together as it allows folks with AoEs to use them
      • if you’re tanking – pull mobs a bit away from the group and spin them around such that their back is to the group (real key for Trolls)
        • comment by xhii – keep mobs in front as you can’t block/parry attacks from behind


  • If tanking – not using full breadth of skills (HoTs and buffs for example)
    • you should hear lots of shouting ;)
    • and see lots of shield bashing
  • Not traited properly (spear line for tanking as an example)
  • trying to be a hunter and attacking from range only (yes I have actually seen this outside of the moors)
  • Not using AoEs
    • Or using too many AoEs when group wants to use crowd control
  • Not paying attention to other mobs that may be hitting minstrel or other squishies
  • not interrupting
  • not having masteries slotted, or not using them (you can see the icon over their head when used)
  • having the “Skill and Power” trait slotted


  • Not buffing or re-buffing
  • Going to mention it again – not using Muster Courage
    • will/fate de-buffs are VERY painful and MC is a group cure/resist buff
    • Plus if traited it is a self-heal!
  • not marking targets
  • using a herald (there are RARE cases when this is a good thing)
    • and if you use a herald, keep it under close control as you don’t want it pulling extra mobs
  • not replanting banners, or using the wrong one
    • pay attention and switch to power if folks get low


  • war-speech while healing in more difficult fights
    • it can be done, but generally it is scary
  • not using anthem of free people
  • not using resist ballads
  • using too many big heals and pulling agro
  • wrong tale, or not refreshing it after silence
  • not using threat reducing tools (song of soothing, anthem of compassion, lute strings, etc.)
  • wrong instrument (not using threat reducer, or power reduction)


  • In wrong stance for job (OP for tanking, etc)
  • (many similar to wardens)


  • Not interrupting
  • Pulling too much agro with their AoEs and dying (they’re REAL squishy at times)
  • thinking they can tank but either not knowing how or not being geared/traited for it
  • being a dumb champ
    • sorry, champs (all DPS classes) get bad raps as they’re notorious for going all out DPS and not paying attention to anything else.  DPS is good, but living is better ;)


  • mezzing random mobs
  • not draining power
  • wrong pet
    • keep it under close control as you don’t want it pulling extra mobs
  • not debuffing


  • pulling with heart-seeker
    • or insisting on pulling in every case
  • using the wrong stance
  • comment by vr00mfondel and BlueKae (rewording my traps comment) my thought here was that Hunters should know how to use traps and when they can be helpful in certain circumstances.  Claiming they have no CC abilities is just annoying – that’s what I was getting at, or trying to.
  • being a “huntard”
    • pulling wrong or additional mobs, etc.
    • going full out DPS in strength stance


  • not knowing how to flip attunement
  • similar to hunter/champ, need to be conscience of DPS – if you get a big crit or something back off as with Mirkwood squishies pulling agro is a bad idea


  • not starting conjunctions
  • not debuffing

Most of my pet-peeves are just general group gameplay that are good habits for folks to adopt.  There are some class specific ones, but the biggest class specific one (for me) has to be the captain  not using muster courage.  This is HUGE as I’ve been in many fights where the entire group is low on power and we all have a ton of fear de-buffs – one muster courage gets rid of all of them and helps prevent more from coming in the future.

If you play a class that has a removal skill, please take some time to understand which de-buffs are bad and which ones folks can live with.  Small DoTs are fine, but one that are 300+ per tick or –250+ to a skill should be removed ASAP.  And if you don’t have a group wide skill the order should usually go healer –> tank –> everyone else.

As for DPS classes, I’m probably being a bit harsh on them – but just like everyone else you need to watch what you’re doing and no go full-out all the time.  Like I said earlier, they’re just seem to be more likely focused on their own damage output and nothing else.

Now I’m not perfect by any means so during trash pulls I’m a bit lazier and do many of these things as it just doesn’t matter.  However, for boss fights or harder instances many of these will immediately result in a group (or raid) wipe.

I hope this helps, feel free to comment, correct, add more, yell at me, etc but hopefully there’s something in here that has helped someone out.