Kirin Tor Familiar Pet Guide – Higher Learning Achievement


Naw, that’s the little guy!

What’s up guys, Syiler here with another guide for you! This guide is going to cover how to get the Kirin Tor Familiar pet which is a reward from completing the Higher Learning achievement!

But don’t be fooled this is no easy achievement, it will take dedication, knowledge and a bit of luck. After reading this guide you will be armed with everything you need to get your own Kirin Tor Familiar! (Apart from the luck, that costs extra.)

The Kirin Tor Familiar is an Arcane Elemental pet that is usable for pet battles. In terms of pet battling its abilities are as follows

Ability 1

Spells Kirintor (3)

Beam – Blasts the enemy with a beam of arcane power, dealing 22 Magic damage.


Spells Kirintor (4)

Arcane Blast – Blasts the enemy with a surge of arcane power, dealing 15 Magic damage. Damage increases by 5 each time it is used (Max 25 magic damage.)


Ability 2

Spells Kirintor (5)

Gravity – Slams the target into the ground, dealing 25 Magic damage. If used again on the same target, they are levitated and unable to flee for 2 rounds.


Spells Kirintor (6)

Arcane Storm – Deals 8 Magic damage to all enemies and warps the weather into Arcane Winds for 9 rounds. During Arcane winds, pets cannot be stunned or rooted.


Ability 3

Spells Kirintor (2)

Arcane Explosion – Deals 10 Magic damage to the enemy’s active pet and 6 Magic damage to the enemy’s backline pets.


Spells Kirintor (1)

Rot – Rots the target’s flesh, dealing 25 Undead damage and transforming them into Undead for 5  rounds.


Pet Stats

It has Level 1 stats of 155 Health, 12 Power and 11 Speed and Level 25 stats of 1465 Health, 289 Power and 273 Speed. It can only be obtained in one type Rare and a breed of 20% Health, 45% Power and 20% Speed.


The Kirin Tor Familiar is a cool pet for many reasons, the first it’s a unique skin in terms of pets, the second it’s difficult to obtain so you will be one of few with it and finally it isn’t to bad in pet battles either!

So lets move to how we get this badass with bracers, it is a reward from completing the achievement Higher Learning which requires you to read eight specific books on The Schools of Arcane Magic. These are all in Dalaran and have set spawn locations for each book but the catch is another “dummy” book can spawn in place of the one you actually need, these dummy books aren’t useful for anything apart from reading of course!

When you do find one of the books all that you need to do is click on the book as if you were reading it. Once you click on it you will notice that book name has been highlighted on the achievement and you have obtained the credit. The book will stay there for around 3 minutes before despawning after being clicked, so even if someone just beats you to it you can both get credit! Once the book has despawned another won’t spawn in its place for 3-4 hours, this is for both the real book and the dummy books. So it is a good idea to click on the dummy book so that it despawns and you have a chance of seeing the achievement book in 3-4 hours’ time!

Once you located all the books you will get a new book called The Schools of Arcane Magic – Mastery in the mail. Using this book will teleport you to the top of the Violet Citadel, a secret room only accessible by owners of this book.  In this room you will see Archmage Vargoth and by talking to him he will reward you with your own little Kirin Tor Familiar!

So let’s start the guide of by taking a look at the different spawn locations of the books, remember each book has its own set location, so if you only need one book then you only need to check one spot, the book won’t change positions so keep that in mind.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Introduction

The first book The Schools of Arcane Magic – Introducion is found in the room named The Violet Gate. This is the building where you end up when teleporting to Dalaran and houses the Mage Portal Trainer.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Introduction


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Abjuration

The next book is found on the ground next to a stool, within the building called the Dalaran Visitor Center.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Abjuration


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Conjuration

The Violet Citadel contains two of the book locations, Conjuration can be found on the ground floor of the Citadel, on the bottom shelf of the bookcase to the right.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Conjuration


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Divination

This is the second book to be found within the Violet Citadel, this is up the stairs and to the left of the portal that leads to the Caverns of Time. It will spawn on the floor in between the two books cases here.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Divination


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Enchantment

The fifth book is on the balcony of the building called The Threads of Fate. It spawns on the small box next to the larger box with bottles on.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Enchantment


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Illusion

Illusion is found just outside of Violet Hold, it will spawn on the boxes just next to the left of Archmage Timear.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Illusion


The Schools of Arcane Magic – Transmutation

The book of Transmutation is found on the ground floor of the Legerdemain Lounge building. It will spawn on the bookcase at the right of one of the exits. It will spawn on the second shelf of the empty bookcase.

The Schools of Arcane Magic – Transmutation


The schools of Arcane Magic – Necromancy

The final book can be found on the top floor of the Legerdemain Lounge building. It will spawn in the left bedroom on the third shelf of the empty bookcase.

The schools of Arcane Magic – Necromancy


Tips and Tricks

The books will always respawn after a server shutdown/restart so if you are able to log on when the server comes back up you will find all the books spawned, it can and most likely will be fake books but still worth checking all the spawns you still need.

Keep a note of when you have looted a fake book as you will want to return in 3 hours and sit waiting until it respawns again. This will ensure you don’t ever miss a book spawn that you need and once you find the real book you no longer need to check that location.

Teaming up with someone else who is after the pet will be extremely beneficial as more then one person can read the books as long as you get to it within 3 minutes of the first read. So working with someone means you can cover more spawn locations easier and as long as you all alert each other of a book, all can benefit!


So that is the end of this guide, I wish you the best of luck in getting this pet.

Thanks for reading #cya!

Thursday Interviews: ISD – STAR

We bring you a series of interviews with some of the guys and gals that make the squeeky wheels in EVE Online less squeeky by generously donating their spare time to make your spare time more enjoyable. 

Meet Libertina


The Interstellar Services Divisions (or simply ISD) are the voluntary players that fill out a variety of roles in EVE Online. Read on to find out more about the STAR (Player and New Player Support) and find out more about their day-to-day responsibilities! Read More…

Go to school in Eve Online? WHY?!

Eve is considered by many to be one of the more complicated games in the MMO industry. By nature, “sandbox” style games are more difficult than “theme-park” style MMOs like World of Warcraft or Everquest, because you are required to learn a playing style rather than follow a pre-determined one. This is a difficulty not only shared by the gamers, but by the developers as well.. with tutorials giving a merely basic understanding of some things you can do, not necessarily all that is involved with living in Eve Online.

The developers at Eve Online have since done much work to Aura, and it is certainly much improved over the days when this was actually true:


The Famous Learning Curve of Eve Online

In addition, Incarna also brought with it Career training tutorials, covering all sorts of common paths that a person could take.

However, the best thing about a sandbox MMO is, nearly anything is possible. And in Eve Online, some have taken it upon themselves to instruct new ones in how Eve Online REALLY works. These corporations (a term used instead of “guilds” or “clans”) are often formed by well experienced players and those who feel a need to give back to the overall Eve Community. These in-game Academies and Universities have proven themselves to be very successful in their operation and valuable to the Eve Online game itself. Here are a couple testimonials:

From Asuri Kinnes of Adhocracy Incorporated on Eve University:
E-U is a great place to get a leg up in game. It’s also a fantastic place to mingle with other (new) eve players – many a new corp has come out of E-U. They do a great job of getting new players over that first hump … – giving them a chance to mingle with other eve players, new and old. Got my first pvp in E-U (that didn’t involve Concord ). Scouted, E-war’d, DPS’d, was a follower and FC’d a few times. First War-Dec (and 2nd, 3rd, 23rd… )…
Having said all that, E-U is / has been / was very much centered on teaching the basics to start out.

From AkJon Ferguson of JC Ferguson and Son Ltd:
Agony‘s Basic class is an awesome introduction to PVP, and their basic class is free if you can’t afford to pay for it.

Bet you didn’t think you’d see that in a game that is more known for its scams, corporate heists, and double-crosses, than its philanthropy.

The most popular example of this is Eve University. The corporation itself has been around since 2004 and currently boasts almost 1800 members. Their website is located here: Eve University isn’t just a few guys giving you a couple tips while they do their own thing. It’s a structured program designed by the players to give you a complete feel for all the aspects of Eve Online. These literally range from trading, mining, PVP, Planetary Interaction, and probably the most important of all, the core mechanics of the game.

Another well-known Academy is with Agony Unleashed, who provides PVP classes that encompass both low-sec and 0.0 styles of combat. Their website is here: I personally have fought against these guys during the early days of the Post-CVA Providence and have found them to operate quite well.

Still, it isn’t just the kind hearted of Eve that have put together Academies in Eve Online. Some pirate and mercenary outfits have put together their own to help guide new players into their own corps. For example, the well known Noir. Mercenary Group has their Noir. Academy. The infamous pirate corporation VETO used to have a functioning Academy as well for their new hires.
Besides that you have:

Star Frontiers Academy – from Iohet Nolafew: “Star Frontiers Academy [SFAC] is a school, but not a very large one currently. The goal is to train pilots on PvP and all of the ins and outs that PvP entails in EVE, as well as developing a connection and support structure within EVE. We welcome anyone looking to learn about/pursue a PvP lifestyle in EVE. I don’t have any experiences to give you, but many of the pilots in Star Frontiers (the parent corp) today were home grown within SFAC(or using the same principles within SF prior to the creation of SFAC). “

Open University of Celestial Hardship – PVP and 0.0(nullsec) training.

Red Versus Blue – A good place from what I hear to learn about PVP, especially for new players (and for those with limited pocket books). The style of combat between these two corporations (Red Federation and Blue Federation) is rather popular and they have even been part of the Alliance tournaments (reasonably successful too).

There are others as well, some more specifically geared to their styles of combat, some not combat related at all.

But really, why?

Still, there is probably the question in your mind: “Why would YOU want to take classes before flying off to your destiny?” True, you may have years of experience in other MMOs, and in those MMOs to you it might have been pretty easy to pick up the combat and rules and archtypes necessary to win. But this is Eve. The biggest gun doesn’t always win.. even when it does hit. Plus, you don’t really want to look stupid doing the same things these guys did:…d=10165634…id=9635608

And those are just a small.. VERY small sample of the ships people field. If you don’t know WHY those ships are bad.. save yourself time and ship losses and go train at an Academy.

Everybody was new once.. but you shouldn’t stay new.