Level 50’s Take on Level 60 Raids!



Cloaked in a black shroud and heirloom mail shoulders, the mighty ‘Fightpasta’; Legend amongst her own Night Elven kin, makes her way down the fiery chains of Blackrock Mountain, unprepared for the adventures that await. Following closely behind her, the mighty Tiger she had raised from a cub; ‘David B.o.E’ and the sound of many other players, their chain and plate mail clinking at every footstep, similar in appearance and style. This then was the first community event on European cross realm servers for level 50 twink characters, an ambitious idea supported by significant restrictions.

The idea was simple, get as many people to create level 50 characters and equip them with the best items they can find at that level. With that came profession choices, specialisations, talents, buff selection, pet choice, etc. To try and do as much level 60+ content as possible with characters not suited to that bracket. Continuing on our journey, my character, the mighty huntress was chosen by the team to support the raid with particular bonuses that came from pet choice, and it would soon become apparent that David B.o.E (The Tiger) would not be useful within the Molten Core, and so I waved goodbye and brought out my trusty, yet less well named Boar; ‘Rammy’.

Now you may be aware that Molten Core has some particularly painful trash between and prior to nearly every boss within the instance, so it was decided that a level 90 would clear the majority of the annoying trash and then leave the instance. A short leisurely, yet fiery trip further down the ramp brings us to the tunnel before boss number one; the formidable Lucifron.


Lucifron, one of the many Lieutenants of the mighty Firelord himself, is not particularly anything difficult. He has 3 abilities; One which does shadow damage to nearby enemies every 10 seconds, another aoe that does shadow damage to nearby enemies, and his curse which causes nearby enemies to have a 100% increase in all costs to all spells and abilities for five minutes. Supported by two Flamewalker Protectors, of which do nothing particularly special aside from a mind control on one player for 15 seconds, the whole tactic is as you would guess to destroy the additional enemies prior to doing damage to Lucifron himself.

Tactics aside the communication barrier is broken, as another of my kin, a fellow hunter steps too close to the boss. Suddenly the room is awake with arrows flying through the air and spell effects blocking out the darkness in the dingy tunnel we were fighting within. Surprisingly, the casualties are minimum and shortly after the initial pull the tanks have the boss and his minions under control. The raid went with 23 level 50 characters, 3 of which were now dead on the floor. Just under a minute later Lucifron and his minions are dead, adorning the floor with their serpentine appearances, 20 colourful champions stood above them rolling for loot that none of them can use.

So then, that’s a slice of the experience so far. As we continued the bosses became increasingly more relaxing, and easier. The sheer differences in class dynamics and scaling of statistics on pieces of gear has essentially made many things possible for low level characters that should not be, and to some extent made the experiment somewhat pointless. Personally I expected to have more resistance from the giant elite level 60 bosses of Molten Core; a place that I can only imagine would have been extremely irritating rather than complex.

Being stood there, with 22 others in those underground halls gave me an impression only equal to half of the scale of raids that would have been taken to the instance in its 40 man days. Yet the whole thing felt somewhat underwhelming, like the mechanics of the bosses were basic, and to many extents trivialised by simply using raid markers to direct the raid. We didn’t use a voice communication server, as such that I thought would at least increase the difficulty of the event, but it didn’t. When people regale me of times they had in ‘Vanilla’ WoW, they speak of how epic and grand 40 man raiding was, how they had these fantastic experiences that cannot compare to today’s raiding scene. Bosses fell in minutes, and granted characters could not have done this all those years ago, and in many ways this only demonstrated that twinking at this level offers very little challenge or reward, unlike the 70 and 80 Brackets.

The mechanics we saw on the bosses were simple, and I would argue that fights such as Baron Geddon; Where you must move from the raid with Living bomb and then return, all of these basic mechanical pre-requisites for completing the fight are all present in current time within 5 man heroic dungeons, and to some extent normal mode fights. Perhaps as the game has developed over time, so has the skill of the average player, or rather the requirements for that player to engage in harder content.


So when I think of the amazing stories I’ve been told about how epic the raiding was back then, all I think of is how 40 people overcame communication boundaries and a poorly implemented series of game mechanics and unbalanced classes, and that in many ways the experiences they had felt good because of their accomplishments within their own community, with their friends. I have the same feelings about The Burning Crusade, many times I remember how our Karazhan runs would be filled with laughter and progression, but the fights themselves weren’t all that great. The people I raided with and the communities I engaged myself with are what made me play World of Warcraft, and continue to make me play the game to this day.

It’s safe to say that 40 man raiding would not work within the WoW we know and love today, because the limitations of what can be done mechanically, is completely dependant on organisation. If you could run 40 people into any of the MoP raids, do you think the various mechanics that made those fights difficult would remain the same? Honestly, the more people you have versus an enemy in a hot-key based MMO, the less likely it is you will follow mechanics and the more likely it is you would zerg it and go all out. Look at the isle of Giant with Oondasta, the great killer of pugs. That dinosaur has 2 mechanics, all of which rely on a tank facing the boss away from the raid to prevent a wipe, yet ‘Frillblast’ was the cause of endless wipes.

Ordos has mechanics on the Timeless isle, yet groups I enter fill with 40 people, with many others also taking part in the fight from without the raid group each week. The mechanics go from being structured points on the dungeon journal to what they are in reality, stand on the boss and move around with him whilst 12 healers put down healing aoe’s completely negating the damage that would otherwise kill you. There is strength in numbers, but very little skill.

This is the first week of our adventures in level 60 content, where we have cleared all bosses within the Molten Core, and the first boss of AQ 40, where soon after we called the raid due to losing members to time commitments. It’s something I will continue, simply out of curiosity mainly, as I want to find the point where the game changes, and in turn the difficulty of added mechanics make our progression near impossible without the communication and strategy that’s present in modern day raiding.

I hope you have found this article interesting, and if you wish to continue this discussion further please drop over to the WoW Stratics Forums, where you can tell me all about your favourite days in WoW and your own experiences of the changes in raiding.

Massively: Guild Wars 2’s Lost Shores content primer by Elisabeth Cardy


Massively’s Elisabeth Cardy has a content primer of the Lost Shores on their site. This new Guild Wars 2 event will be patched on November 15th and start on Friday November 16th. GW2 players will get to see a new race added for the event, a New sPvP map, and a brand new dungeon. This coming weekend will be a busy weekend for all the players playing all this new content. lets not forget this weekend also had the refer a friend for the free weekend trial of GW2.




GW2 Stratics would like to thank  Massively and Elisabeth Cardy  for having this informative and excellent article up for all the GW2 fans around the world to see.


Guild Wars 2’s Lost Shores content primer

by Elisabeth Cardy on Nov 12th 2012 9:00AM

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Attack of the bow-legged crustaceans!
We’re just days away from Guild Wars 2‘s next big content patch and special event. So far the Lost Shores have been shrouded in mystery. Will the shores ever be found? Who lost them? Exactly how absent-minded does one have to be to misplace an entire shore?
There are other, more pragmatic mysteries too. What is the content update all about? What can we expect? What sort of name do you give to a race of evil, bow-legged crustaceans? Happily, we’re equipped to shed a little light on all those and more. Read on for our Lost Shores content primer!
Everything starts, as we’ve known for some time, on November 15th. While the Lost Shores event itself won’t begin until Friday, Thursday will see the introduction of the patch and the beginning of the free friend referral period. The Lost Shores event kicks off on Friday at 3:00 p.m. EST, and the finale event begins on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. EST. The event and trial weekend will end Sunday evening.
Once the event is over, we’ll still have access to oodles of stuff, like the new dungeon, zone, and PvP map.
Low-level characters and friends recruited for the free trial weekend will be able to take advantage of side-kicking to play level 80 content for the course of the weekend, since the whole goal is to allow them to see all the cool stuff. Side-kicking is not one of the things that will be lingering on after the weekend is over, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can.

The Lost Shores
The one-time Lost Shores event is the belle of the ball, despite all the other content coming in, so let’s talk about that first.
The Lost Shores is all about the karka, a race of new-to-us foes from the depths of the sea. After being driven to their surface from their murky hives, the karka settled in Southsun Cove until the Consortium, a merchant outfit from Lion’s Arch, got all up in their wheelhouse. Now it’s up to players to resolve a grudge match between the karka and basically everyone else.
Aside from being a new type of foe, the karka also bring in new mechanics and skills. Part of the event will involve players racing around Tyria to try to figure out how to damage these baddies. You see, as they mature, karka develop a nigh-impenetrable outer shell, which players will have to get through to start doing meaningful damage. ArenaNethas put in some fancy new shaders to make the effects of damage more visible; as players chip away at the karka, they’ll see bits and pieces of shell and armor falling off.
Guild Wars 2's Lost Shores content primer
Temple of the Silent Storm
PvP players rejoiced to hear about a new sPvP map that’ll be debuting in this patch. This map takes place on one of the Kodan’s floating sanctuaries. Called the Temple of the Silent Storm, the location is the Kodan’s place of meditation and training. This iceberg map will be “very vertical.” Players moving through the rooms of the dojo will find buffs to meditate on and a powerfull boss; killing that boss will result in the killing team gaining ownership of all the capture points in the map.

Fractals of the Mists

ArenaNet’s Colin Johanson briefly introduced the brand-new dungeon as one that gets more challenging the farther in you go. Conventional wisdom would suggest that that’s nearly always the case, but Johanson left out a key detail: In the Fractals of the Mists dungeon, you can go indefinitely farther in.
The Fractals of the Mists is made up of nine mini-dungeons, each with its own story and environment. A party of five will enter the dungeon and be faced with a random set of three of these dungeons at a time. Upon completing those three, the party will be transported to a hub to rest, repair, and merch — and the difficulty scale for the dungeon will be raised. Every time the difficulty scale is at an even number, players will face a special boss encounter.
With great challenges come great rewards. The patch will introduce ascended items. Ascended armors are “slightly more powerful than exotics” and can, in some cases, hold slots for infusions. Infusions will allow you to increase your character’s power. Guild Wars players are familiar with infusing armor, although I’ll be my hat that the process doesn’t involve creepy Seers this time ’round.
Massively’s not big on scored reviews — what use are those to ever-changing MMOs? That’s why we bring you first impressions, previews, hands-on experiences, and even follow-up impressions for nearly every game we stumble across. First impressions count for a lot, but games evolve, so why shouldn’t our opinions?



New GW2 PvP Action Screenshots, Pets, Armor

Guild Wars Insider just released another patch of screenshots from ArenaNet. These screenshots are from GW2 PvP action, pets and armor.
Great pictures and gives players a chance to see close up on how the game looks. Great job GWI for putting these up. On a personal note, I just get more excited for the game and can’t wait for the release.
Guild Wars 2 Stratics Staff would like to thank GWI for letting all the GW2 fans to view these. Please go visit Guild Wars Insider and view the screenshots in a larger format.

LOTRO’s Fourth Anniversary

The events have already started as Sapience posted today and run until May 2nd so you have plenty of time to get enough tokens.  So far they’ve announced the following:

  • Double XP weekend from April 21st until the 24th
  • The Beer Battle is back!
  • Bree-land and Shire Horse Races for a new Anniversary Horse
  • Return of the Anniversary drops in-game that can be bartered for various rewards

If you’re curious about the new horse and the requirements, take a look below:


LOTRO End Game Content Developer Diaries

We’ve been asking and waiting for a while now and Turbine has released two different diaries one focused on the instance cluster and the other on the 12-man raid Ost Dunhoth.

TsiengLiu starts off with walking through the new cluster which includes 2 3-mans, 2 6-mans, and the 12 man raid which JWBarry focusses on.

A few main concepts are brought up here:

  • Instances are now Tier 1 (easier then Mirkwood cluster) and Tier 2 (quite hard comparably)
  • New “surprising” reward for the cluster meta-deed
  • Wanted to spread rewards around instances so barter currency only available via instance quest rewards that are only available twice per week.
    • avoid the current Sword Halls vs Dungeons disparity

With this new currency (barter tokens) they’re providing a number of armor sets to choose from.  You essentially have 4 sets to choose from, 2 rare (purple) and 2 incomparable (teal) that mainly differ with the set bonuses.  With these sets, they’re also providing options for obtaining them:

  • Rare set can be purchased with just barter currency
  • Rare set can be purchased with less barter currency in conjunction with a barter token from Tier 1 Raid
  • You can upgrade to the Incomparable piece but trading in your Rare piece, the right tier 2 token, and barter currency
  • Or finally you can straight purchase the Incomparable piece with the Tier 2 token and additional barter currency.

And finally, he does tease us with promises of other cool drops including off-hand weapons, shields, pocket items, and cloaks.  All of which are quite welcome as many are looking for those kinds of rewards for running the instances.

JWBarry talks specifically about the Ost Dunhoth raid and starts off with his focus:

  • Challenging content
  • Remove the arbitrary mechanics

He also sets up the back story behind this instance with us challenging the fifth and final Gaunt-Lord Gortheron who is an expert in all forms of pain including poison, disease, fear, and wound.

Some intriguing stats about the raid:

  • 6 bosses
  • 15 trash fights
  • 2 tiers
  • 6 challenge quests
  • 17 deeds
  • 46 different trash and boss monsters
  • and much more

The instance is broken up into 3 wings with only 2 open at first and requiring the clearance of both of them before proceeding to the third.  The goal of the trash isn’t a time sink but to create challenges and help train for the boss fights.

With regards to the tiers, it sounds similar to the way skirmishes work in that not only is there a difference in mob health, but everything gets harder in Tier 2 including mechanics when you wipe.  Wiping on Tier 1 doesn’t allow any dead mobs to respawn, but if you wipe on Tier 2, unless you kill the entire pull you’ll have to re-fight everything.

Automatic raid markings are also being introduced and from what I’ve seen this is a nice speed addition that just allows you to do things faster yet still maintain the flexibility to do what you wish.

The other big change inside the raid is with regards to class skill cool-downs as they’re going to be reset each time you fight a boss.  Again this will help speed things up for groups as you’ll no longer have to wait 30 minutes in-between attempts.

Finally two new defenses are in place for mobs – anger and bloodlust.  Anger essentially means you need to CC a mob twice as the first time he’ll wipe it.  Also, this anger effect will periodically reset and you’ll see the red-floating shields back up meaning you’ll have to CC him twice again.  Bloodlust is an anti-kiting mechanism such that is a mob can’t attack anyone for a period of time they will get a huge bonus to run speed, attack speed, and damage making it quite painful.

To wrap it up, some interesting stuff for sure and the lure of some very cool looking shinies:

LOTRO Developer Diary on Crafting Changes

Another diary up today walking through the various Crafting Changes coming with Echoes of the Dead.

This diary walks through the 4 main areas of the update:

  1. New Crafting Tutorials
  2. Revamping the Crafting Quests
  3. Updates for Tailor and Metalsmith
  4. New Recipes

For the tutorials, I really appreciate this for the newer folks as crafting isn’t always obvious if you’re just starting out.  This looks pretty slick and they’ve done a great job with the new areas overall.

The new crafting quests essentially have been revamped for all professions such that they are not level gated, so you can have high tiers of whatever profession you want even at level 5.  Notice the Level 1 requirement of the quest below:

As for the Tailor and Metalsmith, perhaps one of the best things included is all the racial variants that used to be different recipes are now implemented as part of the multi-output option that’s been used for the Jeweler.  So instead of a HUGE panel with all the variants, they’ll just be options available for each item type!  Not only are these included but many of the recipes and items have been changed quite a bit.  LOTS of good stuff here, so if you have a Tailor or Metalsmith you will notice some changes.  Now one thing they mentioned was that existing recipes and items will not change, but going forward things will change.  Also, old recipes will be removed so if there’s something you really like you might want to make it before this goes live.

As for recipes:

  • New Scholar recipes for Hunter Consumables
  • New Cooked Food recipes
  • Level 65 1st Age Legendary Items

And finally, there’s a surprise in the midst but they’re not sharing – what’s your thought on it?

LOTRO Guide – World Renowned Title and Horse

Nice title and horse!

For the past couple of weeks now I have been working on this title and figured I’d share what I found as this actually wasn’t nearly as painful a process as I initially expected.  In order to achieve this title you need to obtain Kindred reputation rank with the main 11 factions in LOTRO.  Once you do that you get the title and the pretty, fast, and sturdy reputation mount.

This task certainly has become much easier of late as there are many ways to obtain reputation but it still takes some patience and planning, not to mention a little grinding.  But there are quite a few rewards including the end goal:

  • Good way to make money
  • Great way to earn Turbine Points
  • Journeying to parts of Middle-Earth that either you haven’t been to or haven’t seen in a while.
  • Swift Travel Horse Routes
  • Reputation Ports (for all but your race)
  • Hunter/Warden Ports
  • Reputation with your race rewards a bonus racial trait that boosts 3 specific virtues
  • More cool mounts!
  • Various cool cosmetics, housing items, armor, jewelry, and weapons.

A couple of general things before I go into the details for each faction.  I did use the Auction House for items quite often and I highly suggest this as it will just make things go much faster, but be careful as many do try to jack up the prices.  Keep an eye out for items with low initial bids and see if you can get lucky with those.  And of course, any left-over items make sure to put back up on the AH if you’re not planning on giving to an alt or kin member.  Skirmishes are also a GREAT way to gain reputation as not only do many of them reward reputation but you can barter for many of the reputation items.

When I started on this journey, I did create a spreadsheet to track things keeping track of my progress, how many items I would need, and how many skirmish marks that would require.  I didn’t use SMs for everything, but it gave me good milestones to work for such that at times I could knock out one faction with the SMs I had left.  Also, I personally found it easier to focus on one faction till I hit kindred as opposed to spreading it out.  Although you do want to make sure you get in your dailies for skirmishes and reputation quests for factions like those out in Enedwaith.  Also remember that all of these zones have quests that reward reputation, so don’t ignore questing in these zones if that’s something you enjoy more.  And finally (thanks to Jim for reminding me about this) the newly introduced task system provides reputation in exchange to vendor trash.  These only go up to level 50, but can be a nice boost as you level up.

I’m going to cover each of these separately and include not only the options but the ones I seemed to find easiest.  For all the reputation mounts, I highly suggest checking out the Steeds of Middle-Earth site as they not only have all the mounts but pictures and stats such that you can decide which you want.

In general for the reward for the turn-ins goes as follows:

  • Crafting (all Bind on Acquire)
    • Major Item – 700 for 1 item
    • Minor – 500 for 5
    • Tertiary – 300 for 5
  • Reputation Items (tradable)
    • Major Item (at skirmish vendors) – 700 for 1 item
    • Minor item – 500 for 10
    • Tertiary item – 300 for 10

In order to be able to turn in the minor and major items, you need to be at least Acquaintance with the respective faction.  There also is a one-time quest for each reputation turn-in that provides more reputation for that first time you turn in that item.

Men of Bree

  • Crafting – Woodworker
  • Reputation Instance
  • Skirmish – Thievery and Mischief/Defense of the Prancing Pony
  • Reputation Items
    • Major – Cardolan-Trinket (60 SMs)
    • Tertiary – Barrow Treasure

Hobbits of the Shire

  • Crafting – Cook
    • Superior Study inside Mathom House
  • Reputation Instance – None
  • Skirmish – Trouble in Tuckborough
  • Reputation Items
    • Major – Well-kept Mathom (78 SMs)
      • Gift Mathod – Guest reward – 700 reputation for 1
    • Minor – Mathoms

Dwarves of Thorin’s Hall

  • Crafting – Jeweler
    • Superior Workbench in Blue Stone Garrison
  • Reputation Instance – Sarnur
  • Skirmish – Siege of Gondoman
  • Reputation Items
    • Major – First Age Relic (106 SMs)
    • Tertiary – Dourhand Crests

Elves of Rivendell

  • Crafting – Scholar
  • Reputation Instance – Goblin Town
  • Skirmish – Ford of Bruinen
  • Reputation Items
    • Major – Elvish Relic (78 SMs)
    • Minor – Goblin Tabards
    • Tertiary – Signets of Rhudaur

Eglain of the Lone-lands

  • Crafting – All
    • Vendor in Ost Guruth with a repeatable quest for 700 reputation
      • Quest based on your profession
      • Tier 3 crafting quest
        • I did Tailor which requires Sturdy Hides
          • Great place to farm is the near Esteldin with all the Aurochs as they can drop 2 hides
  • Reputation Instance – Garth Agarwen
  • Skirmish – Stand at Amon Sul
  • Reputation Items – None

Rangers of Esteldin

  • Crafting – Tailor
  • Reputation Instance – None (Fornost possibly)
    • Dol Dinen good place to farm for items
  • Reputation Items
    • Major – War-Master’s Lash (46 SMs)
    • Minor – Orc Campaign-Medallion
    • Tertiary – Orc Battle-Medallion

Wardens of Annuminas

  • Crafting – Weaponsmith
  • Reputation Instance – Annuminas Cluster
    • Ost Heryn good place for Tomb-raider Sashes
    • Annuminas Docks good place for Badges and Bands
  • Reputation Items
    • Major – Band of Numenor (92 SMs)
    • Minor – Black Badge
    • Tertiary – Tomb-Raider’s Sash

Council of the North

  • Crafting – Metalsmith
  • Reputation Instance – Urugarth, Carn Dum, Barad Gularan
    • Bail Catharnakh good place for Dispatches and Daggers
  • Reputation Items
    • Major – War Dispatch (92 SMs)
    • Minor – Wicked Daggers
    • Tertiary – Bone Amulets

Lossoth of Forochel

  • Crafting – None (Thanks to Chris for pointing out my mistake)
  • Reputation Instance – none
    • Near the Ironspan is a good spot to farm items
    • Any mob can drop, so look for mob clusters to farm
    • Western area of Bay (Thanks Balamanth)
    • Worm dens over by Zigilgund
  • Reputation Items
    • Major – Lossoth Luistin (78 SMs)
    • Minor – Gauradan Claw
    • Tertiary – Lossoth Spear-Heads

The Grey Company and the Algraig, Men of Enedwaith are each done through questing only currently.  As you progress through Enedwaith questing and working on the Epic line you’ll receive reputation for the quests you do there.  Once you finish those, you’ll need to do daily repeatable to finish off your reputation.  You will be quite a bit short on the Algraig but their daily rewards were boosted such that you can complete them in relatively the same time.  I actually finished them both on the same day.  My daily routine covered 3 quest areas and provided 2400 reputation for the Grey Company and 5800 for the Algraig.  I would start by grabbing the 3 repeatable from Echad Dagoras and doing those, finishing with the cave.  I’d then drop down and grab the 2 at Gavar Cadlus which upon completion would vector to Saeradan’s camp.  On the way I’d grab the quest at Uch Cadlus and then do the various back and forths between these 3 locations.  I would then finish off with the 3 quests at Lhanuch.  All in all, this would take somewhere around 45 minutes depending on drop luck and population in the zone.


Overall, looking back at this I’m glad I did it and not sure why I waited as long as I did.  I may actually do a similar process on my other characters as well – but I need to take a little grinding break :)  One thing I definitely realized it that grinding out mobs as a level 65 is by far the FASTEST way to gain reputation as the drop rate for the reputation items is very high.  When farming in Annuminas I was getting 7-8 Bands per 10-12 mobs, not to mention a bunch of black badges as well.

LOTRO Ost Dunhoth Raid Snapshots

I decided to take a leisurely stroll through the new raid this morning, and it looks pretty darn cool.  Quite a bit of it is blocked of either by what I’m assuming to be raid locks, or puzzles that require more then one person.  I also took some video so I’ll try to get that up soon as well.


Map of the zone, highlight at the bottom left is the raid location.


Exterior shots and notice the reward for just finding the front door!

ScreenShot00152ScreenShot00151ScreenShot00150ScreenShot00149ScreenShot00148 ScreenShot00146

Entry area with larger versions of the relics.

LOTRO Calm Before the Storm Speculation and Spoilers

I posted earlier about Turbine’s announcement on this event that has popped up today, but now that I’ve gone through and completed the deed I figured I’d share what I think and how to go about doing it.  I will put the spoilers below a picture and just include the forum links, so if you don’t want the locations spoiled – don’t go to those forum links.

First up, my speculation on this as I’m pretty sure this is tied to the new raid cluster.  If you remember from the previous hints about this raid it takes place back in Eriador, where many of the new evil relics are.  Some of the NPCs you’ll visit give you hints and for me the question comes down to whether there will be one area or multiple ones.  My initial thought has always been one area, but now I’m leaning towards these raids/instances being spread throughout Eriador.  Since there are 5 relics, maybe 5 “zones” with each having the different content?  Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about the story and the implications it has and will certainly be talking about this on the 2nd episode of Sally Forth in LOTRO due out on Thursday.  There’s some really cool ideas they hint at and there’s some very cool tie ins not only with the story that we’ve seen but what we know going forward.

Looking back at actually completing the deed, some of the locations do make a lot of sense and it would have been process of elimination to find them, but others I would’ve never found :)  All I’ll give out as hints are that they do span multiple regions, and having ports certainly are handy.

Here’s a shot of me relaxing at the Prancing Pony after finishing up this deed, and below that will be links for the forum pages talking about and providing the walkthroughs.  Again, those links have exact locations so consider yourself warned if you want to find them yourselves.


Spoiler post with zones and locations

More Spoilers with exact locations and images

LOTRO Storyline Builds Anticipation

It appears as though Turbine is starting to build the storyline for the rest of this year towards their big Isengard expansion as a mysterious message came out today from the Shire as Bungo Grubb, renowned pipe-week farmer sent a desperate letter to Mayor Whitfoot of Michel Delving, Turbine has posted a copy of that letter over on their website.

Upon further investigation, not only is the field ruined but it appears like there’s something leaking out of this relic.  Rumor has it there are more relics spread throughout Middle-Earth, but where?  What does Sauron and/or Sarumon have in store for Middle-Earth?  Can you say needle in a hay-stack?

ScreenShot00095 ScreenShot00096 ScreenShot00097