25H Paragons of the Klaxxi – Metro’s Healing Guide!


Welcome to Metro’s 25 man Heroic Healing guides for the Siege of Orgrimmar!
It is important to understand that these guides are first aimed at helping healers understand their role, and then helping them maximize their play.
Each will feature a general overview of the mechanics that matter to the healers, and conclude with a class-specific discussion. Let’s begin!

I wasn't joking, its really quite buggy.

I wasn’t joking, its really quite buggy.

Understanding the encounter –

Before we go anywhere, understand this fight is nuts. I’m going to explain all the mechanics, because none of them really effect healing directly, but everyone needs to be aware of them, especially the healers. If you don’t know exactly what one does, it will wipe you, so as a player who chose the healing role, it’s also your job.
Also, this guide will be extremely long, so feel free to skim through each section on the bosses and ask questions on the forums if needed. This fight is difficult because how everything pieces together, so it’s important to know it all.

To understand this fight is to realize that there are a LOT of different mechanics. I mean an absolute ton. Literally dozens and they can all kill you. Luckily, you’ll quickly realize that they all happen on very strict timers, so if you handle things properly this fight will appear a lot more basic after some progression.

The most important piece of wisdom I can lend is to make sure all 25 members of your raid are alert and aware of each combination of mechanics. They often overlap and happen 2 at a time, so if you aren’t paying attention to both you will certainly die to one. It should be stated again that with this enrage, if you have to blow 3 rezzes early, you might as well just wipe it, once you have completed the learning progression of course. There are just too many ways to die late to afford those early deaths!

Understanding the Healer’s Role –

The healer plays the innocent bystander on this encounter, much to both my dismay and enjoyment. It is a REALLY easy encounter as a healer, and I’d go so far as to say the easiest of the entire last half. I mean compared to Thok, this is snooze mode. But I suppose that’s a horrible way to preface the second most difficult encounter in the expansion, huh?

Let’s talk truths now. There are a handful of mechanics that can be survived if healed up, and there are handfuls that cannot be survived no matter what you do. In order to properly address this encounter and account for all different strategies, it will be best if we break down each mechanic, discuss how its handled by our group, discuss how its effects healers, and then conclude with ways it may interfere with other mechanics. Feel free to skip around to the difficult parts if needed!

  1. Skeer the Blood Dude:

Is our first target. Only real mechanic is Bloodletting. First set has to be forced to another boss, and second set needs to be controlled before they get to him. Paladin, Shaman, and Monk healers can all play a role in this by stunning, slowing, or rooting them. He dies first so nothing else matters. Just heal the tank.

  1. Rik’kal the whatever:

Rik’kal is the second target of our raid, and this means is mechanics will happen for two boss lives as he is down from the start. The Mutate: Amber Scorpion is the most important so let’s discuss that first. It’s going to pick three players each time to transform into a scorpion. As a healer, we are immune, luckily, but not immune to its downstream effects. When a player is turned, they deal a small pulse of damage to every around them, and often times this deals a TON of damage, especially if it picks 2-3 melee. If it picks 3, its near death every time. It’s so difficult to avoid, it’s really frustrating. Hopefully your health pools are quite high by now and it can be mitigated with random shielding, but either way, be prepared to heal the three targets up, as they will continue to be susceptible to extra damage.

Next mechanic of his is the Injection and subsequent Amber parasites. They come out three times for us, and this means that 6 people will be taking high physical damage quite often. The best way to handle this as a healer is to prevent the damage instead of heal through it – a theme that this raid has done well on capitalizing on. You can stun, interrupt, fear, root, or knock back and you will have relieved a LOT of damage. The most important thing to do is to prevent their channeled Feed cast. If you have a way to do it, you must. Otherwise, add Feed to your UI’s buff watch.
Spell ID: 143362
This will let you know when someone is taking the damage, then you can prevent the cast in some way.

Since Rik’kal is the second boss, none of his abilities actually interfere with others. Only thing you need to be aware of is the potential need to stop DPS and prevent as much damage from the scorpions and feed as possible.

  1. Korven the Lame:

This will be the third target, but comes down as soon as he is killed, so his mechanics will only happen for one boss life. He has two abilities that effect the Healers, but it’s important to make sure your group knows how to split damage to handle the Encase in Amber mechanic. If it’s the first time you are hearing this, make sure you bring it up!

The first thing you need to worry about is Shield Bash and the damage it will present. Its tied in with Vicious Assault so in terms of tank damage, let’s examine them as a whole first. The way we handle the mechanic is simply to eat the damage, and then swap tanks afterwards. Otherwise, he is cleaving in random directions and it turns quickly into a big mess. In order to facilitate this, it’s just big heals. Our tanks use their CDs and then call for external if they need.

The Vicious Assault also has a complication with it that, to my knowledge, it not intended. For some reason, this mechanic CONSTANTLY hits the melee who are behind the boss. I know what you are thinking, and trust me we have tried. Everyone is at max melee hitbox, and allll stacked up, yet every pull, 1 person gets hit while all the other melee do not. It’s obviously some type of glitch, but it’s something you should prepare for if it’s unavoidable. The way I handle it is simply to spam the melee with shields before it’s about to happen, to pad the damage. Otherwise, you can actually coordinate CDs like spirit shell or bubble if it’s an issue. These abilities will be up before you need them again

The boss is only out for one life, but his mechanics can result in a complication between Hisek, who has yet to be discussed. When Hisek chooses an Aim target, if its melee, and they are attacking Korven while he is doing his assault, they will die 100 percent of the time it lines up this way. There is no saving them, as they will take all 6 slashes, not just 1 random one. The best option to resolve this is just have them stand to one side of the boss and have him pointed the other way. It’s all very luck-driven though, so just be ready for it.

I'll think twice before helping random quest mobs!

I’ll think twice before helping random quest mobs!

  1. Hisek the Sharpshooter:

Hisek is our fourth target, but starts the encounter active, therefore his abilities will happen for the duration of 4 lifes, the most dangerous being his own. He has three abilities, one being Multi-shot which cannot be controlled, but will put pressure on the group as its very likely that everyone will be clumped up in the start. Just always be AOE healing, and it’s a non-issue.

The next mechanic is Rapid Fire, which really gave our group fits, but realistically should also be a non-issue. It’s heavily complicated by other mechanics, however, but from a healing perspective this is one that if the player gets hit they die. There is no saving. We will discuss the complications after we examine Aim.

Aim is without question the most disruptive mechanic in the first 4 boss’s lives, and will REALLY pressure your healers if not handled properly. It chooses a target, and will do an INCREDIBLE amount of damage to them, but will be split to anyone standing in the line connecting the two. Five people + the aimed person are recommended as a minimum to split, but it can’t just be any players. Even with 6, that still means 700k+ damage to each, therefore they need to be certain classes that can take that damage. Mages, Warlocks, Rogues, and Monks are the only real options, but Shadow Priests can go as well if they have dispersion available. This is extremely important as the healer to recognize, because you need to be cautious of each effected player and give them some pre-shielding to pad, or heal them to full before they go in, then heal them up again quickly after it’s over, especially if they Cauterized as Mages. Another huge issue is the likelihood that one of these people will get selected, or die. Because of this, we have around 8-9 people responsible for it, but that’s on your general strategy, just mentioning it to alert healers to the potential.
Before we finalize the discussion, also be aware that you can use any ability that takes you off the combat table to escape the aim. Spectral Guise for Priests is the only healing spec that has one, but between mages, rogues, and hunters, you should have a large portion of your raid able to avoid ever having to soak it.

Both Aim and Rapid Fire can become extremely complicated by both mechanics Ka’roz does. He is the final kill, but has some really important mechanics, so make sure whoever is calling these things out is loud and clear. If Aim happens with a Whirl, be prepared to see some ranged get in serious trouble. If Rapid Fire happens with Hurl Amber, be prepared to see some ticks of magic damage go out from the puddles! They both overlap once each with our current strategy.

  1. Xaril the Colorful:

This is our fifth kill, and he is killed as soon as he is down so his extremely dangerous abilities will only happen for one boss life. Also, you should note that this is where we use Bloodlust, Second potions, and line up Skull Banners with Hisek’s death gift known as Compound Eye. If used by a ranged DPS, it makes the boss take 15 percent more damage for 10 seconds as well as doing a lot of damage. Use all these things to your advantage, and if you are lucky, you will only see one mechanic.

The mechanic set he possess is simple, but its combination is what makes it absolutely lethal. The mechanic is known as Catalyst, and happens in two steps. Firstly, he assigns each player a color. The next step is the toxin that is distributed, but it’s COMPLETELY different than it was on Normal, so let’s take a moment to learn each now.

Purple Reaction – Least deadly, should do zero damage unless player is DCed or colorblind. Have them run in a small circle and then make a Q shape at the last second. Only healing complication is that it should be ran far away from the other mechanics, so you may be out of range of tanks. Effects players with Red or Blue selection.

Orange Reaction – Middle of the pack, worry-wise, but if handled should also do zero damage. Expands a ring of death a few yards in a 360 degree area from the target when the toxin reaches them. Need all players to run far away so the whole raid isn’t in jeopardy. Melee have it the hardest, so be ready to heal them up quickly, especially if a tank gets it. Effects Yellow and Red selected players.

Green Reaction – Most retarded idea for a mechanic ever, and if you get it on this encounter, you are really pressured for the remainder. All targets effected place a small green cloud under them, which roams randomly and deals damage over time to anyone who gets in it, even for a second. This is the only one that should be an issue, so if you see it go out, be ready to heal the life out of the melee. The clouds do as they please, especially later on, and will just wander right into the tank or melee pile and make things ridiculously harder. Soaking them really isn’t an option, despite the journal entry.

We are fortunate to have enough burst dps to only see one set of mechanics, if everyone utilizes Lust, banners, totems, and the Compound eye along with their second potion. We 6 heal as well, while many groups want to 5 heal this fight. If you are lucky, you will never see green.

Since this only happens once, it’s unlikely it will be complicated by anything else, but it is possible the Hurl Amber may do so. If this is the case, you just have to hope you are in good position to dodge both at once, especially if it was just Orange reaction. This is why this phase is so difficult though.

  1. Kaz’tik the Bug Gym Leader:

KOOCHONGS! Actually, its spelled Kunchongs, but regardless, this is our 6th kill. He does nothing. His bugs do a LOT though. Obviously, if someone is too close to the bug, they die and it’s a wipe pretty much, as not only did you lose a player, but now you have to quickly burst down a bug before you lose more. Just don’t let this happen. Call out players that aren’t paying attention.

We will mention Sonic Projection, as it says in the journal that it picks a random player to fire at, but to my experience, it certainly does NOT. It just fires in the direction he is facing. If he turns to do something else, it will fire at the group, but otherwise, it just shoots at the tank, and they can dodge it if they are active. Either way, if it hits a player it will nearly 1-shot them, so be ready to heal them up quickly.

The only real mechanic is the Mesmerize that forces you to fixate on a bug and walk towards them. Once again, Spectral Guide etc can be used to break this. However, it you should have to deal with it, be ready to pump all healing into that target asap. They will immediately be marked with a star, and could use anything you can afford to give them, even an external.
Another really useful trick is to life grip them away if they are too close. Since there are three bugs and we are all spread out, it’s pretty likely that the one you target may be one closest to you, but if you get lucky, it will always be one across the room. Either way, heal em up!

The only real complication here is blindness. When the Hurl Amber comes out, you just see people moving for no reason, and quite often, this causes them to run into a bug and get eaten. Just stay calmmmm guys. Nothing about this is the healers fault though, so hopefully you don’t have to worry.

  1. Iyyokuk the Mentally Unstable:

It’s the finallll count down! WOOO you have reached the last three bosses, as this is our 7th kill, but is out for three life spans. This seems dangerous at first, but we found we had way more issues with the Kunchongs than we did simply healing through the fire, so we just elected to make a healing rotation, and worry about him later on.


Our Spread. Feel free to edit as your needs see fit.

I have no idea what any of his mechanics mean or how the whole selection process works, but it really doesn’t matter. Refer to the chart to see how we handle our Fiery Edge phases. We account for 9-10, but if you have strong DPS you should only see 8 using this strategy.

Also, account for Diminish. It can ruin you, but realistically, it shouldn’t be a concern. It will execute anyone low enough, so if you ever see someone sitting low, do anything in your power to heal them up immediately.

The fire complicates every other mechanic, and the Whirl, Amber, and various forms of spreading out make this even more difficult. The main reason, is people are trying to avoid the beams if they don’t have them, but forced movement forces even more movement. Just be preemptive with raid CDs and you shouldn’t have many issues. Hopefully this is where you will use your rezzes, so realistically, a few deaths aren’t that big of a deal.

  1. Kil’ruk I’m so Sick of Abilities that Force me to move:

If you are on this boss, it’s pretty much over unless you have like 7 people alive. This boss will still present some issues though, so let’s examine them.

Long story short, at this point, the tanks will be getting absolutely obliterated. Luckily, with Iyyokuk dead, there shouldn’t be any other damage going out aside from him. Keep the tanks alive at ALL costs here, because if they don’t survive, and you do hit the enrage, you probably won’t survive it.

Death from Above is tough to dodge, but shouldn’t 1-shot you. The only real option is to anticipate it and run before he jumps. Otherwise, it’s a non-factor. Just keep moving and hope players live.

Reave is the only thing that really sucks here. It does do a lot of damage, and can be a big pain if you aren’t noticing it. He will be down from the last few kills, so just be careful of the other mechanics out and don’t get dragged through them.

  1. Ka’roz the Pest:

This boss is the last kill, but is actually out since the first boss goes down, like 45 seconds into this 12 minute encounter. Because of this, his mechanics are extremely potent by the end, but luckily they are all 100 percent avoidable. They do, however, cause the most disruption with other mechanics, so its important we are aware of them and how they work.

The first one is called Flash and Whirl, depending on which you consider the actual mechanic. He will charge around at players and leave some greenish trail behind him indicating how insanely fast this man is, or something like that. That trail, if stood in it, will stun you next time he charges, which is just a second after. So all you have to do its move out of it, by strafing left or right! Easy!
Problem is, it’s extremely common for him to simply charge the same direction, just back the other way this time, meaning there are two lines right next to each other, causing you to move from one right into the other. This means you have to move again, and by that time, another mechanic has likely happened, and now you are either stunned or dead. RIP

Luckily for you, the debuff you get from being stuck, can be removed with Blessing of Protection! In order to make this easier, add the spell ID – 143701 to your frames, and then you will see when anyone is hit by them. Even if you aren’t a paladin healer, you should still be aware of this. Not knowing means them dying likely, but being aware may mean saving their life!

This mechanic is the main complicating factor in the encounter, and will happen with pretty much every other one out there. The biggest issue is after Korven dies, he does a flash and Hisek does Rapid Fire while everyone is heading to their spread locations. We almost always lose some one here, but the more you do the fight the better you’ll get at it. It’s also really handy that Rapid Fire is physical, because if someone DOES get stuck, they can be bopped and wont risk dying to either. This also complicates Fiery Edge and Aim quite severely, as already discussed.

The other mechanic he does is called Hurl Amber. It’s highly telegraphed, as he will fly up in the air, then leap down and throw the amber at a spot on the ground. This spot will also have a tell, a spurt of orange goo from the location. There will be three of these, so make sure you move as a raid when stacked up, and individually when spread. This mechanic will eventually grow so strong that 1 tick of it will be near instant death, especially if you aren’t prepared, so towards the end if you aren’t paying attention to it, you will wipe the group.

It’s complicated once again by pretty much every other mechanic, especially Rapid Fire and Reave, but also the Colored Reactions from Xaril. Having to move from two things at once is always tricky, especially when they are both in separate patterns.

TLDR Recap

Well that’s it, that’s the entire fight. I’ll try to quickly summarize everything you need to know as a healer.

parangonHDTanks will get trucked, throughout entire encounter. Use stuns, interrupts, fears and roots to help handle the parasites and the Bloods when they spawn. Every time Aim happens, focus healing on the soakers. Use pre-determined healing CD rotation to make Fiery Edge a non-factor. Focus healing on target of Mesmerize to prevent them from dying as they head towards kunchong. Don’t panic, and keep the tanks alive at all costs until the end!

Only other thing to remember is using BoP on those stuck in Whirl, Lifegrip those with mesmerize fixation, and use Spectral Guise if you are targeted with aim or mesmerize yourself. Otherwise, just heal people who need it and pray everyone dodges all the mecanics!

As always, this guide is from the perspective of a Holy Paladin in 25 man heroic raid leadership perspective. Experience is limited when it comes to priest and monk healers, so if you have input feel free to join the conversation! Otherwise, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Enjoy SoO!



25H General Nazgrim – Metro’s Healing Guide!


Welcome to Metro’s 25 man Heroic Healing guides for the Siege of Orgrimmar! It is important to understand that these guides are first aimed at helping healers understand their role, and then helping them maximize their play. Each will feature a general overview of the mechanics that matter to the healers, and conclude with a class-specific discussion. Let’s begin!

Nazgrim, Still Upset we Killed his Tank.

Nazgrim, Still Upset we Killed his Tank.

Understanding the encounter –

The eighth encounter of the raid features the venerable Nazgrim, once a grunt in the service of Thrall, now a raid boss and general for Garrosh. Despite being an interesting and well developed character and climax, healing this fight is very likely to put you to sleep, but we can still go through what has the potential of going wrong and discuss how it can be maximized.

While the encounter is no different fundamentally from Normal, it’s important to realize that the adds are now a VERY real threat, and essentially act as the enrage timer.  There is no way around this, so the first thing that you should understand about the encounter is that DPS is MUCH more important than healing. With this in mind, I would imagine most guilds would look to 4-5 heal this instead of 6, so be prepared for that.

Other than that, the only new mechanics are Execute, which does next to no damage, and the Sniper which will be important.

Understanding the Healer’s Role –

Understanding your role as the healer on this encounter will be a bit mundane. The mechanics barely do any damage at all, and the only two things that could do sizable damage happen when there are mistakes being made that you will struggle to recover from.

With that said, there will still be things we should focus on and be aware of as healers so let’s get started!

The first set of mechanics that you should be concerned with are tied to the Rage meta-mechanic. Every single time Nazgrim uses an ability, it should be Heroic Shockwave or Kor’kron Banner, so if you have a War Song or Ravager get off, your raid has made some mistake. The Ravager mechanic itself is essentially a death sentence, so there is no need to discuss that here. However, the War Song is something that can be dealt with from the Healer role.

War Song will deal 65 percent of the player’s maximum health in physical damage, so this makes it quite dangerous. I believe the mechanic is meant to be a punishment for mistakes, so if you see 2-3 get off throughout the encounter consider talking the strategy over with your leadership. Every legitimate pull we have of this encounter features zero War songs, but when it does happen the only thing to do is be prepared with a CD. Since you will essentially never need Tranquility or Divine Hymn on this encounter any other time, this seems like the logical time to use them. This will result in healers bottling their CDs, which is obviously suboptimal, but I honestly would not recommend using them anywhere else, as they will be 90+ percent overhealing. On top of this, if you DO chain some war songs and you don’t have CDs available you will wipe, so it’s better to play safe and sit on them then trying to maximize on a fight with nothing to heal.

With those mechanics understood, let’s discuss what will happen with the actual tanks and pseudo-tanks you will use for this encounter. In our setup, we have two tanks on Nazgrim at all times, 1 gathering the Ironblades and tanking them for large portions of the encounter, and three DPS playing the Pseudotank role. This includes a Ret Paladin on the Warshaman, a Rogue on the Arcweaver, and a Mage on the Assassin. The Ret paladin is responsible for treating with the Shaman and keeping it from getting mixed up with the multiple spinning menaces. The Rogue is responsible for making sure the Arcweaver never gets a cast off and also keeping it away from the rest of the adds. The Mage won’t actually have threat on the Assassin, but is responsible for slowing and stunning it so there isn’t a dps running around in circles for 40 seconds at a time.

All of these subroles should never need much healing, but I consider it the job of the healer to assist them as much as possible, especially the Warshaman target. The Warshaman will hit very hard, so if you have a stun, external, or can Denounce (to ensure no crits to non-tanks), you need to do it when they come out. Otherwise, spam heal whomever has threat. Of course, it’s possible to tank the Warshaman with the Ironblade cluster, but if you do this, the melee can’t attack, and you run the risk of having the whole cluster healed up with one totem drop. This is up to leadership, and just mentioned to clarify.

The Heroic-only add, the Kor’kron Sniper, is a real threat, but once again is trivialized by actual DPS, so the healer’s role should be minimal. Whoever is targeted by the sniper will take consistent high physical damage, so it’s on them to CD when needed, but on you to heal them otherwise. The best advice for this mechanic is to immediately target them via a macro such as
/tar Kor’kron Sniper
/focus Kor’Kron Sniper

Once you have them on your radar, just notice which player they are targeting and be prepared to heal them. Realize that if that player dies or drops combat (IE invis,) the sniper will pick a new target, with a high potential of it being someone not prepared, causing a spray of damage to hit the whole raid. As we did on Galakras, recognize the fact that stunning the Sniper to interrupt its Shoot mechanic, or stealing its weapon as a monk are better investments of globals than actually healing the damage up afterwards.

Notice and Laugh at Dead Bombkin!

Notice and Laugh at Dead Bombkin!

The only other thing that can be an issue on this encounter is brain-dead players getting hit by the Heroic Shockwave. It is possible to survive this, so I’ll list it as a viable mechanic, but more likely the player will just be 1-shot, and they should feel bad about being so, as it is so easily avoided that it’s just an embarrassment to see happen, especially if your raid has completed mechanics like ones on Sha of Pride.

The push for the enrage timer will be the only strenuous part of the encounter, but provided the extra tank picks up all the last set of adds, you can just skate through this bit as well. If things do not go according to plan here, expect high magic damage via the Arcweavers free casting, and Ravagers picking off DPS as they roam.

In terms of potions, if you need one I’m confused how your guild has made it here and what you are spending your mana on, so let’s just leave that off our check list for this.

Unfortunately, Nazgrim has been the least interesting fight as a healer I have done this expansion, and I typically find myself spending more globals on DPS and denouncing, then I do on actual healing.

Class Specific Tips –

Holy Paladin: Denounce any add meleeing a non-tank class to ensure they don’t get crit. They will die if they do. Hand of Sac if you see Execute after a War Song mistake. Fist of Justice any adds that are a problem, especially Warshaman or Sniper. Stunning Sniper when on Clothy is much better investment than trying to heal the person.

Resto Shaman: Offer to step out, as your best abilities are completely useless here. Nothing other than Earthshield will ever be needed for any reason.

Resto Druid: Ironbark melee DPS pseudotank just to say you contributed? Better have tranq if the group gets a War Song or I’ll report you!!

Holy / Disp Priest: Shields are actually really useful here, so distribute them to anyone taking melees from Adds. Otherwise, consider full time DPS as Disp.

Misty Monk: (Do not currently have a monk healer in our progression.) Full time Fistweave to help bend the enrage timer. Leg Sweep to save damage on adds targeting players that need help. Steal the Sniper’s weapon and it will do no damage.

TLDR Recap

Kill the Banner!

Kill the Banner!

Most boring fight to heal in the expansion unless your raid group is doing a lot of things poorly. Offer to step out to make sure the DPS check it met, which is actually really tight – hard to believe when looking at healing requirements. Use stuns on adds to reduce damage, and do as much DPS as possible. If you need a mana or zzz potion here you are being carried – consider quitting raiding to help the guild progress faster.

As always, this guide is from the perspective of a Holy Paladin in 25 man heroic raid leadership perspective. Experience is limited when it comes to priest and monk healers, so if you have input feel free to join the conversation! Otherwise, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Enjoy SoO!


25H Norushen – Metro’s Healing Guide!


Welcome to Metro’s 25 man Heroic Healing guides for the Siege of Orgrimmar! It is important to understand that these guides are first aimed at helping healers understand their role, and then helping them maximize their play. Each will feature a general overview of the mechanics that matter to the healers, and conclude with a class-specific discussion. Let’s begin!


Understanding the encounter -

The third encounter of the raid is where we begin to see more devastating numbers come in to play, as well as the first real enrage of the tier. The healer’s job is simple, yet incredibly demanding in terms of raw numbers and mana usage so it’s important that you are prepared for all sources of damage.

The damage itself will come almost exclusively from the ability “Icy Fear” which deals Frost damage every 3 seconds for the entirety of the encounter, increasing as the Amalgam gets lower health. The tanks will be swapping and handling their mechanics, but will see large spikes of damage distributed via Self Doubt stacks + Unleashed Anger, all while attempting to pick up the  Manifestations that will be spawning as DPS complete the trial.

The Essence of Corruption, the smaller floating adds, will use Expel Corruption, a projectile that can be intercepted, but likely won’t be very often, as the only way to beat the enrage is to continuously have adds spawning. It’s important that you understand this mechanic, and pay attention if the boss has taken multiple, as this will make everything more potent.

As a raid, we have opted for selecting one person to stack the entirety of the group on. This will allow for easy AOE healing, as well as give a tank an easy funnel for the Manifestation adds. I find entering the test as a healer more of a bother than a boon, and in our progression kill we have decided to send 4/6 healers down once throughout the fight. From here on out, it’s their job to keep the buff and not get any corruption, otherwise it was a near-wasted effort. Regardless, this buff does little to impact the strategy, so the only thing you need be aware of is the fact that you have it.

The only other factor then is the ball of corruption, but as long as the leadership has a plan for picking them up, damage from it should not come into play. If it’s out for more than 2-3 seconds you will likely struggle to survive and have to take measures to recover.

Understanding the Healer’s Role –

This fight offers one of the more basic healing roles in the instance, and can easily be summed up into: AOE heal every global. Of course, it’s more complicated than that, but if you walk into this fight expecting insane AOE damage for its entirety you won’t be surprised.

The only real advice I can give healers in general is use CDs as often as possible, especially at the start. If you do choose to send healers down, expect times with only 4 healers out to be quite difficult to complete. I take the liberty here to immediately use Devo Aura about 15-20 seconds into the fight and whichever other healer is staying out permanently (if applicable) should use a throughput cd afterwards. Once the healers return with the buff, things will be easier, but still hectic. I would recommend those returning healers discuss a CD being used immediately as well, if only to make sure everyone stays topped off, especially with the now constant stream of small and large adds joining. Once all 6 healers have rejoined the fight, use what CDs you have remaining and continue to AOE heal.


It’s extremely important to be vocal about positioning as well, so whenever the group moves due to the beam or perhaps other reasons, make sure the ENTIRE raid team is aware. This gives a chance to drop ground AOE heals preemptively, but if the DPS are not cognizant of this, it’s a wasted effort.

The damage will continue to grow, but with 6 varied healers and other DPS cds like smokebomb or AMZ, you should have something up steadily throughout the encounter.

The real challenge is of course meeting the healing demand while staying in mana, so be conscious of the length of the fight. It’s a very strict enrage timer so plan use of ZZZ pots and personal CDs or conservation methods with it in mind.

I find the best time for a ZZZ pot in this encounter is right after the cutter beam dissipates, as you should have a large enough window before the next. Any other time is unpredictable, as the beam may spawn on your face, cutting either your potion or life short.

Class Specific Tips –

Holy Paladin: Devo aura is amazing here, as everyone should be stacked. Use liberally, and around other throughput CDs. A great tip as a Hpally is RF anchoring the adds like we did on Immerseus. This way, you can be sure a hunter or other healer won’t have threat, assuring they get to the tank. If the tank is slacking, you can also salv or bubble. Use Fist of Justice for this, and stun every Manifestation possible off CD to prevent as much damage as possible. Small adds can be stunned as well, but shouldn’t be high priority. Sac on tank when 2-3 adds + boss on him.

Resto Shaman: Healing Rain and Chain heal dominate this fight. Be sure to know exactly where and how your group will move, and never miss a global rain tick. Use Spirtwalkers Grace liberally, ideally when Ascendance popped, or the group is taking high damage yet moving from the beam. Capacitor totem is unreliable for the large adds with other on-demand stuns from other classes, but can be huge for the small Essences. Drop in a pack of 4-5 to really relieve the pressure. Avoid Spirit Link when beam timer is up! Healing Stream will be 100 percent efficient here, use as much as possible.

Resto Druid: Efflorescent mushrooms will be nearly as potent as Rain, so be sure you know the group’s intentions of movement. Wild Growth and Rejuv spread should dominate as well. Ironbark tank if 2-3 adds out as well as boss.  Spiritwalker grace from Sym on shaman is great for this fight, to assure Traq doesn’t get clipped by the beam.

Holy/Disp Priest: Disp truly shines on this fight, as small constant damage can be eaten up by absorbs. Smite double dips from low corruption as well, so consider going down. Holy can carry with well-placed Holy Word: Sanctuary, PoM, and CoH. Lifegrip can save a person from the beam or help get someone back to the stack point after returning from trial.

Misty Monk: (Do not currently have a monk healer in our progression.) Another good AOE fight that allows the monk to double dip. Would imagine the buff applies to them as well 2x, so make sure you go down and keep it. Life Cocoon tank with 2-3 adds and boss on him. Roll through hitbox to easily navigate the circular room.

What's up guys, I'll I think I'll just watch...

What’s up guys, I’ll I think I’ll just watch…


TLDR Recap

Straightforward mechanically, insane number requirement. Stack up, and AOE heal your brains out. Consider the trial especially if your healing double dips from damage. Important to know where the group will be at all times to maximize AOE ground heals. Discuss usage of CDs beforehand, allowing you to have a cd every 20-30 seconds. Caution with ZZZ pots, use after you know the beam will not be an issue. Conserve mana early, and pray you coin HWF Shield!!

As always, this guide is from the perspective of a Holy Paladin in 25 man heroic raid leadership perspective. Experience is limited when it comes to priest and monk healers, so if you have input feel free to join the conversation! Otherwise, if you have any questions feel free to ask! Enjoy SoO!