Minnie’s Melodyland

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Welcome to the harmonic pleasures of Minnie’s Melodyland!  Everything here is themed on music. You may get to spot Minnie wandering around while giggling and flirting. There is a gigantic pit in the middle where the HQ and Fishing Pond reside. To get to the streets and other shops, you must run to one of the sides where the huge organ is and run up a horn.

There are three tunnels that head to different streets, ultimately leading to different playgrounds. Different ToonTasks require you to visit certain shops that are located within these streets.

Alto Avenue
Baritone Boulevard
Tenor Terrace

In order to progress to the next playground, which is The Brrrgh, you will need to complete a series of ToonTasks. You can see what ToonTasks you are working on by opening your Shticker Book. If you do not have any ToonTasks, head on over to Toon Headquarters or visit different shopkeepers to get one.

Here is a list of all the ToonTasks that you must complete in order to progress to The Brrrgh:

MML ToonTasks

When finishing the Minnie’s Melodyland ToonTasks, you should have the following:
1. 52 Laff points (does not include Laff boosts from racing, gardening, fishing, or golfing)
2. Teleport access to Minnie’s Melodyland
3. Ability to carry 100 jellybeans
4. Ability to carry 40 Gags
5. 5th Gag Track

Some things to remember:
1. Turning in a ToonTask will refill your Laff meter.
2. Collecting treasures in the playgrounds will also refill your Laff meter. Minnie’s Melodyland has musical notes as treasures! The map above shows the location where they could be located.
3. If you do not see a ToonTask that you like from the first HQ Officer or shopkeeper you visit, keep looking! It really helps to shop around.

Some ToonTasks are just for fun:
1. Jellybeans – Take on one of these tasks and earn a pile of jellybeans.
2. Changing your look – Become big, small, flat, transparent and more!
3. Clothing Shop – Tired of the same old threads? Look for ToonTasks that will earn you a Clothing Ticket. Once you’ve got your ticket, take it to the Clothing Shop in the playground.

**Maps courtesy of The Toontown Players Guide.**

Last Update – July 3 2013