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18x18 in Fel for sale for GOLD ONLY

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake Trade' started by envinyatar, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. envinyatar

    envinyatar Guest

    I've got this nice 18x18 house for sale in Fel (for GOLD ONLY ppl), right next to a jungle and the only spawn I really see is Mongbats and Gorillas (and the occasional snake). There are no other houses on the screen. There's a bunch of space around it and its a great area for dueling with your guildmates. I think its max storage. If the buyer is interested, I'll include all the items on the 2nd floor for the right price (again GOLD ONLY); nothing on the first floor is for sale, well except maybe that rubble bed. I'm transferring off Chessy and need a house where I'm going. Anyway, if you're interested, PM or post with an offer.

    Here's a pretty thing:



    EDIT: please note that the 2nd floor is the graveyard, not the floor with the fountains. I just realized that the jpg names are misleading. The graveyard has some of the new trees and flowers, a bunch of rubble, some Shadow items, a bunch of Grizzle tombstones, some Dread horn mushrooms, two statues from the Prizm peerless and some good rubble... ooh and a black pumpkin with the name TheGrimmOmen on it.
  2. envinyatar

    envinyatar Guest

    Several inquiries so far, but this house is still unsold! Make offers!!