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24 hour wait on shard xfer

Discussion in 'UO Spiels N Rants' started by Kith Kanan, May 22, 2008.

  1. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    How about freaking updating you homepage once in a while , need to xfer some gear and chars [ 4 all in all ] dont realy think about what toon to xfer first since they all need to go , so first toon xfers fine , set up for next , and gets told there is a 24 wait .. WTF !!!!! I'm sure its been in some freaking update post ages ago , but I dont read those every freaking time I do something ingame , I read the freaking stuff on the web page , and it says NOTHING about a 24 hour wait... so now its gonna take me 4 freaking days to xfer my stuff OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wall::lame::wall:
  2. Welcome to the world of shard transfers. :thumbup:
  3. KB (first bullet point of "the nutshell")
    Character transfers are limited to once per day, per account.

    *shrugs* ... you already figured that out though ... huh?

    <<< SnR awaits ..:bored:
  4. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    yep another bandaid for dupers, not that it stoped them. it just slowed them a little while making the honest players suffer for it . . . sounds like all the "anti-cheating" fixes.

    Some day, i hope, someone will pull his/her head outa thier buttox and realise a NONBANDAID fix!
  5. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    Thats fine and dandy but thats not the page I log into to buy the freaking things now is it ????


    Maybe its me , but I dont see it where it should be....
  6. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    I'm freaking happy this was not in affect when I left you guys on Napa , and xfered all my toons to europa... ohhh my god I would have killed myself !!!!!!!!
  7. BartofCats

    BartofCats Guest

    its not where it should be cause that would be SMRT D'OH!! SMART. We can't have that now can we?
  8. You ALSO don't see the other obvious ommmiisssssion ...

    Where does it say you CAN expect to do more than one transfer, per day, week or month?

    ooops !

    btw ... see ANY vendors with that warning ingame?
    (gamecodes IS NOT the only way to get the transfer token ... [​IMG] Doh!)
  9. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    Ehh well if no limitations are posted one would asume there are non right ??:thumbup1:

    Nope thats true you can buy tokens ingame , and where would anyone go to get any information on them , 9 out of 10 would prob go to the link I posted.:p

    Ahh thread got moved to spiels n' rants because its ofc NOT alloved to tell the high and migihty to get the shid together rolleyes:
  10. Orvago

    Orvago Stratics' Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Actually, it's because your thread was a rant. Try wording things more civilly and respectfully next time, leaving out any profanities, misspelled or otherwise. ;)
  11. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    profanities in my first post... I cant spot em.. unless ofc you meen WTF , if thats it then bite me :thumbup1:

    And tbh I played this game for so long that I dont have to be polite when stuff like this is not being updated , how long ago did this " fix " go in ???? a year ???? :cursing:
  12. Kiminality

    Kiminality Guest

    Weren't you ever taught those "manners" things when you were younger?
    The whole, "showing respect" thing, and all the other things generally required for communication between civilised people?
    I suppose not...
  13. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    Yes and I was also taught that respect is something you have to earn trugh your actions and behaviour , and not doing your job earns you ZERO points of respect . how hard can it be to update the homepage when new info comes along. Not saying anything is not polite but stupid..........

    So if you aint got nothing but comments on my manners then rolleyes:
  14. Orvago

    Orvago Stratics' Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Yes, "WTF" is profane term we frown upon but are not super dooper strict in removing for usually they are self contained by either being coupled with other bad things and getting the thread/post removed or they are found in posts such as yours that belong in Spiels n Rants. Or they are used so very innocently that we just *know* the user meant no malcontent by the acronym that it is self-contained by the Community and needs no moderation.

    Although, you misunderstood my reply I do think. I was replying to on your general posting behavior where you have been using mispelled profanities or acronyms of them, not your firt post in whole, just in part.

    In here (SnR).. you are correct, respect does not *need* to be there. However, targeted disrespect in the form of personal attacks won't be allowed (you haven't done this latter here, so no worries there, just pointing out the difference between this forum and the rest of the Stratics Forums). Everywhere else on UO Stratics however, respect must be shown for it is the very first Rule of Conduct. You can be respectful without being polite, which still doesn't mean rude posts won't just end up here either. ;)
  15. Kith Kanan

    Kith Kanan Guest

    Understand , I'll try to behave , but where I come from we call a shovel a shovel :thumbup:
  16. Setanta

    Setanta Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
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    Well, they only have one moving van, so your next char has to wait for it to be unloaded and come back... :p