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A call to arms! RVR contest Oct 10th-20th, see inside for details!

Discussion in 'Warhammer Discussion Hall' started by ThorNetwork, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. ThorNetwork

    ThorNetwork Guest

    Greetings Champions of Order and Villains of Chaos alike!

    Are you the most grisly, battle hardened, grim faced and blood soaked adversary on the field? Do you enjoy the looks of terror as your opponents flee before you? Do you seek to lead armies into battle? Most importantly do you seek to spread your fame far and wide across the lands so that all may know that YOU and YOU alone are the undisputed champion of the Warhammer universe? Would you like to earn a kings ransom in gold and exotic treasures in return for vanquishing your enemies?

    For you brave souls who have the courage to step forward read on.......

    You are hereby invited to participate in the first post launch WAR promotion and RVR contest sponsored by the soon to relaunch Thor's Hammer fansite network!

    The contest will consist of two parts with two separate reward structures:

    Contest 1:

    Type: king of the hill/highest renown rank earned


    1st place: 5,000 gold on server & alignment of choice, fansite interview, fansite hall of fame recording
    2nd - 10th place: 2,000 gold on server & alignment of choice, fansite hall of fame recording

    ALL players who manage to attain a renown rank of 15 or higher will be sent a code via email for a special in game item.

    Starts: October 10th 12am EST

    Ends: October 20th 12pm EST

    In game Contact/Thor's Hammer Staff:


    Place: Hochland server, order alignment

    Instructions: players will create a level 1 character of order alignment on the Hochland server. Immediately upon entering the game world they are to contact a Thor's Hammer representative via in game tell with a valid email address stating that they would like to participate in the promotion. The character will receive an invite to the promotional guild and starting at midnight on October 10th may begin vieing for placement in the competition.

    The competition will conclude at noon on October 20th, the top ten placers will be contacted via email to make arrangements for their winnings. All contestants who managed to achieve a standing of renown rank 15 or higher will be emailed a code to claim their special in game item.

    Contest 2:

    Type: two team keep siege


    EACH member of the winning team will recieve a second in game item code and 100 gold on their server and alignment of choice.

    Starts: October 18th 7pm EST

    Ends: October 18th 10pm EST

    In game Contact/Thor's Hammer Staff:


    Place: Hochland server, order alignment

    Instructions: Players who wish to participate in the keep siege event must be above rank 15 and are to gather in the center of Altdorf at the event start time. Thor's Hammer staff will act as team captains and randomly select team members from the crowd in a round robin fashion. For the next several hours the two teams will fork out across the game world laying siege to as many keeps as possible. At the end of the allocated time period the team with the most keeps taken over will be declared the winners.

    Good luck to all contestants, see you in game October 10th!

    Thor's Hammer.