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"A campaign of fighting Andros the Dread Pirate."

Discussion in 'The United Pirates' started by Blind Tom the Pirate, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. Blind Tom the Pirate

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 25, 2011
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    This is the story of a band of pirates, also known as The United Pirates by Cold Steal [UP].
    Many moons have passed since the band, consisting of Sofia, Loggins, Todd, Spanky, Adrian Monk, Lady Spice, Spanky, and Cold Steel, started out on a campaign of fighting Andros the Dread Pirate
    deep within the dungeon Despise. Each member of the band, captured a pet to help with taking
    down this Dread Pirate. Upon training the pets, the Band was transported into the depths of
    Dungeon Despise. Everyone one stationed their pets at the bottom of a Ledge, then the band
    climbed up on the ledge. The pirate Todd rode his mount out onto the island and lured Andros
    and his minion Wisp onto the mainland and a fierce battle ensued. The band of pirates were
    concentrating on fighting the Wisp while all the pets were attempting to bring down Andros. Upon
    killing Andros' minion, they all swooped down and gathered their loot off the minion. Now,
    everyone was concentrating on keeping their pet alive, when all of a sudden another minion
    appeared. The band went back to fighting the minion, while the pets kept fighting Andros. This
    battle continued on for what seemed like an enternity, which actually only lasted a little over 30
    minutes. Everyone plundered through the dead bodies, taking whatever loot they wanted and then
    everyone slowly left the the battle scene.
    As the band of pirates sat around admiring the loot they had just gathered, the pirate
    Todd brought up the idea of going to his ship, "The Sudden Death of the United Pirates Fleet" and
    set sail after a pirate ship and attempt to Capture a Dread Pirate Captain. Upon sailing on the sea
    for quite some time, the band located a pirate ship. Upon readying the 7 cannons on the ship,
    they set out to battle with the Dread Pirate ship. After a long battle, they finally damaged the
    Dread Pirate ship bad enough the Pirate ship was left dead in the water and could no longer run
    from The Sudden Death. All mates grabbed the ropes and one by one they would swing over to
    the pirate ship, killing all aboard the Dread Pirate ship with the exception of the Captain Bonny
    Hook Cyno, the Dread Pirate. The band then set sail for the "Floating Dock" to turn the Dread
    Pirate in for more Booty. Along the way, The Sudden Death encountered a Mercant ship and
    once again, damaged the ship and left this one dead in the water. They plundered the
    defenseless Merchant ship of all their goods and continued to "The Floating Docks" to turn in
    Captain Bonny Hook Cyno, the Dread Pirate, so all could receive their booty. Once again the
    United Pirates had a successful day of killing and looting the Dread Pirate.
    Pen in hand, your pirate writer Cold Steel [UP]
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