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A Savage TY

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by imported_SavageSP, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Im sure Iantown didnt want me to do this, but its not just for them its for alot of people on Siege, everyone from Iantown as well as Siege as a whole community deserves Zabu's thanks for not only the help with items, offers to assist us, and in General just making me feel welcome.
    I wanna thank Iantown for this huge Gift Box of goodies for upcoming recruits, Waka for the scrolls that allow me to compete here, plus the other items I have recieved from them. cybernickle is just plain awesome!, Dola for cleaning house, Gwendar C8V for the loan of Bush jewels and all the help,Gonthrax for the Totum, Racer for Armor,Drax for Items,VMP for all the Gains(got my first 90 off VMP),Spyder for being Spyder Im leavin someone out that gave me a real nice SS-lightning spear and masks, and "Alot of others" that gave me things and help in the last few months. Special thanks go to U'wah and Lindi SVG for being Savage! and last but not least, that sexy Beast Castor!(wanna see me throw a Football over them Mountains?) for a Killer Spear and all the drive by Killings he issues me testing my Progress,Ive Missed seeing Castor since I moved, pulling up in my yard and unloading a magazine of LP and Necro on me with the welcome sound of "go rez-no loot" and a "your getting better"after my return.
    Forgive me if I left you off the list, there were just way too many to remember, OK enough sucking up [​IMG] heres the Iantown Giftbox pic....................................
    And for anyone wondering, yes Zabu will be recruiting as soon as we can get organized enough to take in People the right way, slow and selected as best possible, mainly from other shards if thats possible. We will be a "Red Guild" but not off Crafters, Zabu will have to Earn Red Status from Combatant Blues, a Blue Savage just doesnt look right! TJ aka Halex/Saige/Atuk/Khal the Savage
    PS. My House Locks are getting very full, this isnt a post begging for Items, ill let future new recruits do that here on the Boards, we have a 93 skilled cook for Paint and an Elder Tailor now for Armor, I just wanted to say Thank You SP!
    OK , off to ROT.......................
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *smiles* Welcome to our world.
  3. [​IMG]

    thanks for the nice words, you need to tell me where you moved so i can drive by more often...
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Glad you are having fun, and getting a wide range of support!


    Ive Missed seeing Castor since I moved, pulling up in my yard and unloading a magazine of LP and Necro on me with the welcome sound of "go rez-no loot" and a "your getting better"after my return.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    He does know how to make a person feel special. [​IMG]

  5. Wulf2k

    Wulf2k Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Crusader of Chaos

    Feb 27, 2004
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    Pfft, Castor couldn't PvP if he had 3 blank tiles and a scrabble board.

  6. I wont be here much this week, since the house is "open to the Public" for the contest(not wise to craft in the safety of ones home with soo many "sneakers" about) and Halex cant gain anything in the house, but ill be around there more when its secure next week.
    next week would be fine for any other would be such attempts to Slay the Savage, I can gain my 2.1 just as easy that way also, just watch out for my Ridge in the stable, he bites.. er well he did, im seeing how long he can stay ghostyfied!
  7. Wonderful to hear :)

    Nice work on your house, too!

    *is quite impressed*
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Pfft, Castor couldn't PvP if he had 3 blank tiles and a scrabble board.


    [/ QUOTE ]

    Pfft, just like a man to interpret a statement however he wants.

    Those without a Y chromosome will note my comment was limited to Castor's ability to make someone feel special, and said nothing regarding his PvP abilities. I might also point out that a comment relating to one skill, does not imply someone doesn't possess others, however, those with Y chromosomes, will only be reading "blah blah blah" now anyway, so carry on as usual.


  9. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest


    Spyder for being Spyder

    [/ QUOTE ]


    My mere existance is appreciated... [​IMG]

    Its good to see the Savages on Siege! Keep up the great work! You're a worthy opponent I'm looking forward to facing you in the arena as well as on the field. *bows respectfully*
  10. Fidessa

    Fidessa Guest

    Great that ppl are helping you out, it only frustrates me to see the bag of caps I gave to the Iantown Theather guy in your possesion. Anyways it's all good I guess, because it's still in the right hands I suppose...
  11. skypuppy

    skypuppy Guest

    Fidessa i hate to tell you this but you are wrong. Those masks was gotten by Spree going out huntting and some that i had at my house. None was given by anyone else.And Topaz made the paint. So i hope that makes you feel BETTER.
  12. Fidessa

    Fidessa Guest

    t was because I thought to see the bag who I very recently gave to the owner of Iantown Theather in the hands of someone else very short after. That would not have been nice in my opinion. So I do feel BETTER knowning it aint that bag. So here my apolizy to the ppl in involved. I was wrong here.