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Amathist V's Amathist

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Amathist of PoC, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Just to give some people the heads up - just like there was a "fake" amathist on the stratics forums, there is now one on Oceania as well. Apparently spouting about poc but I am sure other things as well...this is not me.

    They could also know personal information about me to back up there claims as they gained access to our guild only section through rogue ex guild members and alliance members. - this is being dealt with.

    I have not seen this person myself but have seen alot of pms and icq's and guild members telling me they have seen my twin...thank you to those who let me know.

    I am not overly worried about the imitator as those that know me know me so can tell the difference but I do not want this person shedding bad light on PoC - they can say and do what they like about me but the rest of PoC do not deserve it.

    To the person doing the impersonations - :loser: your obsessed get over it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.