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Another Returning Player

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by TheMadCelt, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. TheMadCelt

    TheMadCelt Visitor

    Aug 7, 2015
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    Greets and well met all!

    I have just recently returned to UO after 9 years away. I played from launch until after T2A came out, then came back after the Fel/Tram split and played on and off until after Mondain’s had been out a bit. I have a GM Mage, Paladin and Samurai all somewhat decently geared. My main used to be the Pally but I find I really enjoy my mage, Erebeth and I’m working up Necro/SS currently. She’s a DL so no satyr trick for me, but the gains from 50-60 casting HB were fast enough. I think I ate a scroll for 110 Magery and Meditation on her, but I think 100 Med is enough?

    I lost my house (no surprise) but was able to put a slightly smaller one in Malas near Umbra.

    Good to see there’s still a pretty active community here and I’m looking to jump back in. I’ve played several MMOs and I’m honestly surprised after all these years UO still appeals to me, but I’m having fun! Work makes my playtimes erratic and unpredictable, though I’m on most evenings EST until midnight or 1 am at the very latest. I’m strictly a PvM player (PvP never appealed to me outside of Age of Conan and especially GW2) who does enjoy a fair bit of RP if anybody still does that.

    Anyway, thought I’d drop back in on Stratics and re-introduce myself to the community. Hope to see you all around!
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  2. Chiggy Murdapu

    Chiggy Murdapu Visitor

    Jul 28, 2015
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    Welcome Back, i just returned myself a few weeks ago, just returning from a vacation now,...if your in need of anything feel free to let me know i run a small guild at the moment, Chiggy Murdapu is my main
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