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Bad day in TT

Discussion in 'Toontown General Discussion' started by princess kitty, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. princess kitty

    princess kitty Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
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    This was not a good 24hrs for me on TT -- nor in real life. Got caught in a flood and tried to destress with TT.

    Attempted a CFO that was absolutely horrendous. :stretcher: I died first, and right after getting my +1 laff in ddl was joined in succession by Lani (Sir Stinky), Joe and Aimee.

    The one question out of everyone's mouths after landing in the playground was who kept throwing the safes at the CFO. We thought the non-stratics toon may have been the one but apparently she was asking the same thing even during the battle. Plus no amount of running into the CFO on Lani's part would get him to sit down. My safes were also flying away from me -- almost as if they were being swiped away from my crane even while it was retracted and i was getting ready to hit. That has never happened to me before.:confused:

    Susan arranged a revenge run and we did beat the CFO for gag-up sound. Joe got a new suit and I got a laff point out of it too.:danceb:

    Then several of us decided to vp but there were 9 at the elevator so i backed out. I ended up in a vp with randoms and my Franz missed. Not only that but he missed TWICE(!) in the skele round. The other toons went sad after the 1st two cogs hit leaving me alone to shoulder the hits and then Franz missed again so i died for the 2nd time in 24 hours.:gee:

    *heading back to ttc until curse lifts*:(
  2. SSniffleslam

    SSniffleslam Guest

    Awww...I'm sorry to hear that..
  3. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
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    I'm sorry to hear it too :( I played wirh randoms today. It stunk.
  4. This was definately a bad day in Toontown for all of us. After that wonderful CFO that had almost everyoje admiring their toe nails for glitches we did have a successful 2nd run.

    Then Sally Bumblefoot, Duke Bizzy. Granny Jellroll and myself decided to take down a CJ. As seen in the other tread it started badly even before we got on the elevator. But we gave it a try anyway. 4 Stratics members and 4 randoms. The cog round on the side I was on had the toon that was stinking Sally on it. BTW he was only stinking her because she was a Big Wig and he was a lvl 4 Bottom Feeder. This toon decided he wouldnt toon anyone up all he wanted to do for the whole cog round was lure. Even when someone elsse chose goggles first he only lured. When he asnt luring he was throwing cream pies or using his hose, and not on the small or weak cogs. so no one was tuning him up. he got down to the 40laff mark when Sally felt bad and said to help him. So we did toon the guy up. We get 8 on the jury and commenced to the battle.

    I ran straight to the scale because I am not a stunner. I am not good enough. But when I look up 1 toon is sleeping, 5 toons are stunning(the stinky toon is standing there with his friend). and Marge and myself are the only 2 scaling. Were doing ok and I had Duke on my screen because he started the round a little low. When he got down in the 40's I got evidence and ran over and tooned him while he stunned cogs. After I built him up I returned to the scale only to see that now there were 6 scalers and Duke was the only stunner. So seeing poor Duke getting his COG handed to him I ran back over and tuned him again. Thats when he decided to run over to the scale.
    At this point we are all standing at the scale and all I see is I need more laff points. Over and over again this is all I see. Then I realize there is only 4 toons scaling. Duke, Sally, Marge and myself. No stunners. As I turn to get more evidence I see the swarm of lazy toons standing there tooning eachother. Now at this point I was probably in the 50laff range and working hard. At one point everyone got together at the scale and I got some laff as we were scaling. But I never got back over 55laff. Then I see sally nd marge are low on laff and Duke is helping them tune each other. While 3 of the other toons tooned themselves. I kept hard at the scale. When everyone returned I ran over and tried my hand at stunning. Because we werent making much headway. I got to stunning 3 and was feeling pretty good then I working up to stunning 4. I was pretty proud untill I saw that the 4 non stratics members werent helping. Once my laff returned to the 30laff area I had to leave the stunning. I go back to the scale and it is heavy in our favor. So I commence to fillling it again. Sally, Marge and Duke came and helped me regain 20 laff and took some damage doing so. The moved off and started to tune marge who was dangerously low.

    Finally the Toon that stinkied Sally came to my side and started filling the scale. (I checked him in the playground and he was almost full laff). So there were 2 scaling and 3 stratics members trying to keep marge alive. and 3 toons standing there waiting for the CJ to jump. Then I look back as I hear that dreaded sound and see Marges head hanging. Immediately after the sound I see a 10 untie explode. Marge goes to the playground with no gags and 10 laff. 30 seconds later we win. almost an hour spent in the CJ for a summon a building.

    Sorry to lose you Marge. But unfortunately the good toons always suffer because of bad toons.

    It was a BAD day in ToonTown!
  5. Granjell

    Granjell Guest

    Yeah, I felt l was in a one-armed Spencer Tracy movie - I tried later to VP with Missus Hoggat and a bunch of randoms in Summit. Unfortunately, all the high laff ended up on one side, and the other side all went sad. And then, after the first round, my book never showed up so that I could return to playground, so I had to disconnect to get out of a solo skele round. I decided that it was better to just go to bed. Now I have to buy Granny some gags...
  6. princess kitty

    princess kitty Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Happy Birthday Joe!

    Oh no! I didn't know anything about Marge going sad. I got to HQ at the tail end of your CJ conversation. You weren't as mad as after the CFO so I thought everything went fine. Kendra didn't mention anything either while we were in the pit waiting to VP.

    After I posted this thread, I took a nap. I figured that any sort of sleep would be considered an end to the day. I woke up 2 hours later and I'm considering this a brand new day.
  7. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    that thing with the book has been happening a lot lately. chanty/kristine or leanne told me to hit escape and you can get your book back.

    i agree yesterday was a VERY BAD DAY-(except for finishing da's)
  8. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    I ended up going sad 5 times yesterday myself. LOL! I was on my uber in training and working gags like crazy. I always went in with 3 sfs but it wasn't enough. It never failed that lure missed on the top floor and they would all aim for me. One hit from a micro 8 and it was all over with for me. Micros are not my friend! I did see Moonlight McBoo in the MM PG a few times yesterday while I stood admiring my pedicure. LOL!
  9. susan4633

    susan4633 Guest

    awww sorry i didn't see you. i must admit i was almost like a machine yesterday.. da or whatever, then running around gag shops in the river to quickly get gags.

    i was popping in and out trying to buy my gags from sos toons as my friends have suggested. it MAY be just coincidence, but when i buy from sos toons my gags do SEEM to miss less often. lately i've been hitting on clerk clara in ttc, but when there is too much of "please be my friend" i run and tp to penny or ray.

    it's not that i mean to be antisocial, it's just that fr are waiting for me to regag and i hate to hold them up.

    that being said...after sunday night, i expect to have a lot more time, and i am serious about that help a toon thing.
  10. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    F8 for the book. Even though it no longer shows in the VP halftime, if you see the friends list icon it means the book is available too (just not with your suit on in the lobby).

    I have to say I was lucky. Even though a nice horse gave us two hits of beans at the beanfest (that was the whole ccg beanfest), an hour on the trolley with Abby got LOM enough beans to buy a doodle with great traits in DDL. Yes, the search for Spock has ended and the crew is complete once again!

    The worst thing that happened to us was they seemed to have REPLACED ice slide with photo fun, because we never saw it once.

    Today will be stellar, with smusher hitting 123 laff when he hands in the next 5 flower species.
  11. Little Sadie

    Little Sadie Guest

    It's ok Susan! I was hiding in a corner waiting to regain my 1 point so I could tp home to get tooned. One speak from my doodle and I'm good to go. LOL!
  12. That CJ was just plain crazy. I started off stunning the cogs and we were doing great. Three were stunning and within a minute or so they were all stunned. The next thing you know there were 5 toons stunning (or standing there looking pretty) and Marge and Joe hitting the scale. I left the cogs and hit the scales. Then they all came to the scales!! Like Joe said, they were mostly standing around. I decided that since no one other than Joe and Marge were scaling and no one was really stunning except Duke, I would just scale. Duke gave up stunning too and the 4 of us were basically doing a stunless 4 man cj!!! We made great progress but I spent a lot of time checking levels. I had Joe on my screen most of the time because he was a man on a mission and wasnt saying anything about how low he was where as the rest of us were calling out "15"!!! I had no TU unites. Marge kept getting sooo low! I had such a hard time hitting her cuz she is so tiny. At the end there was 3 of us desparately trying to save her but not a one of us could hit her!! We tried so hard!! When we did manage to get her, evidence would hit her and take away any gain we made. Once she went sad I just concentrated on the scales cuz we were all in at least the 30s and it was almost over. Then to win within 30 seconds of her going sad and the fact that that toon waited until she went sad to use the unite was disheartening. I am so sorry Marge!!! I think I am going to spend most, if not all of my playing time CFOing to get TU unites. I hate just watching a good friend go sad feeling like my hands are tied!!!:sad3:
  13. Steveo

    Steveo Guest

    Yes I have to say yesterday was a bad day. I was going to get on and do a back 9 with sir flappy after dinner. I went to log on to the computer and my cable modem went out. So Instead of going sad on TT I could not even play. So tonight I will be trying to do 2 CFO's and a couple of VP's. I also need to get my 800 options last night but was not able to do that.
  14. dwightjune

    dwightjune Guest

    I had a good time getting all my merits by doing a factory solo. That was FUN! However I wasted the rest of the night trying to get with a group to VP, CFO or CJ and never did have any luck. Oh well! At least I'm ready for any promo so maybe tonight will be more fruitful.

    Good ol’ Spiffy 105 max gags trapless, MH10 TW3 BS2 FL1
  16. dwightjune

    dwightjune Guest

    Oh yeah, can you run without having enough promo points just to get SOS or Unites?

    Good ol’ Spiffy 105 max gags trapless, MH10 TW3 BS2 FL1
  17. No, you have to be ready for a promotion.
  18. Flippers

    Flippers Guest

    Ty --

    No, we went there too when we found MML had too many things in the way when looking for toons in Photo Fun. Not a single tire to be found :(

    Found that Brrgh, TTC, and Docks were the least obstructing PGs for Photo Fun. Brrrgh could have been, but by the time you got from the far right to the far left or vice versa, the toon in question wouldnt do the gesture needed for a last shot. It's like they both did it early on and you couldnt get both shots.

    For instance, the far right near the clothing shop was a shuffling toon, who would either shrug or stink before resuming shuffle. Never did that special gesture you needed before the clock would run out.
  19. In daisy gardens there is one of the toons running through the maze and one running behind the hq that are hard to get. Dreamland is fairly easy though.
  20. Cherri Bear

    Cherri Bear Guest

    :danceb: I had a good day in TT!

    Got my Bossbot Suit! :D