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Balanced Bows and EP jewels on Pac

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Balian of Asgard, May 13, 2008.

  1. Comps
    1. Fb38, Ll20, Ssi35, Di34, E Resist 9
    2. Light36, Ml13, Hci9, Ssi35,32
    3. Balanced Luck94, Ssi35, Di35
    4. Balanced Velocity29, Ssi25, Di36
    5. SOLD Balanced Lighting30, Hld38, Ssi25, Di40

    1. Fb38, Hld38, Di39
    2. Light 46, Hld46, Ll37, Ssi10, Di45
    3. Sl28, Light50, Hci5, Ssi25, Di10

    1. Light40, Ssi35, Di49, E Resist 12
    2. Hld40, Hci11, Fc1, Ssi40, Di40
    3. Hld42, Hla38, Ll37, Ssi35, Di38
    4. Omg This Is A Sick Xbow For Concussion Ftw Lightning48, Energy Area50, Ll32, Ssi35, Di50 (when All 3 Go Off >80 Damage< Easy
    5. SOLD Balanced, Fb44, Ssi35, Di40

    1. Hld46, Fb50, Sc-1, Ssi30, Di35
    2. Hxb Balanced Hld36, Ssi25, Di39
    3. Hxb Balanced, 35ssi, Di39 No Mods
    4. Hxb Balanced, Sc-1, 35ssi, Di36, Velocity33
    5. Hxb Balanced, Ml33, Ssi35, Di50
    6. Hxb Balanced, Dragon Slayer, Ssi40, Di47

    Reg Bows
    1. Hld38, Hla38, Ssi35, Di38
    2. Velocity48, Hld32, Luck65, Ssi35, Di38
    3. Lightning40, Sc-1, Ll34, Ssi40, Di35
    4. Hld30, Velocity 47, Ml30, Ssi30, Di40

    Ep Jewelry
    1. Ring Luck77, Ep20, Hci13, Fc1, Di19
    2. Brace Tactics12, Ep25, Hci12, Fcr2, Di20
    3. Brace Anat13, Luck80, Ep25, Hci12, Di20
    Ring Int6, Ep20, Hci11, Di20
  2. Still lots of good bows left