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Brilliant Idea Three: Random Attacks

Discussion in 'UHall' started by RavenWinterHawk, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Now I am getting some friendly feedback about my comments of circumventing need.

    Here is a need. Players need to kill monsters to maintain their cities.

    Anytime, any day, zero times or 5 times in a day... monsters can attack and over run a city.

    No guards... mages can cast... players must fight.

    Not just orcs but greater dragons.

    Would you all be for massive spawning of difficult monsters just appearing with no warning in your towns... that includes luna?

    NO warning... anytime!

    Notice how the bane hasnt come to luna... I wonder why?

    Essentially instead of us going to where the monsters are... they come after us... If there is a concentartion of 15 or 20 players... the game sends a random attack. Cities, auctions, even EM events. Things beyond our control. They just attack us. No story line. No reason. Just angry pissed off monsters.
  2. old gypsy

    old gypsy Grand Poobah
    Professional Stratics Veteran Campaign Patron PITMUCK

    Dec 18, 2010
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    Not every player is up to fighting greater dragons... but I do miss the old monster invasions. :)
  3. Evlar

    Evlar Guest

    UO does need more randomness - and I'm not talking about the number generator. ;)

    Random spawns, spawns in dungeons changing, more wildlife roaming the countryside...

    Orcs and Tribals fighting over forts... they were fun. I used to love leading a stack of orcs to the fort near Delucia, then watch them duke it out with the Tribals :)

    I remember once, some random passer-by, with no intention of actually doing anything at the fort, paged on me for luring the orcs to the fort. I simply responded that I was role-playing a mighty battle between orcs and humans. :p
  4. The occassional greater keeps us on our feet. I think they would be pissed we skin them for hides and tame their brothers.

    But why dont they attack us from the air? Hmm.

    Recall to location... kill them... leave.

    Woohoo. Let the monsters attack.
  5. Santa Claus

    Santa Claus Visitor

    Jun 24, 2008
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    Some of the smaller towns like Minoc, Cove and so should have killable vendors and being able to be attacked. So if people defend the towns they can use them else they are taken over by monsters.
    Just try to make decent invasions where you can push back the invading forces, or a counter after which the forces retreat.

    If anyone is interested in that gameplay then check out Rift which includes town invasions to spice up their game.
  6. Woodsman

    Woodsman Guest

    It would be awesome.
    Somebody mentioned the devs didn't want to do anything that screwed with Luna residents.

    Still would be awesome to see the bane tearing through Luna bank.

    It's a weird situation because even now I've seen people put out calls over general chat for help with the bane, and few show up.
  7. Evlar

    Evlar Guest

    I recall the last Luna invasions...

    The bleating on these very forums, was quite embarrasing.
  8. Beer_Cayse

    Beer_Cayse Guest

    Any area where people (player characters) at some numerical level gather should be a possible center for an attack. However let us suppose ...

    The attack minimum is 20 persons in the vicinity of the town bank.
    There are 19 persons there as of some time.
    Two persons recall/gate in for a quick bank visit - deposit or withdrawal. Count = 21

    When is this town attackable ... immediately? Fifteen minutes after reaching threshold?

    Given the above scenario, if 2 or more persons leave the area, the town is not attackable as the count is less than the trigger.
    Is the count vs trigger minimum checked before attack launches?
  9. Mongbat137

    Mongbat137 Visitor

    Feb 14, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Net result, nobody ever gathers in groups of more than 20 in public ever again. People wonder WTF happened to the bank crowd. Player events of more than 20 are all held inside houses. UO becomes a paranoid place where nobody ever wants to congregate in public.

    Seriously, you **** and moan all over Stratics about what the game lacks and THIS garbage is your "brilliant" alternative?
  10. No no. I mean a group anywhere in UO. The towns would just be random onslaught.

    The group idea was like if you were doing an event or guild gathering. Youd have a chance to be attacked. The programming.... I didnt plan. Just the idea.
  11. Well it is brilliant.
    And you sort of supplied the standard response... I there were attacks and adventure people would run away. Come on...
  12. Mongbat137

    Mongbat137 Visitor

    Feb 14, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Oh yeah, no, they would totally go "Oh boy, some balrons and a greater dragon just appeared for some reason! Such random excitement and adventure! Let us slay them my fellows!"

    For like, the first day.

    After that it's "I was gonna banksit at Luna on my crafter but there's already 18 people there, guess I'll log out." and "Hey there are 19 people at this wedding, don't let anyone else come or the Random Spawner will wreck it."
  13. No no. The towns get invaded not based on numbers... so it could just be you crafting and getting attacked.

    Heck man we all go right to where the monsters are and kill them... It is about time they organize and are given the same rights.

    We should they not be able to attack us. It is an untamed world.

    Just saying...
  14. Beer_Cayse

    Beer_Cayse Guest

    Yup - your scenario of auctions is what I was wondering about as there is just such a place inside the Luna walls on LA. It would be a hell of a way to not have a player run event to have that group attacked.

    I certainly hope THIS was not directed at me specifically. I have had a few ideas and had them either shot down or applauded over the years. In this case I play "grenade lobber" to Raven.
  15. Beer_Cayse

    Beer_Cayse Guest

    Double whammy if there is an auction (where the group number exceeded the threshold) going on inside the Luna city walls and a **group** attack happened - combined with city attack?

    I can tell you from personal experience ... my auction attender was not always the fighter of the group. The auction in question would most likely disintegrate as folks went to get their warriors or simply logged because they would not want to fight on a night they planned on spending gold.

    IMO that alone makes the idea less than acceptable.
  16. Mongbat137

    Mongbat137 Visitor

    Feb 14, 2011
    Likes Received:
    That's even worse. Now everyone just crafts in their house and spams over chat, ICQ, some third party website, or whatever. Bank crowds shrink because you can't tab out to take a crap or read forums for ten minutes without maybe ending up dead.

    And of course "You can't come to my wedding/auction/whatever, there will already be 19 people there and we don't want it ruined by spawn." That's assuming everyone doesn't just do everything in houses and laugh at your system.

    It's the Despise Invasion that killed Britain Bank, except endless and everywhere.
  17. Ivy the Mage

    Ivy the Mage Visitor

    Feb 12, 2011
    Likes Received:
    >The attack minimum is 20 persons in the vicinity of the town bank.

    I think it is great to beat around new ideas. I do think, however, that having monsters attack a town when 20+ people gather at the bank isn't something I would like to see, because I enjoy seeing large groups of players congregate in the same place.

    I think that this would cause people to only congregate in smaller groups because most people want to do their banking in safety. Further, I could see people use that as a way to get monsters to attack people in Trammel by simply running a guild whose whole purpose is to run into a public area to get the counter up to 20 persons (using your example) and then recall out.

    Perhaps your idea wouldn't be so bad say in a dungeon? If X number of players gather then the spawn goes up or becomes harder in some way? After all, if you are in a dungeon then you should be ready to fight or at least run away screaming.

    -- Ivy the Mage