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Capture the resource: Fun with Fel?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Maximinus Thrax, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. I was brainstorming with a guild-mate the other day, when we came up with what we thought was a fun idea to help make Factions/Fel more popular.

    What if we create capturable zones in Fel: castles, outposts, and various bases, each with their own resource bonuses attached. Bonuses such as silver mines, jewel mines, gold mines, different coloured ores, etc. If you control a zone for X minutes, your guild gets Y number of said resource.

    For this to work, there would need to be some sort of Guild-Banking system where all of the resources would drop to. Then the guild-leaders could simply go into it and collect the earned resources.

    If we could also make these zones "destroyable" we could add castle-siege elements to the game. Bring out the sappers, cannons, trebuchet, etc!

    An example of how this would work is such:

    Say you have 4 guilds battling a 5th for control over a castle. The castle-controlling guild would have the benefit of being able to "house-hide." The other four guilds would likely be spinning tops, creating a huge mess of things outside the walls. Meanwhile you'd have thieves, ninjas, and other nefarious stealthers taking advantage of all this confusion.

    To bust into the castle, the 4 outside guilds would have to either bring down a wall, or open the gate. Perhaps ninjas could get rope-hooks and throw one over a wall and sneak in. Meanwhile Mages would cast high-powered spells, that are normally useless in Fel - like Earthquake, to help bring down the walls. Once a wall falls down, there is a mad rush to both plug up the hole, as well as get into the castle. To plug it up, guilds could move stone furniture or other items (probably should disable water-barrels to eliminate possibility of scripting).

    Once a guild breaks into the castle and successfully controls some sort of flag area for X minutes, the castle could reset to their control, boot everyone else out, and return to normal.

    If there were a number of zones to attack and defend, it would likely make it easier to control a zone for a long period of time. To make it such that a guild couldn't simply sit a player in zone, some type of monster spawns could also be created inside the walls. NPCs would control the zones during off-peak hours, and it would make it less likely for guilds to hoard resources.

    That's all for now, I think it would be fun to at least discuss.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I tend to worry a little about mechanics that make you want to defend something all the time day and night to get a reward ... it feels like its asking to get in the way of peoples' real lives. What if these resources only became "vulnerable" to capture at certain windows of the day? (different resources on different schedules so that people could always find one at any given time, but could also focus on defending a single site if they so desired?). Or have it act a bit like a champion spawn - you have to defeat an NPC defence first, then you start harvesting and a notice is broadcast of what you're up to, then whoever holds the site an hour later or two later, when then harvest is over, gets the reward.

    But to me the recent invasion and its rubble hint that perhaps the devs are thinking along similar lines of how to implement siege warfare.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Um ... no actual Fel residents weighing in?
  4. <blockquote><hr>

    To make it such that a guild couldn't simply sit a player in zone, some type of monster spawns could also be created inside the walls. NPCs would control the zones during off-peak hours, and it would make it less likely for guilds to hoard resources.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    You didn't read my entire post [​IMG]
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    your idea for "capturable zone" is the basis for the warhammer online realm vs realm pvp content. suppose to be pvp with a point, that eventually one side or the other will lay seige to the enemy capital, then you can loot and pillage for a time till the servers reset and the warfare begins again. Or so I understand from reading on a few warhammer sites.

    so I doubt very much if the folks at EAMythic are gonna port it over anytime soon.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    You didn't read my entire post [​IMG]

    [/ QUOTE ]
    I did ... but unfortunately I kept editing my comment until I had forgotten what I had originally read ... then mistook the memory for an original idea. Sorry.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    All good stuff. Unfortunately we dont have a dev team to implement.
  8. It's actually something found in most MMOs.