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Classic UO music

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Flagg, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. Flagg

    Flagg Sage

    Jul 22, 2012
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    EDIT December 3rd,

    Yeah nevermind, don't follow my instructions;l Something in this I can not figure out makes my UO crash as soon as I leave a city

    Armed with goodies behind links Petra posted below,(post#4), I began turning UO's music folder in condition where it is acually possible to keep music on while playing the game. Not sure if anyone would care to hear my final outcome if/when there is a final outcome;p These things being very subjective matter-of-taste and all that.
    Here is a small hands on guide to steps I took in case somebody else wants to do the same: (Note, did this in Classic Client Only)

    Classic Client of Ultima Online comes with two music folders by default: Ultima Online Classic/Music and it's sub folder, Ultima Online Classic/Music/Digital You want to operate and do everything in DIGITAL folder, it overrides everything on main folder and seems to come with few more hooks for UO to use. So be sure you are in Ultima Online Classic/Music/Digital

    Once there, you see pile of mp3s and a file named Config.txt. Config.txt tells your UO client which mp3 music file should be played and when. When you begin adding old, classic UO tunes to your game, there is no need to erase or rename anything; All you need to do is tell Config.txt the name of the Mp3 you want to hear. As long as this file is present in Music/Digital directory, you are golden.

    Example: You wish to hear Badromance.mp3 every time you enter Britain. First, Copy/paste file Badromance.mp3 to Ultima Online Classic/Music/Digital folder. Then open config.txt located in the same folder. In Config.txt, search for "9 britainpos,loop" replace this text with with "9 Badromance.mp3" ",loop" in end tells UO to play the song over..and over..and over again as long as you remain in Britain. If you remove/don't add ",loop" after the filename UO then plays the song once, upon entering the city and remains silent til you enter it again.

    Which music one wants to hear and when is ofc matter of taste. Having said that, there are few things about UO music I should think are universally hated by almost everybody. With that in mind, I'd like to underline the major headaches in config.txt.
    Terrible music you hear in Britain:
    Numbers 9 and 10 in config txt
    Terrible music on login screen:
    number 78 (Replace by Stones or suffer karma penalty)
    Terrible combat music: numbers 38 and 59

    All I've done so far is switching these 5 songs to classic Ultima equivalents. This alone made having Music on while playing much more pleasant. Tho I bet replacing any combat music with silence might be only smart thing to do. I think it aslso is a very good idea to remove every single ",loop" you see.

    You might for some reason wish to keep a pristine back up copy of the original, terrible config.txt which tells your UO to play terrible music in loop.If so, be sure to Copy/paste it underneath carpent or some such before youbegin porking around.
    Remember to save the changes you make!

    pls note I don't usually do porking about even on as elementary level as this. Above worked great for me but I don't assume it is the most optimal way around. It is propably possible toget rid of Digital folder and stuick with only one music folder- I just didn't feel non-lazy adventurous enough to try this;p

    - - -- -
    OLD OP

    Ultima saga and older iterations of UO have some awesome music. Modern day UO on the other hand has chosen to focus in absolutely terrible music.

    With this undeniability in mind, I would love to get my hands on a zip file of old Ultima(Online) tunes. It'd be awesome to replace Music folder of UO with Ultima music that is actually listenable.

    It seems there have been various attempts at this over the years, just that none of them seems to be alive currently.

    Things behind the link above look pretty awesome. Sadly, link is offline and apparently only available for Enhanced(sic) Client anyway.

    I claims you owe it to yourself to head to youtube and listen to Stones right now!:D
    It is such a beautiful, atmospheric song. Why it isn't present in modern day UO(besides jukebox) I never, ever understand. I wonder if some odd legal hazzle happened over the old Ultima soundtrack. Why else they'd replace things like Stones with bleakness now present I wouldn't know.

    #1 Flagg, Nov 23, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2013
  2. Eärendil

    Eärendil Legendary Mall Santa
    Professional Stratics Veteran The Squirrel Empire

    Nov 3, 2011
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    There are many other songs like this one from U6 and U7, which were the best games ever. And even early UO had more of the classic songs. I always remember traveling around in Britannia while listening to the songs which were characteristic for the countryside. Or the whisp-songs. Or the dungeon-music. Think it wouldnt be much work to implement these old songs again. Not in the jukebox, but everywhere in Britannia. Besides, some sountracks from newer packages are awesome, too: E.g. the song down in the lair of the shadowlords (scalvager of the deep), the songs in the Abyss and the songs in Ter Mur. But Britannia itself is comparatively quiet and the music is not worth mentioning. Just play a round U7 and visit the old places to see, how fantastic the music was. 50% of the atmo came from it.
  3. startle

    startle Siege... Where the fun begins.
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Gilfane

    Feb 29, 2004
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    Yes, yes and yes... It was quite specifically Stones that was a potion not to be denied, as one might say back in the day.... But it certainly played a big part of what lured me in each night to run around experiencing new things while listening to that! Now that Stones YouTube audio is a couple of mins.... Why can't I turn it into a wav or whatever the client wants and replace one of the ones there?

    Oh, and Eaerendil, your sig just fre*kin cracked me up when I actually read it.... Knucklehead you are.....:cool:
    #3 startle, Nov 23, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2013
  4. Petra Fyde

    Petra Fyde Peerless Chatterbox
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jan 5, 2001
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  5. Flagg

    Flagg Sage

    Jul 22, 2012
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    Thanks a ton Petra:D Should have dug deeper into Stratics. Azural Kane's Uo Jukebox seems absolutely golden, very close to what I was looking for. Not only is it a ton of classic Ultima tracks but also in format designed to feel at home in UO's music folder! Yet to test how well they work my self though.

    a copy/paste from the site:

    - - -

    From Sannio, the Community Coordinator for Ultima Online:
    Here's some bits of info on how you can replace the existing MP3 files in UO with your own MP3s. I think we might be making a more comprehensive version of what I'm about to write about at some point, so I'll just hit some of the high points.
    Changing which MP3 is playing
    Those who have registered and play either the 2D or 3D versions of UO:LBR will sometimes hear special MP3 music playing. These MP3 files are stored within the Ultima Online\music\Digital\ directory. Also within that directory is a config.txt file. Users of UO:LBR have the option of playing their own supplied MP3s, rather than the ones that are installed with UO:LBR, in one of two possible ways.
    Swapping MP3s: Open the directory mentioned above and find the song you want to replace. Save that song in another directory, in case you want to replace it back where it started. Find the new song and place it into the music\Digital directory, and re-name it to be exactly the same as the one that it is replacing, and you're done.
    For example, if the official song file is "Bucsden.mp3" and your replacement song is "Carmina Burana.mp3" (by Carl Orff), save "Bucsden.mp3" in some backup folder outside the UO directory, copy "Carmina Burana.mp3" into the "Ultima Online\music\Digital\" directory, and rename that copy of "Carmina Burana.mp3" to "Bucsden.mp3"
    Changing the config.txt file: Open the "Ultima Online\music\Digitial\" directory and look for the "config.txt" file. Save that file in another directory, in case you want to revert everything back later to "square one."
    Copy your new song into this directory, and we'll use as an example a file named "Carmina Burana.mp3." You should simplify the song name before proceeding, removing any spaces or special characters, so that something like "Carmina Burana.mp3" could become "carminaburana.mp3" or something along those lines.
    Open the config.txt file in that directory and look for the line which contains the name of the song you'd like to replace. For example, you might change the line that reads "22 vesper1" to become "22 carminaburana"--and after doing so, restart your game client for the change to take effect.
    Looping MP3s
    I'll need to refer back to that config.txt file for this one (at "Ultima Online\music\Digitial\config.txt"). If you want a certain song to playback forever in a loop, open that file and look for the song listing you'd like to change. Changing "22 vesper1" to "22 vesper1,loop" will activate the looping process for the song "vesper1.mp3." Without that extra ",loop" comment, the song will only play through once, and then end.
    Note: When you leave the associated area or stop/complete the associated activity, the song will cease. We're looking into somehow allowing such music events to fade the music rather than allow it to stop so abruptly.
    Online Community Coordinator, UO
    Origin Systems

    - --​
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  6. Ashlynn_L

    Ashlynn_L Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 9, 2006
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    Nujelm and Skara Brae have always been my favourite pieces of town music.

    Sadly the music is another one of those "basic" things that has always been neglected over the course of UO's life (along with sound effects, lighting, environmental effects, etc - all of that has pretty much remained as it was since launch). The music doesn't trigger in the right spots (because the places where it should trigger have never been revised) and when it does it is jarring. There is no fade in or any of that.
  7. Akalabeth

    Akalabeth Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 24, 2008
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    Stones, for me, is the absolute best music ever. I just love it. What atmosphere
  8. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Dread Lord

    May 12, 2008
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  9. Flagg

    Flagg Sage

    Jul 22, 2012
    Likes Received:
    edit, nevermind read op
    #9 Flagg, Dec 3, 2013
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2013