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Coordinates - A report by Annwyn Walker

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Guardsmen Militia, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. After decoding Casca's note to Dorat Corporal Tenne set about investigating the coordinates...
    Ma'am Tenne managed to break a code and came down with some coordinates, where Casca is sending Dorat to watch over their ‘stores’.

    We rushed off, after I briefed Rookie Grindhouse on why it was so important to find the location.


    According to our search, the next attack will be in the cave inside the mountain pass to Dungeon Shame.


    Annwyn W.
    - First Watcher.


    This morning - I briefed Watcher Savoy, about the coordinates Ma'am Tenne had discovered in the letter from Casca to one of his lapdogs.

    We decided to start our day, with patrolling up to the mountain pass near Shame and check if anything had happened since yesterday.


    We discovered a lot of creates, but they have already been emptied.
    There are now tokunese weapons, some stools and tables inside the cave at this moment.

    We did check the other end of the mountain pass, but didn’t come up with any tracks of our "visitors".

    Our guess is, that our visitors have used the sea to get the creates and weapons in without any Guardsmen have noticed it.

    Annwyn W.
    - First Watcher.