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Courtesy of GOR

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Omnius, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Omnius

    Omnius Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Tranced miners are flocking to occlo. the loot is great as they carry much blackrock. those who wish to defend occlo should look to the city mint to cash in.
  2. Omnius

    Omnius Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    News: Juvinile of FL has been seen defending the tranced miners. more on this breaking development...
  3. Remy_of_GOR

    Remy_of_GOR Guest

    you rule!!!! kill the miners!!!
  4. Omnius

    Omnius Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    there can be no greater service to UO than that of being a GOR thief.
  5. Who is your thief Omnious? Are you old like Seight, Remy, Animosity, Fenster, BF and myself?
  6. Stussywear

    Stussywear Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hello Remy!

    I have not seen you since a BUB floated over both of our heads.

    Good to see someone from the old crowd still lurking around :)
  7. Remy_of_GOR

    Remy_of_GOR Guest

    always lurkin, hoping rico's gonna win the day for us.

    until then, you *might* be able to find me in a uo of "divinity".
  8. Andsteel

    Andsteel Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Try the small bank in Trinsic (Fel) also. A well known guild shows up ( maybe coincidently) if you block the recall spot.:p
  9. Omnius

    Omnius Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    Likes Received:
    As old as any of them, tracing as far back as BuB. Evil Lord SMuRFY is my name.
  10. Glad to see GOR is still dispatching the scourge of miners.
  11. Remy_of_GOR

    Remy_of_GOR Guest

    pureanimosity i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Crazy_Pants

    Crazy_Pants Guest

    Oh hai fellow GOR. How's it going?
  13. Remy_of_GOR

    Remy_of_GOR Guest


    pretty good, blind. 8 more months and my mechanical engineering degree is in the can. go check this out, its what im doin for my senior project....

    and one in action...

    seight is off in germany, awaiting to return to iraq for his last tour. he had a baby. how cute.
  14. Long time no see, Remy. I am quite fond of you also. I was wondering if there were any of us left. Any idea how many GOR are still around? I gave seight my account info to get the GOR stone off of pure. I did a char search recently and none of my characters show up so I'm kind of curious if that is a search error or if my characters are actually gonzo. Also Remy, Let me drive your class project! Please!!

    Blind, what are you doing now a days besides trading furs and pelts for internet access? Do you still play pac?
  15. Sheridan

    Sheridan Guest

    Chars only show up on that UO page if they've been logged into the game in the last 30 days. There's a good chance they're still alive, so to speak.
  16. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Some of you may not know me...but i'm the GM of the thief guild P0O on Atlantic. A few years back, i believe it was Blind who came and gave one of the GOR stone deeds to a guildmember of mine, to give to me. I don't think i ever had the chance to actually meet him myself. I know GOR is mainly from Pacific, but i have a bit of a proposal for you guys. I don't know exactly how well the guild is doing on Pacific, but my guild on Atlantic has 50+ active thieves in it. If any of you old GOR members are up to it, why not start up GOR on Atlantic. Your guildstone is already at my house. Recently, Chad Sexington's guild THIEF started up an Atlantic division, and they're allied with us. I'd like to help "resurrect" GOR so-to-speak. I don't know how populated Pacific is, but Atlantic is a great shard for a thief to be on. If a few of you guys would agree to starting up GOR on Atlantic, i could hand off a few of my thieves to you guys to get the guild started. P0O, THIEF, and GOR all allied...i don't think Atlantic stands a chance...so what do ya say?
  17. Shinobi I would love to join the army of theives over on Atlantic... I have a awesome thief here on pac who is totally bored of the lame activity that goes on over here. I would be honored to be over there and give the shard a run for theif gold....... :gun::gun::gun::gun::gun::gun:
  18. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Sweet...get your thief started over there and find either me or another member of P0O to get ya a rune to the guild house. I'm wanting to turn my 18x18 (Thieves' Fortress) into one giant Thief Headquarters. It already is headquarters for P0O, but if THIEF starts hanging there, and GOR starts up, it'd be tight. I already have a thief training room on the bottom floor of my house, so there's thieves training there constantly. We just recently got a teamspeak server that we can all use. Everything's already in the works, all we need now is a few original members of GOR to agree to start up on Atlantic...

    P.S. Does anyone know, if i let a member of THIEF use a blank Guildstone Deed, will it create a THIEF Guildstone? Because if not, i'd like to see about possibly getting the original THIEF Guildstone from Chad Sexington since he mainly plays Siege now (assuming he has one). I already have P0O's guildstone on my roof, but i'd like to have P0O, GOR, and THIEF's guildstones on the roof together...it'd be tight.
  19. Remy_of_GOR

    Remy_of_GOR Guest

    awesome shinobi!!!! its nice to see this happen. i believe seightenne gave you the stone(i remember playing with you one day like 3 years ago). unfortunately, i wont be playing, school is too much.

    pure- if you can come to albuquerque, ill get you into the car(we have two running, and we start cutting metal to build ours next week).
  20. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Yeah my bad...come to think of it i think it was seightenne. Gotta cut me a break here, over 5 years of running an active thief guild, new thieves coming and going. Having to remember thieves' names, their alt chars, and who's who when they're using disguises 24/7...it's completely screwed up my memory over the years haha.
  21. Fairly sure I'm one of the last, if not the last active thief on west coast shards. No competition either, forget atlantic!
  22. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Also, from what i've heard, there's no targets...
  23. Geldymir

    Geldymir Guest

    I miss the old days of GOR. I would say I am all for coming back with my thief but I came back and quit 2 months after I came back last time. UO just doesnt hold the level of fun it used to for me.
    Remember the harrower where Ooji requested us to come steal scrolls from TA! and the other resistance guilds at the time. Then Kush and a couple others killed Remy and Blind and we went free for all. Blind ate a 25 that night I happened to get my hands on a 20. Most fun I have ever had in UO was that night. I couldnt imagine playing my thief now. He is still set up from back then with spirit speak at 80 chiv at 60 and 120 stealing. MMM ninjitsu.
  24. Geldymir

    Geldymir Guest

    The fel IDOCS rank number 2 on my list. 4 GOR taking over the fel idocs in the AM was so much fun when we could manage it.
  25. Remy_of_GOR

    Remy_of_GOR Guest

  26. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Well i just had a guy find me on Atlantic who says he had a thief named Friday in GOR when it first started up on Pacific. He's going to x-fer him to Atlantic and join my guild. He says he was in GOR for a while, then quit uo for a bit, then when he came back GOR was almost dead. I'd rather have someone who knows everything there is to know about GOR start up the Atlantic GOR. Isn't there someone who'd agree to come over to Atlantic? Or at least make a new thief there??? Don't let your guildstone go to waste on Atlantic...
  27. Remy_of_GOR

    Remy_of_GOR Guest

    i dont play anymore, and to my knowledge none of the 8 original members play, and neither do any of the 'second' boomers...which had about 15 more members.

    if you want one of the originals, itll have to be remy, seightenne, pureanimosity, blindfury, a panther, viper, fenster, or silverfox.
  28. I lost my computer when my house burned down summer '07. BUT I am currently eye-balling several computers to purchase. I might be interested in heading to Atlantic to be the GOR representative, seeing as I live in Florida. I'll let you know. I just think it will take some convincing to get me to believe that real thieves are not completely dead.
  29. I remember that, Great times. In a similar event, remy stole and ate a +20 magery from an FL spawn. After that I do not recall a FL that did not completely hate him. Made me smile.

    FL spawns were a lot of fun to get into. I remember a Harrower at deceit that we all swarmed on. I stealthed through all of their defenses at least 4 times. This was back when you had to count out your 18 steps. Got a lot of funny screenshots that night. Sadly no scroll though. Great times. You guys are making me nostalgic.
  30. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    A little convincing huh? How's this...so far, arti-wise, i've stolen:

    2 legacy of dread lords
    2 staffs of magi
    2 prepatch taskmasters
    2 leggings of bane
    3 bers mauls
    6 arcanes
    7 helms of insight
    axe of heavens
    blade of insanity
    voice of king
    dragon slayer
    ring of vile
    dryad bow
    crown of harrower
    2 mace and shields
    folded steel glasses
    hat of magi
    3 jackals collars
    3 inquis resolutions
    4 crimson cinctures

    Most of which were stolen back when they were all worth a good bit. Those are all STOLEN from players, not scammed, and not stolen from doom. That's just arti's too. The other amount of items i've stolen i can't even begin to count. And these types of steals aren't a rare occurance. For instance, i was gone for about 8 months, then returned a few months ago. Within the first 2 months of being back, i stole:

    2 inquis reso
    mace and shields
    folded steel glasses
    2 val runic hammers
    a kryss worth 20mil

    That's just the better of the items, i stole some other decent stuff in that time period as well. Stealing's been the only form of income i've had for over 6 years, and i've developed plenty of techniques to get around insurance. I started during AoS, and i've had to deal with insurance since i began. It's not just me making these steals, my guildies are starting to make really nice steals as well. Thieves were never dead, it's just more challenging now-days.
  31. Remy_of_GOR

    Remy_of_GOR Guest

    it was an eval scroll :p. it was mikey's. muahahahahahahahah. ****, that was like 4 years ago, maybe 5. jeez.

    pure- i didnt know your house burned. ugh. hope things picked up for you over the last year.
  32. seightonn

    seightonn Guest

    i would consider re-entering the arena of uo, the only problem is that the last time i played i had 0 fun. i am pretty convinced that stealing is pretty much dead. there was pirating, but word on the street is that they killed 8x8, which would pretty much kill pirating, except in the case of boat miner bots, but i never saw them anymore, and then the script miners. so basically, there's script miners. also, the new client looks like a half dead dog took a crap, and ate it and then crapped that. which leaves grief playing as the sole form of entertainment value left in that game, which goes along way. i've grief played other games, but my most fond griefing memories come from ultima.

    speaking of uo, though, Lord British is going into space to do science experiments. ssaw that on slashdot. wierd.

    so, with the transition of the greatest game in the world to warcraft with bad graphics, i lost interest, but that burning desire to play is always there. when i quit the last time, i took all my rares, and threw a great deal of them in the garbage can. i don't know the rules anymore, and would struggle with the interface. so, if i do decide to come back, i'll need to new school thieves on atlantic to teach this old school thief some new tricks. that, and give me noob clothes. need em.
  33. Shinobi

    Shinobi Guest

    Hell yeah dude, your stone is here waiting for you. I'll teach you whatever ya need. Not to mention, all a thief needs in the game is the ability to steal...so don't worry about all those items ya threw out. I've always said...if i lost everything i own, as long as i have my shadow dancers and my +steal ring, it's np. You just worry about making your thief on Atlantic, i'll buy you whatever you need to make ya feel at home...
  34. Remy: Thats right it was an eval. Goodtimes. Yeah I've come a long way since the fire but I still have a LOT of stuff I still have to replace. Oh well though, could of been worse. If I would of been home, my exit would of been cut off. I would of had to do a front flip out of the second story window. Come to think of it, that would of been so much better... but, I digress.

    seight hit it dead on. I feel the same way. I still have my noob outfit but I find it hard to believe that the game is any fun for my play-style anymore. The nostalgic urge to relive some of those good times though is quite strong. I will be getting a computer relatively soon and I'll consider making a comeback.

    Seightenne! you handsome mofo'er! Haven't heard from you in many moons. Glad to see you are still lurking in the bushes.

    ** On a side note: This post has more views than any post in at least 14 pages of the forum. (I stopped looking for a higher view count at page 14) I knew Pacific loved us, but now I know how much.
  35. seightonn

    seightonn Guest

    well, i don't believe in the need for actual gear to suppliment a thief's ability. that way, no need for PBD to keep you skills where they should be. i would just want noob clothes so i look all sexy and stuff. as for regretting my rare purge. man, i threw away some stuff that would make richard garriot jealous.

    and of course we have the highest post count, loved us or hated us, everyone wanted to be in GOR in it's hayday. what self respecting online pvp game player doesn't want to rob steal cheat, and grief? *cries*
  36. Bud_Weiser

    Bud_Weiser Guest

    BuB/AYL.... best looters this game ever knew! ;)


    I am still playing WoW, but I wanted to see what the dilly-o was here at Stratics. Turns out my post count was gone, even tho I was assured it wouldn't be by the WoW Admin. Nice to come back to PAC and see you guys still floating around.

    Much herts to Stussy! I remember having a Stussywear tunic on Bud! :p

    Anywho back to trolling your WoW forums, eating seven layer taco dip and waiting for the shards...err....realms to come back up.

  37. Zyclon

    Zyclon Guest

    Well damn i thought you guys all died in some government conspiracy! how you guys doing!? if you guys start thieving again on Atlantic or wherever let me know! i would totally be game. Would be tons of fun playing with you guys again.

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